My CV to Lockwood & Co.

Dear Mr. Lockwood,

Herewith I attach my CV for your attention:

Personal Profile
Enthusiastic, reliable and friendly individual who works hard to achieve her potential. Adaptable, committed and organized with a lot of haunting and packing experience (mastering in Greek Fire, salt bomb, magnesium flares and iron filling safety packing). Good communication skills and ability to speak other language (including ghostly language). A quick learner who is always seeking learning deadly opportunities. Work well in team as well as individuality.

Skill Profile
Organizational and time keeping skills
Well-dressed and stunningly attractive
Sensitive to supernatural phenomena (especially hearing ability)
Familiar with Asian Ghost
Knowledge of Health and Safety Procedure

Employment History
Personal Assistant in Sri Lanka's Plantation Company
(I know, but in my spare time, I did haunting in the deep of Borneo woods, living really near by Forbidden Forest gave me insight experience toward wild and tropical type of ghost, got lost once in Tartarus which provided me insight knowledge towards life after death, and as a black belt I'm pretty good with handling rapier).

The only problem is I'm 27 years old but I can assure you that I'm as sensitive as 12 years old girl. Besides, I have my own thermos of tea, so I wouldn't bother yours.

Could I join Lockwood & Co.?

Yours Faithfully,



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