Classic Reference in Modern World: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Suite Scarlett (Scarlett, #1)Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
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What a busy long weekend... yay... so though my 'to read list' is long but I only can manage to finish this one. Actually, I would have finished the second book if I have a book but then I decided to read Divergent instead.

Anyway, I love Suite Scarlett so much. Why? Because of its reference to Hamlet. Well, I know I kind of weird when it comes to Hamlet, because since I was in college, I thought I have a special connection with this Prince of Denmark or perhaps because I'm watching too much Prince and Me but still when it comes to Shakespeare then nothing could compare Hamlet, or perhaps Twelfth Night.

So, I love Suite Scarlett.

You know what, when I read the review about this book that Scarlett has been in living in her family hotel in her whole life reminds me of Paris Hilton and her family hotel. Haha... but Scarlett life is soo much fun to read than the Hilton Sisters.

Scarlett and Spencer is like two hilarious pairs. In the book, the ones who play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Eric and Spencer but in their real life, it is Scarlett and Spencer. Just love the two of them even Lola and Marlene got jealous of their connection.

What else to say? God, it's Monday and I think I will continue reading Divergent though there are some contracts I need to prepare. But reading it for a couple hours and dealing with those contracts until I call it a day, sounds like a plan to me.


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