Resignation: Not a Decadent but an Improvement

You would never know where you will be ended one day or even tomorrow. I used to be a student and then I worked as website content writer slash SEO specialist, currently I’m working as a personal assistant for a plantation company. The unique thing of those career paths of mine, nothing is really related, I mean could you imagine an English Language and Literature student could ended up as a SEO specialist and then dealing with crop and fertilizer application? Well, me as the subject here, never in the million years expected that, but here I am, writing to you in my blog about my remarkable jobs.

However, there is one common thread from those career paths; it is English. Well, as an English Language and Literature student, I was eligible to work as a website content writer and then learned a bit here and there about SEO and as an English Active Speaker, I was also recruited to work in a Sri Lanka Plantation Company, though in the beginning I don’t have any single experience of working in a plantation but with all the hard work and willingness of learning new things, so far I’m fine because as a website content writer, I read, learn and write new things every day, and as a personal assistant, I also read and learn new things every day.

Perhaps some conversations or emails I used to deal with could tell you how different my jobs are from one to another:

This is the email I’ve sent this morning to ICT Team due to some errors found in my JDE:

I used to have access to input PR for code OH, OR and ON for PT BMS - GMO (10401011). However, now I could input PR for code OR only in item Purchase Requisition Processing. While for OH and ON the options are not available.
Besides, I cannot access the waiting approval in item Order Approval for PR with code OR, OH and ON at all.

Do you understand that? Well, it is full of technical term which only ICT Team and JDE user would understand.

Weird conversation about Crop Budget might make your forehead wrinkled.

Finance Guy       : How could you break down the year budget into monthwise?
Me                      : I’m using yearly trend to see the actual production of crop every month in every estate.
Finance Guy       : Well, that’s possible but how about block harvested which is not yet full harvested in a year.
Me                       : That’s could be a problem, perhaps we could take the majority block only. Because I’ve tried to do the next year crop budget by month, instead of by year, but the result is surprisingly too high.
Finance Guy       : Would you please do the month trend first and I’ll see what I can do.
Me                       : Sure…

When I was still in university:

Friend A               : Have you done the report for Western Philosophy class?
Me                         : Still don’t get it how Plato’s cave theory related to The Matrix. I just love watching Neo and Trinity in that movie. I don’t want to know at all about Plato and his cave.
Friend B               : Could you guys stop talking about that philosophy class, it gives me headache. We have important problem here. Book Report class. What’s book we should read this month? I’ve done with all those classic Shakespearean novels. I’m not even a romantic.
Me                         : Haha… how about David Copperfield, you could learn a lot about industry revolution in that novel as well as autobiography of Charles Dickens.
Friend B               : Nah… too depress.
Friend A               : I’ve been reading To Kill A Mockingbird.
Me                         : I love that book. You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes.
Friend B               : The one with slavery history in America?
Friend A               : Yup. But reading history from Scout Finch’s point of view won’t make you fall asleep. Instead, you will enter her little world and enjoy her adventures and as a bonus, learn a lot about the history itself.
Me                         : Just like Rick Riordan and his Percy Jackson series. He is practically my Greek Mythology teacher. Sometimes, learning history could be fun.
Friend A               : Yeah, as long as you know which book you should read.

Some people once asked me a lot about what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is and how I could make money from Search Engine.

Me                         : I believe you’re using Google as your search engine.
Friend                   : Yup. The only search engine I know.
Me                         : Just imagine you have an online store selling handcraft. You might using social medias to advertise your products, however to look more professional you need a website or a blog. It could improve trust from your customers and at the same time widen your target market.
Friend                   : But the competition will be hard.
Me                         : That’s why you need me as your SEO specialist. I have methods to make your website or blog listed in the top 10 of Google rank.

Well well well, those are all the career paths I have crossed. This December will be my last day to be a personal assistant in this plantation company.

I’ve decided to move on since I have more priorities than before. Since my husband decided to be a teacher in a remote place, instead of becoming a CSR Assistant in the same company where I’m working right now, the ‘us’ time is becoming lesser and lesser. That’s why, resigning from my position right now is the best thing I could do because sometimes life is not only about making money but much more about making more high quality time with the ones you love.

So, what I’m going to do after this? Should I be worry because I will become unemployment again? Surprisingly, I don’t worry about that. Why? Because I always believe, that we were born to do more than just go to work, pay bills and die. Besides, there is always a way when you have a will.



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