The Realm of the Elderlings' Best Assassin in The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Happy First Wedding Anniversary to me... yay...

Gosh... Time flies so fast... I've been a wife for a year and total 3 years together with my hubby... and more than 20 years we've been friends... and last night we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a movie (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), hot jasmine tea, chocolate, ice cream, apples, peanut crackers, National Geography Magz and The Farseer Trilogy from the very our own house in the middle of nowhere...

Okay... I don't know, whether I'm watching too much Alias and Agent Cody Banks when I was a kid, so I got a bit obsessed with everything related to CIA, FBI or even James Bond, but The Farseer Trilogy gave me a different and completely new perspective of an Assassin. Initially, I though this is a book for kids, adventure and everything but when I read it, gosh... even me got difficult in understanding the words... like getting back reading The Lord of The Ring, if you know what I mean, with gloomy and hard words but with interesting setting, characters, plot and twist...

One more thing that got me confusing when reading the book is I got a bit blur with the name of places, name of characters, even the name of the beast... yup... but when you got adjusted, then you will find that the choice of names is not only peculiar but also fascinating at the same time... hah... got confused??? Then try to read it... perhaps it will be a bit boring at the first or two chapter but once you know Fitz, then you will find his character is lovable...

The Link Download The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb as below:

The Farseer Trilogy #1 - Assassin's Apprentice
The Farseer Trilogy #2 - Royal Assassin
The Farseer Trilogy #3 - Assassin's Quest

Happy Reading...



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