My First Three Books to Finish in 2014

Yay, my first post in 2014.

What we should talk about? Well, I’ve posted my Reading Challenge on GoodReads for year of 2014 which is 100 books.

You know what, living in the middle of nowhere only books that could keep me sane. Well, there is Korean Drama but though Korean Drama is very entertaining, it always successfully makes me insane. How could I stop watching King 2 Heart if Lee Seung Gi is that hot? That’s why Korean Drama is not recommended for anyone like me who will stay until three in the morning just to finish Gu Family Book and crazily madly and deeply in love with Lee Seung Gi.

But book for me is different. How fascinating and interesting a book is I always have a reason to keep it until tomorrow morning if time is too late for me to read. Why? It is because sometimes I feel regret if I finish a book too fast (except for Harry Potter and Percy Jackson). No matter how impatient I am to know the ending of the book, I always have common sense to not ever open the last page of the book but patiently reading the page one by one. Because it is the important part if you want to get the reading pleasure.

However, I’ve been extremely busy recently, I have to travel from Sei Laur to Ketapang several times because of my wedding day is oncoming and still there are a lot of things to prepare before the ‘H’ day. That’s why three book on my ‘currently reading’ list are still waiting to be finished.

-          Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
-          The Scorch Trial by James Dashner
-          Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

They are going to be my first three books to finish in 2014. Well, I hope.

Anyway, can't write any longer because I have appointment to visit Unicorn Farm with Mr. Tumnus and Lucy Pevensie before White Witch turns them all into a hat and sell their blood to Lord Voldermort.

See yaaa...



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