My 2015 Closed with Sad and Happy Ending

Happy New Year 2016...!

Speaking of new year and then the next thing in topic line is resolution. I used to have a lot of resolution, most of them somethings I haven’t done before. In other words, they just like a dream I want to reach. Well, I almost reach 30 so life is no longer an adventure but somethings I should have planned really well, besides my 2015 is closed with sad and happy ending. After I decided to resign from my job in order to do pregnancy program, 3 days before my last day, God decided to give me the best gift ever, I am pregnant for 4 weeks. However, two days after that my husband called that my grandmother passed away. Sad and happy ending at the same time, God knows what a good timing is, with this pregnancy news, at least my parents could deal with my grandmother funeral with a bit hope that next year, they will have a little grandchild they’ve been waiting for all these years.

Anyway, so what’s my resolution/plan for this year? Just like I said, instead of dreaming, I decided to do somethings I always do and add some plans in it.
1.       Reading 100 books
I have read 117 books last year though I was a full time worker, so with my own time to manage right now, reaching this target is not impossible.
2.       Learning English again.
Well, perhaps it is the time for me to use my knowledge I’ve gained during my 6 years in college of learning English. To spend my free time, I think teaching English is not a bad idea either.
3.       Learning Math again.
Some of my friends ask me this question; why math? Well, from what I’ve read, what you’re doing during pregnancy is what will your baby do too inside your belly. It means, if I am accustomed myself with math and then my baby’s brain is also accustomed to it too. Just like if you eat a lot of vegetables during pregnancy, and then when your baby born, their tendency to love vegetables is higher.
4.       Sleep Early.
This is the most important thing off all the resolutions I have. Why? Because I only have less then 8 months to enjoy this luxury because instead of hiring baby sitter, I decided to do all the nursery business myself.

So, those are the plans, what yours?



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