Weekend Easy Reading Choice: A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker

A Match Made in High SchoolA Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow... this book made me stay alert up to 3 AM just to finish it...

Why? Because I love Fiona, I love Todd, I love Marcie, I love Johnny, even I love Amanda (in the end).

This book is using Fiona's only point of view, so in the early chapters, you will find how obnoxious Todd and Amanda are and some other characters also, because Fiona hates them. It is actually the problem with first person point of view, we will expect a bias characteristics of the other characters because in real world, one person could not judge all people they meet, it is also the same with characters in books.

But in the end, once Fiona decided to open her mind toward the reason why others also hate her and keep joking about her, she found out that they are not that bad, because everyone has flaws, so does she.

The story started from the very first day of High School, when Fiona thought it is going to be the best year of hers, since it is a senior year and she made a resolution, that in the end of the year, she will 'touch' Gabe Webber, Fiona's long-term crush. However, the first day at school became the first day of disaster she should face for the whole senior year; a disaster called Marriage Education program.

Yup, each student will be paired to be 'husband and wife' for the whole senior year. They will do some activities together, do some expense budget plan together, do jobs together and so on. Disaster for Fiona is Todd, they hate each other and now they should be 'husband and wife' for the whole senior year.

However, in the process, they know each other better and found out that what they hate about each other is just because they don't know each other. And someone, Fiona never thought about before actually became someone she thought the most in the end. And how about Gabe Webber? Yeah, in the end she also found out that he is a big jerk.

The best part of this book is when Fiona and Todd became BEST FRIENDS.

Arrgghhh... you guys should read this book.


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