The Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy #1) by Robin Hobb

Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy, #1)Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb
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Happy Mon'ster'day... ^^

I started this Monday with a big smile on my face because once again I found a remarkable series to read... a very long journey to the Realm of the Elderling...

Assassin's Apprentice, reading this like reading Harry Potter but written by J.R.R. Tolkien. An adventure full of magic, treason, murder which combined with a world beyond fantasy described in details from the Six Duchies to Mountain Kingdom experienced by a young Bastard, the late King-in-waiting's son born in the wrong sheet, named Fitz.

In the first place, I got a bit confused with the choice of name, from the name of the places, the name of the characters, even the name of the beast. You will find the name of characters like Fitz, Hands, Lady Patience, King Shrewd, Prince Verity, or the name of the beast as simple as Nosy, Leon and Smithy, and then the name of places like Buckkeep, Forge and Jhaampe. But, then while you start enjoying the story, you will find the choice of those names are not only peculiar in its own way but also interesting because name is magic in this story, you name your kid with certain name, then it is going to be what they are.

The story started with a 6 years old Fitz, sent out by his grandfather (from mother's side) to be under his father's care, who happened to be the King-in-waiting at that time, Prince Chivalry. However, instead of taken care by his own father, Fitz came to the care of Burrich, Chivalry's stable man and also the one he trusted the most. From then, he lived among the beast and educated to be a stable boy. One night, someone named Chade came to him and introduced him to the world behind the curtain, as a King's man or assassin.

And the story became much more interesting, at noonday, Fitz will learn to be a stable boy from Burrich, learn to read and write from Fedwren, learn about stave and sword from Hod, and sometimes go to town as an errand boy, but at night, he will learn about secret herbs, deadly poison, how to strangle people in silence, some diplomatic and some knowledge of being a professional spy and information collector. He got the best of the both worlds, didn't he?

Well, not really. There is a danger from Red-Ship Raiders who always take and destroy, Skill to learn which almost kill him in the first place, and treason from the youngest Prince, and somehow he was in the middle of all of it. Not to mention, the Wit, which he always keep as secret, a taboo magic, that allows him to communicate in certain ways with beast.

Yeah, I know the story kind of complicated, not to mention, Tolkien's ways of writing, which is not really fit with my knowledge and vocabulary but I could say that it is love of the first book, yup, I'm going to read Robin Hobb's next book, or whatever books she has written.


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