Goodreads: The Thief Lord

Herr der Diebe: Pangeran Pencuri

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All of the sudden I stumble to this book and my hand itchy to write something about this book.

I love Cornelia Funke. Yes I do love her and The Thief Lord is actually a great book, the story idea is original and fascinating. I love the way she describes Venice and the adventure of the children.

But there is a big BUT that I want to share. I read this book in Bahasa Indonesia version and it takes all of my efforts to finish this book. And after I finished reading it, I don’t eager to re-read it again.

Surely I wonder why.


Well, I don’t blame the translator because I didn’t read the original version, which I guess written in German. However, I guess the translator is using the English Version instead of the original version to translate it into Bahasa, so the words are ‘sort-of’ losing its soul because it has been transferred to English and then into Bahasa Indonesia. So, that’s why I don’t like reading this book and it is also applied to Inkheart. I like the story about books and how a person could have power to bring the characters in the book into life but once again, it required all of my will-power to finish the book and until know I haven’t read the second and third book of the Inkheart trilogy.

I guess, I have to read the English version just to prove it since I don’t know any word in German.


GoodReads: Enchanted, Inc (Enchanted, Inc. #1)

Enchanted, Inc. (Enchanted Inc., #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enchanted, Inc. I bought this book like 4 years ago in some kinds of bazaar when I still lived in Jogja. Since then I only read the book once and I found the book disappointed just because the ending, according to me at that time, is unsatisfying.

Like a month ago, I dig my bookshelves a little deeper and found this book again and decided to read it once more. When I log in to my Goodreads account to add ‘my currently reading’ list, I found the book to be part of a Katie Chandler series. Now I know why the ending of the book is so unsatisfying because the book is not finished yet. Gosh, I need like 4 years to realize that. I’m sorry Shanna Swendson, I know I’m not supposed to judge your book just by reading the first book of the series.

So, I re-read Enchanted, Inc. in Bahasa Indonesia version and I after I know the book is actually a series, now I found it to be interesting.

Katie Chandler always sees New York to be a weird city. Asides from the almost naked street musician in Times Square and all kinds of fashion lifestyles that ever exists in the world could be found in Manhattan district, Katie sometimes could see a girl with wings, gargoyle which sometimes appears in the top of church but also sometimes disappears and ensure herself to trust that to be the part of New York’s weirdness.

However, one day her ‘normal’ life finally shaken when she is recruited by a company called MSI, Inc. Magic, Spells and Illusions, Inc. Because now, she knows that magic is real.

Why Katie could see magic when other people couldn’t?

It is because she somehow turns into 1% in the world of people who immune to magic and that is the reason why she is recruited. She will be useful as verifier for the company because she would never be able to be affected with magic and spells and she could see through all kinds of illusions. At the beginning working with fairies as her co-workers, actual monster as her boss, handsome and powerful wizard she has crush on from R&D department and then Merlin as the CEO is very fun for an ordinary small town girl like Katie but then there is Phelan Idris. He is an ex-employee in MSI, Inc. who has been fired because he worked too close to Dark Magic and that is actually the reason why Merlin is coming back, to save the world from evil villain and somehow Katie is caught in the middle.

Well, say hello to the adulthood Harry Potter. Moved from Hogwarts to the real world in the modern era and the glamour of Manhattan where war is not only about using wands and Avada Kedavra but much more like how to win the market and increase sales for the company while in the same time is decreasing the unhealthy business competition.

Phelan Idris tried to build his own business by selling spells which once not approved by the company because according to the current head of the theoretical magic section of R&D, Owen Palmer, all of the spells are dangerous. Fortunately, Katie has idea to stop it and buy some time for them to deal with all of the Idris’ products in the market by asking the help from Ethan Wainwright, a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property who happened to be as immune as Katie to magic who once has been set up in a dinner with one of Katie’s roommates, Marcia. It seems like Ethan and Marcia didn’t work at that dinner but because of intellectual property case of Phelan Idris, Ethan and Katie finally found something in common between them.

So, how about Owen Palmer, a powerful wizard from R&D department Katie has been crushing on since the very beginning? Is he really too high to reach for an ordinary girl from Texas like Katie? That’s why I’m happy to find the book is actually a series.


GoodReads: Vampire Academy #1

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got recommendation from a GoodRead friend and then I caught flu and got fever this weekend. So, it is a perfect combination to get home early from office and read.

Vampire Academy… What should I write about this book? I like it, especially Rose and Dimitri (You know what I mean).

However, I can’t say that this book is amazing or great or whatever beyond good but as I said I like it because the story is different. Besides, I just finished reading the first book, not much to talk about the plot but for characters, Richelle Mead knows how to create one.

For example is Rose, she is a Dhampir, a powerful one. She is typical reckless girl but cool you find in high school and she is hot. I like reckless, cool and hot girl character. While Lissa is the opposite, fragile, good, nice, light-hearted and etc, anything you know about good character you could find in Lissa. They are a perfect combination for a couple of high school girl who knows exactly how to fit in and in this book is do the royal political game since Lissa is a ‘sort-of’ princess and Rose is her guardian.

I thought their war is about fighting Strigoi (reminds me a bit of Vampeneze in Darren Shan) but it is much more than that, from politic among royal, throne up to power are the main problems, Victor Dashkov is just one example.

So, I don’t know anymore to talk about, let’s continue reading the second book to find out more about what will happen next in Vampire Academy from Frostbite.


My First Three Books to Finish in 2014

Yay, my first post in 2014.

What we should talk about? Well, I’ve posted my Reading Challenge on GoodReads for year of 2014 which is 100 books.

You know what, living in the middle of nowhere only books that could keep me sane. Well, there is Korean Drama but though Korean Drama is very entertaining, it always successfully makes me insane. How could I stop watching King 2 Heart if Lee Seung Gi is that hot? That’s why Korean Drama is not recommended for anyone like me who will stay until three in the morning just to finish Gu Family Book and crazily madly and deeply in love with Lee Seung Gi.

But book for me is different. How fascinating and interesting a book is I always have a reason to keep it until tomorrow morning if time is too late for me to read. Why? It is because sometimes I feel regret if I finish a book too fast (except for Harry Potter and Percy Jackson). No matter how impatient I am to know the ending of the book, I always have common sense to not ever open the last page of the book but patiently reading the page one by one. Because it is the important part if you want to get the reading pleasure.

However, I’ve been extremely busy recently, I have to travel from Sei Laur to Ketapang several times because of my wedding day is oncoming and still there are a lot of things to prepare before the ‘H’ day. That’s why three book on my ‘currently reading’ list are still waiting to be finished.

-          Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
-          The Scorch Trial by James Dashner
-          Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

They are going to be my first three books to finish in 2014. Well, I hope.

Anyway, can't write any longer because I have appointment to visit Unicorn Farm with Mr. Tumnus and Lucy Pevensie before White Witch turns them all into a hat and sell their blood to Lord Voldermort.

See yaaa...