My Monday Reading Booster: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein

My Monday Reading Booster: A British Spy Captured in Enemy Territory When Her Plane Crashes in Nazi-occupied France.

What kind of book I’ve read in the last couple of months? Well, it is actually a super hard question for me to answer. Before, it was a piece of cake to answer what kind of book I’ve been reading but now, just finding a time to read a book is like finding a time to meet Pak Jokowi. Yes, that hard. Perhaps I need to re-manage my reading time management because when it comes to work and my role as a mother, those won’t end. If I need to wait until I finish my work or find a spare time without my daughter, I’m sure I will have time to read in… like… wait I need to count first… ahhh yes… in 20 years later.

I have been searching for some reading boosters (red: interesting books) to start boosting my mood of reading and I was surprised that Rick Riordan, my favorite history teacher and writer, has been published several new series that I should put on my reading list.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
It was super lucky that I could finish reading the first book of this series The Sword of Summer when I was still pregnant. After that, The Hammer of Thor and The Ship of the Dead should wait a little longer.
The Trials of Apollo
Oh my God, I love this serial but then I just could finish the first book, The Hidden Oracle, but then it is getting harder to find time to read the second, The Dark Prophecy and third, The Burning Maze.

The problem with my reading habit now, though if I could steal time to read but it is impossible to read the printed book because my lovely daughter will snatch it from my hand faster than the lightning thief. So, I have to depend on e-book which in some ways is not as appealing as reading the printed books. But my daughter is growing up and getting smarter now; I just need to wait a couple of years before I could smell the aromatic printed books again.

I have plan to continue reading one of the books from the two serials mentioned above but then one book steals my attention, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein. From the Goodreads page, the book is a serial and it is the first book from the serial. The novel is about British spy captured in an enemy territory. Wow, sounds amazing like but surprisingly this novel is in the YA category, which is interesting and has a lot of positive reviews.

What do you think? Should I read it?

Happy Monday ^^


No Transport Money Needed

I woke up with a big question in my head this morning? How much money people spent just for transport from home to office or their work place?

Me? None!

I have been dealing with monthly report of the Satgas Amour Project in these few days but then I got bored. Well, I am currently working in a plantation company but my focus is in the conservation project. It is a completely new job for me and totally different type of job from the previous one. Honestly, all jobs I have are different but there is one thing that is the same; whatever my job was I don’t need to use any public or personal transport to do that so if I could keep the transport money just because I don’t need it like anybody else, I could be a millionaire (probably). Anyway, this is the history of my job which not required any transport money.

My First Job – Website Content Writer
I got this job for the first time in 2009 which I’m still doing until today. It is a part-time job which you could do from wherever you are as long as you have internet access. So, my first office is my boarding house room. Yes, what I need to make money is just moving my lazy ass from my bed to my desk.

My Second Job – Personal Assistant in Plantation Company
Aside from being a part-timer, being personal assistant in one of the prestigious Oil Palm Plantation Company is probably my first real job. However, can you guess how far I should go to attend office?
When I first joined this company, the permanent office have not finished yet, so all the staffs are living in a ‘ruko’ a two stories building commonly found in Indonesia. So, to attend office, I just need to crawl down to down stair because my bedroom is in the second floor while the office is in the first floor.
Even after the permanent office is ready to use, the Long House (staff mess) is located in the same complex with the office. I just need to open my bedroom door and then walk less than 5 minutes to reach office. Not only that, the view is quite great especially in the morning because both Long House and the office located in the top of the hill.

My Third Job – Satgas Amour Coordinator for Orangutan Conservation Project
And then I got my third job. I resigned from my second job because though both office and Long House are in the same complex, but that complex is located in the middle of nowhere. You need to spend like 5 hours road trip from the nearest big city to reach the plantation. Anyway, I join another group of Oil Palm Plantation Company but my job is focusing on the orangutan conservation project. Could you guess how far I should attend office this time?
Actually, the present office I am working now is located in the same street with my house. So, in other words, I just need to walk like less than 5 minutes to reach the office. No transport money needed.

And then, the next question popped up in my head, what if I could count the money I should spent for transport money in my almost 10 years working experience like anybody else, how much money I could save now?

How about you? How much money you should spend just for transport in daily basis?

Probably, I am just lucky and because of that I’m so grateful.

Happy ‘almost’ Long Weekend…