Resignation: Not a Decadent but an Improvement

You would never know where you will be ended one day or even tomorrow. I used to be a student and then I worked as website content writer slash SEO specialist, currently I’m working as a personal assistant for a plantation company. The unique thing of those career paths of mine, nothing is really related, I mean could you imagine an English Language and Literature student could ended up as a SEO specialist and then dealing with crop and fertilizer application? Well, me as the subject here, never in the million years expected that, but here I am, writing to you in my blog about my remarkable jobs.

However, there is one common thread from those career paths; it is English. Well, as an English Language and Literature student, I was eligible to work as a website content writer and then learned a bit here and there about SEO and as an English Active Speaker, I was also recruited to work in a Sri Lanka Plantation Company, though in the beginning I don’t have any single experience of working in a plantation but with all the hard work and willingness of learning new things, so far I’m fine because as a website content writer, I read, learn and write new things every day, and as a personal assistant, I also read and learn new things every day.

Perhaps some conversations or emails I used to deal with could tell you how different my jobs are from one to another:

This is the email I’ve sent this morning to ICT Team due to some errors found in my JDE:

I used to have access to input PR for code OH, OR and ON for PT BMS - GMO (10401011). However, now I could input PR for code OR only in item Purchase Requisition Processing. While for OH and ON the options are not available.
Besides, I cannot access the waiting approval in item Order Approval for PR with code OR, OH and ON at all.

Do you understand that? Well, it is full of technical term which only ICT Team and JDE user would understand.

Weird conversation about Crop Budget might make your forehead wrinkled.

Finance Guy       : How could you break down the year budget into monthwise?
Me                      : I’m using yearly trend to see the actual production of crop every month in every estate.
Finance Guy       : Well, that’s possible but how about block harvested which is not yet full harvested in a year.
Me                       : That’s could be a problem, perhaps we could take the majority block only. Because I’ve tried to do the next year crop budget by month, instead of by year, but the result is surprisingly too high.
Finance Guy       : Would you please do the month trend first and I’ll see what I can do.
Me                       : Sure…

When I was still in university:

Friend A               : Have you done the report for Western Philosophy class?
Me                         : Still don’t get it how Plato’s cave theory related to The Matrix. I just love watching Neo and Trinity in that movie. I don’t want to know at all about Plato and his cave.
Friend B               : Could you guys stop talking about that philosophy class, it gives me headache. We have important problem here. Book Report class. What’s book we should read this month? I’ve done with all those classic Shakespearean novels. I’m not even a romantic.
Me                         : Haha… how about David Copperfield, you could learn a lot about industry revolution in that novel as well as autobiography of Charles Dickens.
Friend B               : Nah… too depress.
Friend A               : I’ve been reading To Kill A Mockingbird.
Me                         : I love that book. You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes.
Friend B               : The one with slavery history in America?
Friend A               : Yup. But reading history from Scout Finch’s point of view won’t make you fall asleep. Instead, you will enter her little world and enjoy her adventures and as a bonus, learn a lot about the history itself.
Me                         : Just like Rick Riordan and his Percy Jackson series. He is practically my Greek Mythology teacher. Sometimes, learning history could be fun.
Friend A               : Yeah, as long as you know which book you should read.

Some people once asked me a lot about what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is and how I could make money from Search Engine.

Me                         : I believe you’re using Google as your search engine.
Friend                   : Yup. The only search engine I know.
Me                         : Just imagine you have an online store selling handcraft. You might using social medias to advertise your products, however to look more professional you need a website or a blog. It could improve trust from your customers and at the same time widen your target market.
Friend                   : But the competition will be hard.
Me                         : That’s why you need me as your SEO specialist. I have methods to make your website or blog listed in the top 10 of Google rank.

Well well well, those are all the career paths I have crossed. This December will be my last day to be a personal assistant in this plantation company.

I’ve decided to move on since I have more priorities than before. Since my husband decided to be a teacher in a remote place, instead of becoming a CSR Assistant in the same company where I’m working right now, the ‘us’ time is becoming lesser and lesser. That’s why, resigning from my position right now is the best thing I could do because sometimes life is not only about making money but much more about making more high quality time with the ones you love.

So, what I’m going to do after this? Should I be worry because I will become unemployment again? Surprisingly, I don’t worry about that. Why? Because I always believe, that we were born to do more than just go to work, pay bills and die. Besides, there is always a way when you have a will.


Sophie Kinsella: Finding Audrey - A Story of A Girl in Her Dark Glasses and Her Depressive Episodes

Finding Audrey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow... being a parent is not a picnic. It makes me rewinding back my memory, did I that obnoxious when I was a teenager?

Well, I like this book so much. So much educations in one short, fun and hilarious story about Audrey in her dark glasses and her depressive episodes.

One thing to emphasize, bullying is a serious matter. This books makes me realize that there was one time, back in my elementary school, a senior tried to bully me (thought I didn't think that as a bullying activity until recently I read a lot about school bullies), not really serious ( I guess ), she and bunches of her friends were surrounding me and asking some stupid questions that I couldn't answer, and then they were just laughing in my face like their superior and better than me. Well, as an only kid in my family, I was accustomed to just mind my own matter and just sway away matters that I don't really care or like. See, I think it is one of the best thing of being the only kid in a family, I could be very independent, like 'I don't need you, I could do it myself', though it could be really lonely sometimes and trust me, I was a selfish and obnoxious one at that time, which is not good at all. Because of that, I tell you, if somehow you have an idea to only raise one child, please throw away that idea if you can because being an only child is no fun at all. Trust me, I am one, so I know what I'm talking about.

Gosh, I just reveal one of my dark side haha... aside from that, once again school bullying is a very serious subject that each education professional should realize how dangerous it is. The problem is, sometimes people just don't care or, as in Audrey case, consider her as an attention seeker, when the fact is there's a serious damage in Audrey's psychology because of that. People just don't get it sometime, but this book is really helping you understand that in the simplest way you could think of.

Anyway, this book is just one example that reading book about mental health, children education, children psychology and parenting method could be really fun. That's why I love Sophie Kinsella. Good job.

This book is recommended for both parents and their teenagers. Read it together could be really fun, both kids and parents could shout 'See, I told you so!' or 'Gosh, it is so you!'.


I Remember... Do You Remember?

I remember…

There was the time when I was still a geek. Yeah… I still a geek now but less geeky than the last time I remember when I hid behind Lord of the Rings books and learned Legolas’ language, which is super geeky, because what’s the point? It’s not like you could put your ability in speaking fiery language to your CV:

Language capability:
Bahasa  Indonesia                 : Excellent
English                                  : Excellent
Fiery                                      : Excellent

Anyway, speaking of Lord of the Ring, I remember when I was still an English Lat student, I learned about Beowulf. I mean not the Beowulf the movie with Angelina Jolie, the original manuscript of Beowulf, who once upon a time was almost burnt to ashes because it is considered to be misled by church. However, somehow (I forget the complete history since I’m less geeky now) the manuscript found by J.R.R. Tolkien and some inspirations of characters were coming from that manuscript.

Well, enough of history lesson today. I’ve got more actual event to write in my other blog about this smog phenomenon in some countries around Indonesia.

Nb: just found out that word ‘smog’ is actually type of fog which mixed by smoke. Gosh… I love English.


Just Me Being Thankful

It’s weekend and I’ve been reading books like crazy.

Well, one thing I’ve been learning since I was in university and took English Language and Literature as my major is you could learn a lot of things from literature. I remember, when I was in high school, I got a good grade in Japan history exam not because I studied like a nerd but because I love Ruruoni Kenshin so much and it is comic books which happened to be written based on history of Meiji.  And then, I learned better about Industry Revolution from Charles Dickens’ books.  Besides, I don’t do traveling, I love it but I cannot do it, but through books, I could be anywhere I want and learn about a country or a place even better than anyone who has been there. I know it’s kind of sad, but what can I do, you’re living this world once, you have to find a way to make yourself happy and books are not just a good escape for me but source of information where I could learn a lot of things without making myself miserable just because I live in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot about student’s lives out there, especially in America. It is not like me judging or something but I’m just curious. I realize that the current economic situation kinds of messy right now, because I’m working in foreign company so I’ve seen the effect from the front row. However, back to the monetary crisis in 1998, I found how desperate a country like America is when it comes to crisis like this, suicide cases increased significantly at that year but I remembered really well that back home, my parents were just fine at that time. They even bought a new set of chairs for our living room at the very year. Economic crisis is so out of the picture.

When I was working as website content writer, I read a lot of websites which offered student loan. So, in some literatures or novels I’ve been reading recently about American and European students, they’re struggling with their studies but even after graduations they have mountains of student loans to deal with first before they could really live their lives. Well, now I understand why I didn’t see the direct effect of economic crisis around me, until now. It is because, here in Indonesia (well at least in the city where I live), we’re so accustomed to live like ‘what you have is what you get’ and I don’t even have credit card. That’s why, after graduation, there is no student loan to worry about, even my parents don’t have house credit to deal with because they bought the land in cash and built the house bit by bit based on their current financial situation, all paid in advance. Even now, when I already married, the only credit my husband and I have is a small land we bought with a river view but it’s not even reach 30% of our salaries (as suggested by financial planner as maximum credit you could pay per month), and it’s only for two years, not like mostly properties which reach 30 years to be paid off.

Yeah, I know, this topic is kind of heavy for a weekend post in my personal blog but I like sharing my thought and sometimes it is not that simple but why you should choose the harder way if you have a simple way. Though perhaps, the harder way will give you all the happiness you want, like with all of the credits you have, you will have more money you could do anything with but don’t you ever think to find happiness in the simplicity and just simply being thankful about that? Because it is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

I’m just saying ^^

Happy Weekend everyone…



Classic to be Read: To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel - Go Set A Watchman

You know what, I really don’t care when the last time I wrote in this blog but right now I just feel like writing because I got big news today. Have you ever imagined there is going to be a sequel for To Kill a Mockingbird? Well, I would never have that kind of thought, it’s like Harry Potter has book 8; you should know what I mean.

However, nothing impossible in this world because once again we found a miracle in the form of To Kill A Mockingbird sequel entitled Go Set A Watchman. I know, sometimes I could be so exaggerate but whoever has read To Kill A Mockingbird would like the book. I used to read classic because I had to (since I was an English Literature student and everything) but even years after that, I really enjoy reading To Kill A Mockingbird, not because I had to read it but just simply because the book is amazing.

Well, as a sequel you will find some characters from To Kill A Mockingbird. Yay, once again we will step into Scout’s shoes but the setting would be on some twenty years later. Just a fascinating thought to know the grown up Scout because even as a kid she’s already lovable and smart, just imagine when she became a grown up woman. Gosh, just can’t wait to meet Scout’s return to home in Maycomb, Alabama to visit her father and share her story.

Interesting trivia of the manuscript of Go Set A Watchman is the manuscript was assumed to have been lost but then it was discovered in the late 2014. Thanks God for whoever that has found the manuscript because it would make this world a little better. Besides, not every day classic story written in mid of 1950s and will be published in modern time. Imagine, it is your mother’s favorite book when she was little and then right now you could read the sequel together with her without her bragging that she has read the book before you. I’m just saying.

Ah, but we should wait until July 14th, 2015 to read the book. So, don’t forget to place your pre-order in your favorite bookstore people! Yay.


Weekend Reading Choice: Kelly Oram Marathon

What did you do for last long weekend? For me, it was Kelly Oram marathon... ^^

The Avery Shaw ExperimentThe Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What do you need after all day you should deal with a monthly report that you usually need like 10 days to finish but due to year end closing, you should finish the monthly report in two days?

The Avery Shaw Experiment is exactly what I need, it is short, hilarious, lovable and totally an easy reading.
So, I could deal with my pressure later after I enjoy the Seven Stages of Grief. I never enjoy social science before but this one is absolutely fun to know.


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Hah... after Cinder & Ella, I decided to stop reading all kinds of romance book because too much dose of romance could make my head dizzy... However, romance also one kind of genre that could assist me neutralizing the doze of work pressure in my head. Besides, after two days ago I read The Avery Shaw Experience, I cannot find better romance books but Kelly Oram's. So, V is for Virgin is the next choice.

It is easy reading and I just need like 3 hours to finish reading the book and then continue reading A for Abstinence, but all of the sudden, on 5 PM (can you believe it, 5 PM???) my boss call a meeting for all estate managers and as usual I ended in the middle. So, I lost like 2 hours of my reading time and once I reach home, I found bed much more appealing than anything else.

V is for Virgin is a very interesting story. I've read a lot of books, especially YA books which include sex issue for high schooler; and no matter how much the book I've read, I still feel exaggerate toward the issue. I mean, come on, is sex that important (red: hard to avoid/resist) for teenagers out there? I know, I know, there are some kinds of culture difference and mindset, besides I've never been among them. My high school experience was pretty normal and I think high school is not really change much after I left it 11 years ago, at least in Indonesia.

And because of my conservative point of view, I love Valerie the way she is, not only her courage to stand tall for something she believes the most, but also because of the idea of 'waiting until marriage'. Yup, the reason behind her 'waiting until marriage' is actually more and less the same with the reasons why we, Indonesian , decided the same way; but the difference is it is already part of our culture in Indonesia so it's not that difficult though right now that kind of culture is already in big question mark, but still being virgin until marriage is a very big deal for us here.

Anyway, because of this book, I'm officially Kelly Oram's big fan because not much book with American lifestyle setting is in this kind of zone/topic.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars
So far 3 stars for this sequel... ^^

Review soon, got meeting to attend in 5 minutes... yay... just a perfect day before a long weekend... -_-


Here comes the review, it's already 6 PM and I'm still in the office but thanks God, tomorrow is holiday, Happy Easter every one... ^^

So, A is for Abstinence, what should I write about this book? Well, if I should compare this to V is for Virgin then it's like reading it in different time but with the same character. Actually, it is a very good point of this sequel, because you could feel that all of the characters are growing up in this second series.

However, as the sequel the first book is still much better because V is for Virgin got a strong point but A is for Abstinence is just like another romance novel but still I love Kyle and Valerie, their story, their history and their happy ending just a perfect combination. Though the ending is kind of ruining the whole series, I mean, they finally decided to get married in a rush just so they could do sex? Or perhaps I'm too feminist???

Nevertheless, Kelly Oram, You're ROCK!!!!

nb: Just notice when I almost reached the last chapters. There is Brian Oliver in this book, you know the one who played Kyle in V is for Virgin the movie and the one who kiss Adriana in Kyle's birthday party, LOL, yes, that's Brian Oliver from Cinder & Ella, hahaha... just love the coincident.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Wow… totally Kelly Oram weekend… after The Avery Shaw Experiment and V is for Virgin series, yesterday I read Serial Hottie twice in a row… yeah… twice because my L word is totally for Seth Bishop and read about him is never be enough…

Yup, Seth Bishop, a hottie who just moved in to the house across Ellie Westley’s house. Seth lived with his Aunt who is a best-selling crime novelist, they moved in was simply for research for Seth’s Aunt new novel, she needed an experience to live in suburb area. However, almost at the same time they moved in, a serial killer was started which well known as Saturday Night Slasher, all of the victims are redhead which means totally fit with Ellie’s features and they died because of some stabs with knife. The speculation started in Ellie’s head which later also supported by her sister Angela, that Seth was actually the Serial Hottie Killer because of some similarities, like Seth’s obsession toward Ellie because she is a redhead, his advance ability with knife, his disappearance every Saturday night and his favorite game is Assassin’s Creed, furthermore Ellie and Angela found pictures of some redhead girls (some of them were the Saturday Night Slahser victims and one was later to be victim) in Seth’s bedroom. So the fact that Seth’s characteristic that easily got emotionally angry and threaten to kill everyone who tried to steal Ellie from him was not helping either.

So, did Seth Bishop the Serial Hottie Killer?

Of course not. Well, it was true that he obsessed with redhead but not just any redhead but only a redhead named Ellie Westley. His advance ability playing with knives was also true because of his childhood trauma, he saw his mother died, stabbed with knife, so to overcome his trauma, instead of avoided the knife; he used it to deal with his nervous habit. And about his disappearance every Saturday night was simply because he needed a distraction or he would break Ellie’s window just to be with her. His favorite games was Assassin’s Creed because since nine years old, he has been living with his aunt who lived, breathed and slept murder mysteries, so as her research assistant Seth also got interested with anything related to perfect murder. And the reason why he has the pictures of the redhead girl in his room was because he assisted his friend from FBI to solve the case. So, left the last doubt, why he moved in to Detroit at the same time with the Serial Killer? Easy, the answer was coincident. However, Seth had reason why he decided to moved in across the street of the Westley’s because when the realtor brought him and his aunt for the first time to see the house, he saw a redhead did her homework on the roof and at the same time Seth seemed could not think anything else but plotting a series of plans so he could approach that redhead, made her his and forced his aunt to live in the city until that girl ready to moved to California with him.

It’s romantic, isn’t it?

Okay, to be frankly, having an overprotective boyfriend like Seth is kind of creepy but also kind of hot. I mean, whenever Seth wanted Ellie to be in his side and every time their togetherness was interrupted, he would get emotionally angry and even threaten to kill whoever they are. Gosh, I even could not decide whether it is creepy or hot?


Are You A Fan Girl? American Girl on Saturn (Saturn #1) by Nikki Godwin

American Girl on Saturn (Saturn, #1)American Girl on Saturn by Nikki Godwin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How could I stumble to this book in the first place?

Well, yesterday was supposed to be high quality tea time with my husband, after my very long day at work and his very long trip to Randau Jungkal, we decided to just sit, enjoy the tea, a box of chocolate. He turned on the TV and I turned on my laptop browsing. He found Fishing show in NatGeo called Cold Water Gold and so attached to that show and I found this book from my Calibre list. He watched and I read, yeah so much of our high quality tea time.

Anyway, I remember that I got recommendation from Goodreads because of I read Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout, so I expected this book to be some kind of alien abduction or something but I was wrong.

In early chapters of this book reminded me of One Direction concert in Indonesia last week, full of screaming, crying and all kinds of crazy teenagers. Some of you might be thinking 'What A Waste' or worse, but I didn't think that way because fyi I was like those crazy teenagers once, when Westlife was on their top of their fame. Yeaaah... reading this book brought me back to that time when I have a big crush with Nicky Westlife just like the character of the book, Chloe who is living the dream, because Milo (I'm thinking about Nicky Westlife ^^) one of the member of boyband named Spaceship Around Saturn have crush on her. And I was once like Chloe's five years old sister, Emery, who collected SAS posters all over her bedroom walls.

So, because of that experience, I really enjoyed reading the book and just can't wait for the next book which will be published on May 2015 (next month).

The story started when Spaceship Around Saturn's concert was interrupted by a gun shot and the boys should be in a lockdown in a safe house. An agent suggested the nearest and the safest safe house is in his house because he has enough room for them all and no one would ever suspect that the most phenomenal boyband at all time is lockdown in just any civil house. However, those agent has three daughters, one of them is the biggest fan of SAS, the five years old Emery, while the older, Chloe and Aralie, never expected that they would fall in love with two of the SAS boys.

I know, that's cliche and everything but as I said, I was them once and wished that I was in their position at that time. Yup, I'm such a fangirl, aren't I? ^^


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Classic Reference in Modern World: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Suite Scarlett (Scarlett, #1)Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a busy long weekend... yay... so though my 'to read list' is long but I only can manage to finish this one. Actually, I would have finished the second book if I have a book but then I decided to read Divergent instead.

Anyway, I love Suite Scarlett so much. Why? Because of its reference to Hamlet. Well, I know I kind of weird when it comes to Hamlet, because since I was in college, I thought I have a special connection with this Prince of Denmark or perhaps because I'm watching too much Prince and Me but still when it comes to Shakespeare then nothing could compare Hamlet, or perhaps Twelfth Night.

So, I love Suite Scarlett.

You know what, when I read the review about this book that Scarlett has been in living in her family hotel in her whole life reminds me of Paris Hilton and her family hotel. Haha... but Scarlett life is soo much fun to read than the Hilton Sisters.

Scarlett and Spencer is like two hilarious pairs. In the book, the ones who play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Eric and Spencer but in their real life, it is Scarlett and Spencer. Just love the two of them even Lola and Marlene got jealous of their connection.

What else to say? God, it's Monday and I think I will continue reading Divergent though there are some contracts I need to prepare. But reading it for a couple hours and dealing with those contracts until I call it a day, sounds like a plan to me.


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Romantic-Fantasy Story Choice Fulls of Magic: Much Ado about Magic

Much Ado About Magic (Enchanted, Inc., #5)Much Ado About Magic by Shanna Swendson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As always, I once again enjoy reading Enchanted Inc. though I miss the fourth book, and that is also the reason why I stopped reading the series in the first place.

Actually, I've bought the ebook, but it is in .ascm format, and I have to download Adobe Digital Edition which is impossible since I live in the middle of no where with limited internet access. So far my $11 spent for nothing because until now I cannot open the file.

However, though I didn't read the fourth book, at least I got the head up that in the third book, Katie and Owen broken up with silly reason that since Owen is a powerful wizard, it would be dangerous for Katie and bla bla bla but then because of the villain wizard named Phelan Idris once again caused trouble, Owen should take place as a hero again, but this time Idris caused the trouble in Texas, in Katie's hometown, and in Texas they found love to each other again.

That's the head up though I didn't know the detail. Here we go Much Ado About Magic which maybe inspired by Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare. Yeah, so you know how the 'Hero' is being deceived and looks like a bad guy. The story is very much the same but not taken place in Sicily but in the heart of Manhattan. My favorite quote so far is:

“I will admit, I did not anticipate this development. Magical wars were so much easier in my day when we simply attacked our enemies directly. It was all about demonstrating power, not about developing an image and swaying public opinion.” Merlin said.

Yup, that quote pretty much summing up the stories of the book. Phelan Idris has been caught but Spellworks (the competitor company of MSI) didn't stop, they keep producing a spell that caused bad omen secretly, like flu over Manhattan, increasing number of thieves and robbery cases. Magical world won't notice there is something strange but not for Katie (now a Marketing Director of MSI), since her immunity has came back, she suspected something is not right and it is emphasized by how Spellworks producing some kind of mass amulets that could protect the owner from bad omen.

In the middle of that mess, there is a rising star named Ivor Ramsey, the magical hero that once (thirty years ago to be specific) defeated the Morgans (the Morgans much more like Voldermort who obsessed to rule the magical world). Nothing written in History about the Morgans, but then suddenly the rumors spread that the Morgans has a child, from the timing, and the background of Owen Palmer as foster child they found out the missing child is Owen Palmer. Somehow, Ramsey successfully twisted the story that a powerful wizard like Owen Palmer has evil natures as his parents. In other words, MIS down because they have Owen and Spellworks scored becuase they have Ivor Ramsey, the so called 'Hero'.

Soooo... Much Ado About Nothing Magic...

Well, the story in the end turned good, since the late Mina Morgan has enough time to collect all information about Ivor Ramsey and his obsession to rule magical world and erase Merlin for good, finally we know who the real 'Hero' is. But, in the process, Owen should lose his magical power because he used too much power to assist Merlin in defeating Ramsey.

Is it a turn down? Not really, Owen became exciting because it means he has full access to all magical books that forbidden to be read by a person with a magic power without afraid of casting a bad spell because he is not only powerless but also immune to Magic.

In the end, even without magic, Owen is still Owen, a Nerd.

nb: finally the 'L' word is being spoken (I smiled like a fool when reading it ^^)


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The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co #2)

The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co., #2)The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here we go another 5 stars for Lockwood & Co.

Yay... just finished it this morning and once again, I'm craving for the next book and in a while trying to build a time machine so I could jump to the future or finding Daedalus' labyrinth, get trapped and all of the sudden I'll appear in Lockwood & Co book 3 signing session. Haha... too much Ectoplasm in the air I guess.

From the 5 stars I've given, you could guess my opinion about this book, though if possible I probably give it 4.5 stars because I still love The Screaming Staircase more. The reason is simple, in The Streaming Staircase, I really experience the real horror (refers to Ghost horror), something that I cannot experience anymore, because too much logic in my head. Give me horror movies, what I did is just criticizing and complaining about how those movies are bullshit and somehow I could find some flaws that would have made me losing my interest completely, while books, I could say that Stephen King books could be a real horror but once again the stories are boring to me, perhaps because I live with those horror stories since I was a kid in the very hometown I'm living right now while the others are too obvious. So, The Screaming Staircase has opened my eyes again and introduced me back to the realm of ghost town because there is adventure there, something that I really miss from Harry Potter, and the trio Lockwood, Lucy and George reminded me closely to Harry, Ron and Hermione, besides they are all British.

And why 4.5 stars for this book, well because if compared to the first book, the real horror is only from the Bickerstaff's house but then also spoiled by the appearance of the Fittes agents, besides that the real problem in the book is no longer about ghosts but human themselves. Have you read some sci-fi, when the first time you worried about Alien, Vampires or in this case is Ghosts, in the end, you will find that your real enemy is your own species. Classic but still really well-wrapped by Jonathan Stroud, LOVE YOU MR. STROUD.

Seriously craving for the next book... Arrrggghhhhh...


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My CV to Lockwood & Co.

Dear Mr. Lockwood,

Herewith I attach my CV for your attention:

Personal Profile
Enthusiastic, reliable and friendly individual who works hard to achieve her potential. Adaptable, committed and organized with a lot of haunting and packing experience (mastering in Greek Fire, salt bomb, magnesium flares and iron filling safety packing). Good communication skills and ability to speak other language (including ghostly language). A quick learner who is always seeking learning deadly opportunities. Work well in team as well as individuality.

Skill Profile
Organizational and time keeping skills
Well-dressed and stunningly attractive
Sensitive to supernatural phenomena (especially hearing ability)
Familiar with Asian Ghost
Knowledge of Health and Safety Procedure

Employment History
Personal Assistant in Sri Lanka's Plantation Company
(I know, but in my spare time, I did haunting in the deep of Borneo woods, living really near by Forbidden Forest gave me insight experience toward wild and tropical type of ghost, got lost once in Tartarus which provided me insight knowledge towards life after death, and as a black belt I'm pretty good with handling rapier).

The only problem is I'm 27 years old but I can assure you that I'm as sensitive as 12 years old girl. Besides, I have my own thermos of tea, so I wouldn't bother yours.

Could I join Lockwood & Co.?

Yours Faithfully,


Horror and Mystery Weekend Choice: Lockwood & Co. #1 The Screaming Staircase

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co., #1)The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"I reached the landing and heaved the bags down with a little sigh. When I raised my head to call to Lockwood, I saw a girl standing there."

And I was like, "Ooohhh... shhh***ttttt"

Got recommendation from two of my best GoodReads friends, surely I cannot turn it down. The Screaming Staircase literally made me screaming from the inside... Lol...

Adventure? Mystery? Horror? Ghost? Are you familiar with that? Gosh, it is exactly like get back to my childhood time when reading R.L. Stain books especially Goosebumps and Fear Street.

Actually, as a grown up, I became less interest in ghost story, the only series about ghost I could stand is The Mediator by Meg Cabot, which is actually not really ghostly, however, here I am writing about The Screaming Staircase, giving it 5 stars and currently craving for the next book (thanks God its weekend).

The unique thing about this book is you don't know the setting of time,  you even cannot guess, when the Problem happened because it is obviously not in present time or in the past or even in our future time, if it is then you will find George's glasses even ticker because he would spend most of his time in front of computer, browsing history of haunted houses all over London, or Lockwood and Lucy are sending BBM to each others. No, that makes this book could be read in all time, perhaps 50 years later when I recommend this book to my grandchildren, they will find the story as fascinating as now when I'm reading it.


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Give Embassy Row A Visit

All Fall Down (Embassy Row, #1)All Fall Down by Ally Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know what... I love Ally Carter and this book makes me love her  more... That's why I give this book 5 stars, the reason is simply because I always love Ally Carter's books, so my appraisal sometimes could be bias... hahahahaha...


After Gallagher Girls and Heist Society, I thought, what kind of story Ally Carter will serve? Well, actually after reading this first book, I still don't know what the story is about, my suspicious said that it has something to do with international spy or even assassin... arrggghhhh... just can't wait for the next book...

The best about this book is you couldn't guess what's in the end until you actually reach it. You will follow Grace wherever she will go and enjoy the adventure, though sometimes I feel like wanting to slap her in the face, that it is obvious, a very handsome young Russian is flirting with her, but her focus is only to the Scarred Man.

Hahaha... looking for thrilling story that will shake your world, then you should give Embassy Row a visit.


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Books I Desperately Want to Read in 2015

I’m currently reading Ally Carter’s new series, Embassy Row #1 All Fall Down, which just published last week, on January 20th, 2015 and that reminded me of some books that I desperately want to read that will be published this year.

I know it is too late because the day after tomorrow is February already but never mind. I will share you some books that probably you have been waiting for as well. And if you haven’t read any of it then perhaps you could start reading it.

Here the list of books:

Rick Riordan
The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1)
Well, after Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles, here we have The Norse Mythology. The first book of this upcoming series expected to be published on October 6th, 2015 this year. Yay, it’s going to be another early birthday gift from Rick Riordan, just can’t wait. The first book of this series entitled The Sword of Summer with the main hero named Magnus Chase that’s why the series will be named after Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Just like Percy Jackson and the rest of Demigod, Magnus Chase is also the son of Norse God. Here, we will meet Regnarok and possibly Loki himself.

The Crown of Ptolemy (Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles Crossover #3)
Another crossover everyone, so after The Blood of Olympus, we still could meet Percy and Annabeth. Unlike the previous two crossovers, when only Percy met Carter and then Annabeth met Sadie, this third crossover, Percy and Annabeth will meet with both Kanes. Interesting right? I think it is going to be another short story, but never mind, no matter what it is, even if it is only as short as one page poetry, I’ll be waiting for it. This crossover will be published on May 12th, 2015 this year. Anyway, is there any story about Leo and Calypso? If, there is a story about them, I’m the first one who will grab it.

Meg Cabot
Royal Wedding; A Princess Diaries Novel (The Princess Diaries #11)
I found out about this book last year, and since then I can’t stop thinking about it. Come on, Mia and Michael? When the last time you read about them? And now, we are going to read about them again. Just admit it, Princess Diaries series were one of those series that made your day when you were a teen, weren’t they? Well, according to Goodreads, this eleventh book will be published on 2nd June, 2015 this year. And this eleventh series will be the first adult book for the whole series, and for you who have read the book when you were teenager, it is a perfect time right to read about them again since you are practically an adult yourself? Oh yeah, it is.

Richelle Mead
The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines #6)
I’ve read Vampire Academy based on a friend recommendation and I love it. But then when I finished reading it, I’m wondering about another series written by Richelle Mead, and somehow I stumbled to Bloodlines series because the main characters there are those we familiar when we read Vampire Academy, Sidney Sage and Adrian Ivashkov and a bit Rose here and Dimitri there. Well, I’ll give you a brief review about this series, if you are expecting something full of adrenaline, action and war like in Vampire Academy, and you will be disappointed because this series much more like espionage story combined with love story. Sidney is an alchemist and her main job is to protect human race from vampire, however she did the most unforgivable mistake, she fell in love with the vampire. The rest is something that you could guess. Is it chessy? Well, I guarantee you that it’s not, totally not. Anyway, the good news is we don’t need to wait very long to read this sixth series because it will be published next month, February 10th, 2015. However, the bad news is, it is going to be the last book of all series. 

Pittacus Lore
The Lorien Legacy #6
Surely you have read the 5 series of Lorien Legacy, haven’t you? Well, I thought when I finished reading the fifth book, it was the last book and I a bit disappointed with how the book ended. But then some friends I met in Goodreads said that there are two more books will be published because a friend of her friend attended some kind of signing session with the author and the author said there are two more books because too much stuff if they should wrap it in one book. And here we have The Lorien Legacy #6, The Fate of Ten, but no cover yet and it is expected to be published around August 2015. Raise your hand if you can’t wait either!!

Cassandra Clare
Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1)
I love Cassandra Clare so much after The Mortal Instruments but somehow it is very difficult for me to find time to continue reading The Infernal Devices. When I get back to the time when I reading The Mortal Instruments, I need quite sometimes to finish the series because somehow, I like reading it but then when it comes to the part that I don’t like and then I would abruptly stop reading it.  I’m exciting to find out that she will write a new series, but I don’t know, I need to finish reading the Infernal Devices first because it will influence my opinion toward another book she will write. Well, at least the first book of this series is expected to be published around September 2015, so I have enough time to make up my mind and start reading the Infernal Devices.

Kasie West
The Fill-in Boyfriend
Well, unlike the other books mentioned above, this one is not a series but so far I love all Kasie West’s books that I’ve read, so this one is totally on my To-Read list. Just like most of books written by Kasie West, this one is still about YA romance that will make you want to eat ice cream with extra chocolate chips or enjoy a cup of hot coffee in rainy day while reading romance. I’ve told you I love The Distance Between Us, I love On the Fence, and I think I’m going to love The Fill-in Boyfriend also which will be published on May 5th, 2015.

Happy Reading everyone...


Weekend Easy Reading Choice: A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker

A Match Made in High SchoolA Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow... this book made me stay alert up to 3 AM just to finish it...

Why? Because I love Fiona, I love Todd, I love Marcie, I love Johnny, even I love Amanda (in the end).

This book is using Fiona's only point of view, so in the early chapters, you will find how obnoxious Todd and Amanda are and some other characters also, because Fiona hates them. It is actually the problem with first person point of view, we will expect a bias characteristics of the other characters because in real world, one person could not judge all people they meet, it is also the same with characters in books.

But in the end, once Fiona decided to open her mind toward the reason why others also hate her and keep joking about her, she found out that they are not that bad, because everyone has flaws, so does she.

The story started from the very first day of High School, when Fiona thought it is going to be the best year of hers, since it is a senior year and she made a resolution, that in the end of the year, she will 'touch' Gabe Webber, Fiona's long-term crush. However, the first day at school became the first day of disaster she should face for the whole senior year; a disaster called Marriage Education program.

Yup, each student will be paired to be 'husband and wife' for the whole senior year. They will do some activities together, do some expense budget plan together, do jobs together and so on. Disaster for Fiona is Todd, they hate each other and now they should be 'husband and wife' for the whole senior year.

However, in the process, they know each other better and found out that what they hate about each other is just because they don't know each other. And someone, Fiona never thought about before actually became someone she thought the most in the end. And how about Gabe Webber? Yeah, in the end she also found out that he is a big jerk.

The best part of this book is when Fiona and Todd became BEST FRIENDS.

Arrgghhh... you guys should read this book.


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The Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy #1) by Robin Hobb

Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy, #1)Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Happy Mon'ster'day... ^^

I started this Monday with a big smile on my face because once again I found a remarkable series to read... a very long journey to the Realm of the Elderling...

Assassin's Apprentice, reading this like reading Harry Potter but written by J.R.R. Tolkien. An adventure full of magic, treason, murder which combined with a world beyond fantasy described in details from the Six Duchies to Mountain Kingdom experienced by a young Bastard, the late King-in-waiting's son born in the wrong sheet, named Fitz.

In the first place, I got a bit confused with the choice of name, from the name of the places, the name of the characters, even the name of the beast. You will find the name of characters like Fitz, Hands, Lady Patience, King Shrewd, Prince Verity, or the name of the beast as simple as Nosy, Leon and Smithy, and then the name of places like Buckkeep, Forge and Jhaampe. But, then while you start enjoying the story, you will find the choice of those names are not only peculiar in its own way but also interesting because name is magic in this story, you name your kid with certain name, then it is going to be what they are.

The story started with a 6 years old Fitz, sent out by his grandfather (from mother's side) to be under his father's care, who happened to be the King-in-waiting at that time, Prince Chivalry. However, instead of taken care by his own father, Fitz came to the care of Burrich, Chivalry's stable man and also the one he trusted the most. From then, he lived among the beast and educated to be a stable boy. One night, someone named Chade came to him and introduced him to the world behind the curtain, as a King's man or assassin.

And the story became much more interesting, at noonday, Fitz will learn to be a stable boy from Burrich, learn to read and write from Fedwren, learn about stave and sword from Hod, and sometimes go to town as an errand boy, but at night, he will learn about secret herbs, deadly poison, how to strangle people in silence, some diplomatic and some knowledge of being a professional spy and information collector. He got the best of the both worlds, didn't he?

Well, not really. There is a danger from Red-Ship Raiders who always take and destroy, Skill to learn which almost kill him in the first place, and treason from the youngest Prince, and somehow he was in the middle of all of it. Not to mention, the Wit, which he always keep as secret, a taboo magic, that allows him to communicate in certain ways with beast.

Yeah, I know the story kind of complicated, not to mention, Tolkien's ways of writing, which is not really fit with my knowledge and vocabulary but I could say that it is love of the first book, yup, I'm going to read Robin Hobb's next book, or whatever books she has written.


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Link Download

Ebook/Epub list for free download:

Ally Carter
The Gallagher Girls Series 
The Heist Society
Embassy Row

The Spies and Thieves Story

Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments
The Infernal Devices 

James Patterson
Maximum Ride Series 
  • Maximum Ride 1 – The Angel Experiment
  • Maximum Ride 2 – School’s Out Forever
  • Maximum Ride 3 – Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
  • Maximum Ride 4 – The Final Warning
  • Maximum Ride 5 – Max
  • Maximum Ride 6 – Fang
  • Maximum Ride 7 – Angel

Meg Cabot 
The Princess Diaries Series
The Mediator Series 
1-800 Where R You
Abandon Series
Heather Wells Series
Queen of Babble Series

Pittacus Lore
The Lorien Legacies 

Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and The Olympians 
The Heroes of Olympus 
The Kane Chronicles 

Sophie Kinsella
Can You Keep A Secret

Shopaholic Series

Stephenie Meyer
The Host

Twilight Saga 
  • Twilight Saga 1 – Twilight
  • Twilight Saga 2 – New Moon
  • Twilight Saga 3 – Eclipse
  • Twilight saga 4 – Breaking Dawn
  • Twilight Saga partial draft – Midnight Sun

Suzanne Collins
The Hunger Games Trilogy 
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy 1 – The Hunger Games
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy 2 – Catching Fire
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy 3 – Mockingjay

Thomas Sniegoski
The Fallen Series 
  • The Fallen Series 01 – The Fallen
  • The Fallen Series 02 – Leviathan
  • The Fallen Series 03 – Aerie
  • The Fallen Series 04 – Reckoning


The Realm of the Elderlings' Best Assassin in The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Happy First Wedding Anniversary to me... yay...

Gosh... Time flies so fast... I've been a wife for a year and total 3 years together with my hubby... and more than 20 years we've been friends... and last night we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a movie (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), hot jasmine tea, chocolate, ice cream, apples, peanut crackers, National Geography Magz and The Farseer Trilogy from the very our own house in the middle of nowhere...

Okay... I don't know, whether I'm watching too much Alias and Agent Cody Banks when I was a kid, so I got a bit obsessed with everything related to CIA, FBI or even James Bond, but The Farseer Trilogy gave me a different and completely new perspective of an Assassin. Initially, I though this is a book for kids, adventure and everything but when I read it, gosh... even me got difficult in understanding the words... like getting back reading The Lord of The Ring, if you know what I mean, with gloomy and hard words but with interesting setting, characters, plot and twist...

One more thing that got me confusing when reading the book is I got a bit blur with the name of places, name of characters, even the name of the beast... yup... but when you got adjusted, then you will find that the choice of names is not only peculiar but also fascinating at the same time... hah... got confused??? Then try to read it... perhaps it will be a bit boring at the first or two chapter but once you know Fitz, then you will find his character is lovable...

The Link Download The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb as below:

The Farseer Trilogy #1 - Assassin's Apprentice
The Farseer Trilogy #2 - Royal Assassin
The Farseer Trilogy #3 - Assassin's Quest

Happy Reading...


Recommended Books in Young-Adult (YA) Genre

I could say that I started my reading challenge in GoodReads with YA genre. Well, I admit that no matter how old I would be, I would never be able to move on from this genre, perhaps just my point of view that will be different but still, so far I enjoy this genre a lot.

YA genre or also well-known as Young-Adult fiction or Young Adult Literature has stories that focus on challenge of youth. The market target is adolescents and young adult, age sixteen to twenty five. I’m twenty seven, so I’m not counted but I could assure you that I’m not the only one above twenty five who enjoy reading this literature. YA genre itself still divided into different themes, though all of them are still in challenge of youth area like romance, sexuality, identity and many more. In serious theme like family struggle, drug/alcohol abuse, school bullying even suicide.

So far, I’m enjoying reading YA fiction with romance as the main theme. Here is the list of book I’ve finished reading so far for my Goodreads reading challenge, some of the book I finished on December but since I didn’t have access to internet until today, so I’ll post the book as the part of my 2015 reading challenge.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
#Nerd (The Hastag Series #1) by Cambria Hebert
Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram

Those are recommended YA genre book for you to choose. For more, books by Kasie West are also recommended, like The Distance Between Us, On the Fence and Pivot Point Series (Pivot Point and Split Second).

I couldn’t say that the story is amazing or mind blowing or what but I could say that those books are nice and easy to read.

Anyway, Happy Reading and Happy New Year…


nb: Link Download available in each title.