Romantic-Fantasy Story Choice Fulls of Magic: Much Ado about Magic

Much Ado About Magic (Enchanted, Inc., #5)Much Ado About Magic by Shanna Swendson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As always, I once again enjoy reading Enchanted Inc. though I miss the fourth book, and that is also the reason why I stopped reading the series in the first place.

Actually, I've bought the ebook, but it is in .ascm format, and I have to download Adobe Digital Edition which is impossible since I live in the middle of no where with limited internet access. So far my $11 spent for nothing because until now I cannot open the file.

However, though I didn't read the fourth book, at least I got the head up that in the third book, Katie and Owen broken up with silly reason that since Owen is a powerful wizard, it would be dangerous for Katie and bla bla bla but then because of the villain wizard named Phelan Idris once again caused trouble, Owen should take place as a hero again, but this time Idris caused the trouble in Texas, in Katie's hometown, and in Texas they found love to each other again.

That's the head up though I didn't know the detail. Here we go Much Ado About Magic which maybe inspired by Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare. Yeah, so you know how the 'Hero' is being deceived and looks like a bad guy. The story is very much the same but not taken place in Sicily but in the heart of Manhattan. My favorite quote so far is:

“I will admit, I did not anticipate this development. Magical wars were so much easier in my day when we simply attacked our enemies directly. It was all about demonstrating power, not about developing an image and swaying public opinion.” Merlin said.

Yup, that quote pretty much summing up the stories of the book. Phelan Idris has been caught but Spellworks (the competitor company of MSI) didn't stop, they keep producing a spell that caused bad omen secretly, like flu over Manhattan, increasing number of thieves and robbery cases. Magical world won't notice there is something strange but not for Katie (now a Marketing Director of MSI), since her immunity has came back, she suspected something is not right and it is emphasized by how Spellworks producing some kind of mass amulets that could protect the owner from bad omen.

In the middle of that mess, there is a rising star named Ivor Ramsey, the magical hero that once (thirty years ago to be specific) defeated the Morgans (the Morgans much more like Voldermort who obsessed to rule the magical world). Nothing written in History about the Morgans, but then suddenly the rumors spread that the Morgans has a child, from the timing, and the background of Owen Palmer as foster child they found out the missing child is Owen Palmer. Somehow, Ramsey successfully twisted the story that a powerful wizard like Owen Palmer has evil natures as his parents. In other words, MIS down because they have Owen and Spellworks scored becuase they have Ivor Ramsey, the so called 'Hero'.

Soooo... Much Ado About Nothing Magic...

Well, the story in the end turned good, since the late Mina Morgan has enough time to collect all information about Ivor Ramsey and his obsession to rule magical world and erase Merlin for good, finally we know who the real 'Hero' is. But, in the process, Owen should lose his magical power because he used too much power to assist Merlin in defeating Ramsey.

Is it a turn down? Not really, Owen became exciting because it means he has full access to all magical books that forbidden to be read by a person with a magic power without afraid of casting a bad spell because he is not only powerless but also immune to Magic.

In the end, even without magic, Owen is still Owen, a Nerd.

nb: finally the 'L' word is being spoken (I smiled like a fool when reading it ^^)


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The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co #2)

The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co., #2)The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here we go another 5 stars for Lockwood & Co.

Yay... just finished it this morning and once again, I'm craving for the next book and in a while trying to build a time machine so I could jump to the future or finding Daedalus' labyrinth, get trapped and all of the sudden I'll appear in Lockwood & Co book 3 signing session. Haha... too much Ectoplasm in the air I guess.

From the 5 stars I've given, you could guess my opinion about this book, though if possible I probably give it 4.5 stars because I still love The Screaming Staircase more. The reason is simple, in The Streaming Staircase, I really experience the real horror (refers to Ghost horror), something that I cannot experience anymore, because too much logic in my head. Give me horror movies, what I did is just criticizing and complaining about how those movies are bullshit and somehow I could find some flaws that would have made me losing my interest completely, while books, I could say that Stephen King books could be a real horror but once again the stories are boring to me, perhaps because I live with those horror stories since I was a kid in the very hometown I'm living right now while the others are too obvious. So, The Screaming Staircase has opened my eyes again and introduced me back to the realm of ghost town because there is adventure there, something that I really miss from Harry Potter, and the trio Lockwood, Lucy and George reminded me closely to Harry, Ron and Hermione, besides they are all British.

And why 4.5 stars for this book, well because if compared to the first book, the real horror is only from the Bickerstaff's house but then also spoiled by the appearance of the Fittes agents, besides that the real problem in the book is no longer about ghosts but human themselves. Have you read some sci-fi, when the first time you worried about Alien, Vampires or in this case is Ghosts, in the end, you will find that your real enemy is your own species. Classic but still really well-wrapped by Jonathan Stroud, LOVE YOU MR. STROUD.

Seriously craving for the next book... Arrrggghhhhh...


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My CV to Lockwood & Co.

Dear Mr. Lockwood,

Herewith I attach my CV for your attention:

Personal Profile
Enthusiastic, reliable and friendly individual who works hard to achieve her potential. Adaptable, committed and organized with a lot of haunting and packing experience (mastering in Greek Fire, salt bomb, magnesium flares and iron filling safety packing). Good communication skills and ability to speak other language (including ghostly language). A quick learner who is always seeking learning deadly opportunities. Work well in team as well as individuality.

Skill Profile
Organizational and time keeping skills
Well-dressed and stunningly attractive
Sensitive to supernatural phenomena (especially hearing ability)
Familiar with Asian Ghost
Knowledge of Health and Safety Procedure

Employment History
Personal Assistant in Sri Lanka's Plantation Company
(I know, but in my spare time, I did haunting in the deep of Borneo woods, living really near by Forbidden Forest gave me insight experience toward wild and tropical type of ghost, got lost once in Tartarus which provided me insight knowledge towards life after death, and as a black belt I'm pretty good with handling rapier).

The only problem is I'm 27 years old but I can assure you that I'm as sensitive as 12 years old girl. Besides, I have my own thermos of tea, so I wouldn't bother yours.

Could I join Lockwood & Co.?

Yours Faithfully,


Horror and Mystery Weekend Choice: Lockwood & Co. #1 The Screaming Staircase

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co., #1)The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"I reached the landing and heaved the bags down with a little sigh. When I raised my head to call to Lockwood, I saw a girl standing there."

And I was like, "Ooohhh... shhh***ttttt"

Got recommendation from two of my best GoodReads friends, surely I cannot turn it down. The Screaming Staircase literally made me screaming from the inside... Lol...

Adventure? Mystery? Horror? Ghost? Are you familiar with that? Gosh, it is exactly like get back to my childhood time when reading R.L. Stain books especially Goosebumps and Fear Street.

Actually, as a grown up, I became less interest in ghost story, the only series about ghost I could stand is The Mediator by Meg Cabot, which is actually not really ghostly, however, here I am writing about The Screaming Staircase, giving it 5 stars and currently craving for the next book (thanks God its weekend).

The unique thing about this book is you don't know the setting of time,  you even cannot guess, when the Problem happened because it is obviously not in present time or in the past or even in our future time, if it is then you will find George's glasses even ticker because he would spend most of his time in front of computer, browsing history of haunted houses all over London, or Lockwood and Lucy are sending BBM to each others. No, that makes this book could be read in all time, perhaps 50 years later when I recommend this book to my grandchildren, they will find the story as fascinating as now when I'm reading it.


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Give Embassy Row A Visit

All Fall Down (Embassy Row, #1)All Fall Down by Ally Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know what... I love Ally Carter and this book makes me love her  more... That's why I give this book 5 stars, the reason is simply because I always love Ally Carter's books, so my appraisal sometimes could be bias... hahahahaha...


After Gallagher Girls and Heist Society, I thought, what kind of story Ally Carter will serve? Well, actually after reading this first book, I still don't know what the story is about, my suspicious said that it has something to do with international spy or even assassin... arrggghhhh... just can't wait for the next book...

The best about this book is you couldn't guess what's in the end until you actually reach it. You will follow Grace wherever she will go and enjoy the adventure, though sometimes I feel like wanting to slap her in the face, that it is obvious, a very handsome young Russian is flirting with her, but her focus is only to the Scarred Man.

Hahaha... looking for thrilling story that will shake your world, then you should give Embassy Row a visit.


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