Poem: Travelling to the Past

Yeah, after the long time I didn't post anything to this blog. Today, I wrote one post and now I'm writing a second post.

Actually, I remember I wrote a short poem but then I don't remember that I developed the poem into a lyric. That's the beauty of having a lot of things in your head, sometimes you just forget what you have written but then suddenly you're stumbled to it and found it interesting, like it's not you who wrote it but you know it is really you who wrote it.

Well, perhaps you call me weird. Whatever, I don't care, people call me worse than that. So, perhaps it's not a crime for me to post the lyric. After that, I will do some experiments with my guitar and turn it into a song. Besides, been a long time I didn't wrote any song.

Travelling to the Past

Look at you
And see what you’ve been through
Learn how to care
Or what you have shared

Look around me
Sour taste of ocean breeze
Fresh smell of the fallen leaves
And cold rain in the morning brief

Look around us
People complain of their yard grass
While others beg for chain
You fight for the higher class
And me still learn how to bear the pain

Live your life now
While you still can
Don’t bother begging for the last
Or you will just brag about the past

Traveling to the past…
Is either like happy seeing an old friend
And happy dragging him to his end
Traveling to the past…
Will bring you a good story to tell
And will give you the memory to expel
Traveling to the past…
Kind of dim to light on
Or film to burn on
Traveling to the past…
Likes the two-sided coin

Undivided until the last

I just thought that perhaps, this lyric fits with me the best. This year (2013) is about to end and we have to prepare ourself to welcome the new year, so no point at all for us to brag about the past because future is coming and waiting for us to welcome it.

And a New Year Eve Party to attend. Gosh... Percy Jackson just texted me to go with him, his father will throw a party since Annabeth is busy with her labyrinth project . Hmm... well, his father is Poseidon, Underwater New Year Eve Party sounds like a bad idea. Should I text back and say NO???!!!



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