Cara Lockwood: Bard Academy - Wuthering High

Bard Academy... fuhhh what should I say about this book???

OK, let's start from the basic thing of the book, THE COVER, believe me, don't ever judge a book from its cover, because I did in this book and I got completely fooled.

A cute cover of the book reminds me of Ally Carter's Callagher Girl, you know cute cover with cute story. However, I never thought this book to be half-horror.

The story is started with a fifteen years old High-schooler, Miranda Tate, who is sent away by her father to a Boarding School called Bard Academy which is not so mysterious in the first place, but when she arrives in the island where the Academy is, she starts finding some weird things, especially a guy named Hatchcliff who thinks he is from Wuthering Heights. Come one? If you meet someone who thinks he is actually Harry Potter you will think the same thing don't you?

However, he turns to be the real Hatchcliff from Wuthering Heights and Emily Bronte brought him to this world from her book. Yes, the late Emily Bronte, and her sister, Charlotte Bronte is actually the Headmistress of Bard Academy and the Academy Coach is actually Ernest Hemingway, not to mention Virginia Wolf is also joining the academy.

This kind of story reminds me a bit of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, the different is if Cornelia Funke is using totally fictional characters, Cara Lockwood is using the real people. For me, it is really fascinating, just like Miranda has said, perhaps only in Bard Academy she is finally interested in studying, well having Virginia Wolf and Ernest Hemingway as your teachers is actually a lifetime experience.



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