Weekend Reading Choice: Kelly Oram Marathon

What did you do for last long weekend? For me, it was Kelly Oram marathon... ^^

The Avery Shaw ExperimentThe Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What do you need after all day you should deal with a monthly report that you usually need like 10 days to finish but due to year end closing, you should finish the monthly report in two days?

The Avery Shaw Experiment is exactly what I need, it is short, hilarious, lovable and totally an easy reading.
So, I could deal with my pressure later after I enjoy the Seven Stages of Grief. I never enjoy social science before but this one is absolutely fun to know.


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Hah... after Cinder & Ella, I decided to stop reading all kinds of romance book because too much dose of romance could make my head dizzy... However, romance also one kind of genre that could assist me neutralizing the doze of work pressure in my head. Besides, after two days ago I read The Avery Shaw Experience, I cannot find better romance books but Kelly Oram's. So, V is for Virgin is the next choice.

It is easy reading and I just need like 3 hours to finish reading the book and then continue reading A for Abstinence, but all of the sudden, on 5 PM (can you believe it, 5 PM???) my boss call a meeting for all estate managers and as usual I ended in the middle. So, I lost like 2 hours of my reading time and once I reach home, I found bed much more appealing than anything else.

V is for Virgin is a very interesting story. I've read a lot of books, especially YA books which include sex issue for high schooler; and no matter how much the book I've read, I still feel exaggerate toward the issue. I mean, come on, is sex that important (red: hard to avoid/resist) for teenagers out there? I know, I know, there are some kinds of culture difference and mindset, besides I've never been among them. My high school experience was pretty normal and I think high school is not really change much after I left it 11 years ago, at least in Indonesia.

And because of my conservative point of view, I love Valerie the way she is, not only her courage to stand tall for something she believes the most, but also because of the idea of 'waiting until marriage'. Yup, the reason behind her 'waiting until marriage' is actually more and less the same with the reasons why we, Indonesian , decided the same way; but the difference is it is already part of our culture in Indonesia so it's not that difficult though right now that kind of culture is already in big question mark, but still being virgin until marriage is a very big deal for us here.

Anyway, because of this book, I'm officially Kelly Oram's big fan because not much book with American lifestyle setting is in this kind of zone/topic.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars
So far 3 stars for this sequel... ^^

Review soon, got meeting to attend in 5 minutes... yay... just a perfect day before a long weekend... -_-


Here comes the review, it's already 6 PM and I'm still in the office but thanks God, tomorrow is holiday, Happy Easter every one... ^^

So, A is for Abstinence, what should I write about this book? Well, if I should compare this to V is for Virgin then it's like reading it in different time but with the same character. Actually, it is a very good point of this sequel, because you could feel that all of the characters are growing up in this second series.

However, as the sequel the first book is still much better because V is for Virgin got a strong point but A is for Abstinence is just like another romance novel but still I love Kyle and Valerie, their story, their history and their happy ending just a perfect combination. Though the ending is kind of ruining the whole series, I mean, they finally decided to get married in a rush just so they could do sex? Or perhaps I'm too feminist???

Nevertheless, Kelly Oram, You're ROCK!!!!

nb: Just notice when I almost reached the last chapters. There is Brian Oliver in this book, you know the one who played Kyle in V is for Virgin the movie and the one who kiss Adriana in Kyle's birthday party, LOL, yes, that's Brian Oliver from Cinder & Ella, hahaha... just love the coincident.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Wow… totally Kelly Oram weekend… after The Avery Shaw Experiment and V is for Virgin series, yesterday I read Serial Hottie twice in a row… yeah… twice because my L word is totally for Seth Bishop and read about him is never be enough…

Yup, Seth Bishop, a hottie who just moved in to the house across Ellie Westley’s house. Seth lived with his Aunt who is a best-selling crime novelist, they moved in was simply for research for Seth’s Aunt new novel, she needed an experience to live in suburb area. However, almost at the same time they moved in, a serial killer was started which well known as Saturday Night Slasher, all of the victims are redhead which means totally fit with Ellie’s features and they died because of some stabs with knife. The speculation started in Ellie’s head which later also supported by her sister Angela, that Seth was actually the Serial Hottie Killer because of some similarities, like Seth’s obsession toward Ellie because she is a redhead, his advance ability with knife, his disappearance every Saturday night and his favorite game is Assassin’s Creed, furthermore Ellie and Angela found pictures of some redhead girls (some of them were the Saturday Night Slahser victims and one was later to be victim) in Seth’s bedroom. So the fact that Seth’s characteristic that easily got emotionally angry and threaten to kill everyone who tried to steal Ellie from him was not helping either.

So, did Seth Bishop the Serial Hottie Killer?

Of course not. Well, it was true that he obsessed with redhead but not just any redhead but only a redhead named Ellie Westley. His advance ability playing with knives was also true because of his childhood trauma, he saw his mother died, stabbed with knife, so to overcome his trauma, instead of avoided the knife; he used it to deal with his nervous habit. And about his disappearance every Saturday night was simply because he needed a distraction or he would break Ellie’s window just to be with her. His favorite games was Assassin’s Creed because since nine years old, he has been living with his aunt who lived, breathed and slept murder mysteries, so as her research assistant Seth also got interested with anything related to perfect murder. And the reason why he has the pictures of the redhead girl in his room was because he assisted his friend from FBI to solve the case. So, left the last doubt, why he moved in to Detroit at the same time with the Serial Killer? Easy, the answer was coincident. However, Seth had reason why he decided to moved in across the street of the Westley’s because when the realtor brought him and his aunt for the first time to see the house, he saw a redhead did her homework on the roof and at the same time Seth seemed could not think anything else but plotting a series of plans so he could approach that redhead, made her his and forced his aunt to live in the city until that girl ready to moved to California with him.

It’s romantic, isn’t it?

Okay, to be frankly, having an overprotective boyfriend like Seth is kind of creepy but also kind of hot. I mean, whenever Seth wanted Ellie to be in his side and every time their togetherness was interrupted, he would get emotionally angry and even threaten to kill whoever they are. Gosh, I even could not decide whether it is creepy or hot?



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