Lockwood & Co #4 - The Creepeing Shadows

The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co., #4)The Creeping Shadow by Jonathan Stroud

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As usual another 5 stars for Mr. Stroud.

I almost forget that September means the book 4 of Lockwood & Co. because of the new title I’ve earned as mother of a beautiful baby girl. So, yeah it is kind of difficult to find the ‘me’ time but since I have to breastfeed my baby girl every two hours so I kind of finding the ‘reading’ time I’ve been looking for because what else you could do since the option is limited to watching Korea Drama, reading book or daydreaming. However finding the ‘writing review’ time is a bit tricky. I finished reading the book two days ago and just find the time to write the review now.

So, let’s jump to the review before my beautiful baby girl is craving for another session of breastfeeding.

Just like what we’re all already know Lucy decided to leave Lockwood & Co. because she afraid that one day she will put Lockwood in danger because of her Talent. That’s the real reason and not because of Holly. As I mentioned in my review of the previous book that the present of Holly in the end is totally make sense.

Anyway, since then Lucy is a freelancer and with her talent is not difficult to find agency who wants to hire her. However, even Lucy should admit that there is no team that could equal the competence of Lockwood & Co. team no matter how reckless George is or how crazy Lockwood sometimes is, and even the perfectionist attitude of Holly is less irritating compared to what she should face. With other agency, she should deal with the long SOP, irritating supervisor and incompetence fellow agents. That’s why sometimes she should improvise and finish the ghost herself while teamwork is the most important in dealing with ghost.

However, one day, about three months after her leaving, she was woken up by the knocks on the door. Surprise, Lockwood is the one who’s knocking the door. By bringing a proposal offered by Penelope Fittes, he offers Lucy a job. So, Lockwood & Co. plus Lucy is back to action and ready to fight.

Back to the review I’ve written for book 2, ghost is not the only problem they should face but sometimes the biggest enemy is human themselves. It is actually what is becoming clearer in this book 4, Skull has been kidnapped or stolen (since you cannot kidnap a ghost even the one who is so obnoxious and locked in the jar) and and during the process to get the Skull back, three men were sent to kill Lucy because she found the dirty work conducted by Rotwell’s agency that related to some Sources have been sold in black market. Though she’s not dead but she is injured and the only option available is coming back to Portland Row to Lockwood, George and Holly.

The chance to investigate is coming when there is a request from Aldbury Castle, a village that has been in a terror for three month due to appearance of the Creeping Shadow. Lockwood & Co. finally found that the appearance of Creeping Shadow is related to whatever experiment conducted by Rotwell’s agency which its research center is nearby Aldbury Castle. Well, as usual once Lockwood & Co. has started an investigation, they will do it all out including blowing out the research center and perhaps ‘kill’ Steve Rotwell in the process. With the status quo in Rotwell agency, Penelope Fittes is the only one who could prevent the agency from being collapse.

Well, once again, the book is ended in cliffhanger. The Skull is successfully retrieved by Lucy in the end and what the Skull said about Penelope Fittes when she’s is visiting Portland Low is kind of giving me headache in these two days. What is it? Well, why don’t you read it yourself?

Nb: I know it is kind of out of the topic but do you notice there’s sometime weird between Lockwood and Lucy even the skull is kind of jealous with Lockwood while he is also not that really fond to Lucy either. I mean, what is the meaning of all the touching, hand holding, hand on shoulder and all the blushing in Lucy part and even the awkward comment made by George is showing something that there is something ‘awkward’ between Lucy and Lockwood. I know this book is too awesome for the cheesy romance but still reading Lucy and Lockwood is kind of making my toe wrinkled, that’s a good sign, isn’t it?


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What You Want
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What to Do
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My 2015 Closed with Sad and Happy Ending

Happy New Year 2016...!

Speaking of new year and then the next thing in topic line is resolution. I used to have a lot of resolution, most of them somethings I haven’t done before. In other words, they just like a dream I want to reach. Well, I almost reach 30 so life is no longer an adventure but somethings I should have planned really well, besides my 2015 is closed with sad and happy ending. After I decided to resign from my job in order to do pregnancy program, 3 days before my last day, God decided to give me the best gift ever, I am pregnant for 4 weeks. However, two days after that my husband called that my grandmother passed away. Sad and happy ending at the same time, God knows what a good timing is, with this pregnancy news, at least my parents could deal with my grandmother funeral with a bit hope that next year, they will have a little grandchild they’ve been waiting for all these years.

Anyway, so what’s my resolution/plan for this year? Just like I said, instead of dreaming, I decided to do somethings I always do and add some plans in it.
1.       Reading 100 books
I have read 117 books last year though I was a full time worker, so with my own time to manage right now, reaching this target is not impossible.
2.       Learning English again.
Well, perhaps it is the time for me to use my knowledge I’ve gained during my 6 years in college of learning English. To spend my free time, I think teaching English is not a bad idea either.
3.       Learning Math again.
Some of my friends ask me this question; why math? Well, from what I’ve read, what you’re doing during pregnancy is what will your baby do too inside your belly. It means, if I am accustomed myself with math and then my baby’s brain is also accustomed to it too. Just like if you eat a lot of vegetables during pregnancy, and then when your baby born, their tendency to love vegetables is higher.
4.       Sleep Early.
This is the most important thing off all the resolutions I have. Why? Because I only have less then 8 months to enjoy this luxury because instead of hiring baby sitter, I decided to do all the nursery business myself.

So, those are the plans, what yours?