Are You A Fan Girl? American Girl on Saturn (Saturn #1) by Nikki Godwin

American Girl on Saturn (Saturn, #1)American Girl on Saturn by Nikki Godwin
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How could I stumble to this book in the first place?

Well, yesterday was supposed to be high quality tea time with my husband, after my very long day at work and his very long trip to Randau Jungkal, we decided to just sit, enjoy the tea, a box of chocolate. He turned on the TV and I turned on my laptop browsing. He found Fishing show in NatGeo called Cold Water Gold and so attached to that show and I found this book from my Calibre list. He watched and I read, yeah so much of our high quality tea time.

Anyway, I remember that I got recommendation from Goodreads because of I read Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout, so I expected this book to be some kind of alien abduction or something but I was wrong.

In early chapters of this book reminded me of One Direction concert in Indonesia last week, full of screaming, crying and all kinds of crazy teenagers. Some of you might be thinking 'What A Waste' or worse, but I didn't think that way because fyi I was like those crazy teenagers once, when Westlife was on their top of their fame. Yeaaah... reading this book brought me back to that time when I have a big crush with Nicky Westlife just like the character of the book, Chloe who is living the dream, because Milo (I'm thinking about Nicky Westlife ^^) one of the member of boyband named Spaceship Around Saturn have crush on her. And I was once like Chloe's five years old sister, Emery, who collected SAS posters all over her bedroom walls.

So, because of that experience, I really enjoyed reading the book and just can't wait for the next book which will be published on May 2015 (next month).

The story started when Spaceship Around Saturn's concert was interrupted by a gun shot and the boys should be in a lockdown in a safe house. An agent suggested the nearest and the safest safe house is in his house because he has enough room for them all and no one would ever suspect that the most phenomenal boyband at all time is lockdown in just any civil house. However, those agent has three daughters, one of them is the biggest fan of SAS, the five years old Emery, while the older, Chloe and Aralie, never expected that they would fall in love with two of the SAS boys.

I know, that's cliche and everything but as I said, I was them once and wished that I was in their position at that time. Yup, I'm such a fangirl, aren't I? ^^


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