Countdown Time! Say Hello to 2014...!!!

Countdown timeee…!!!!

2013 is almost end, do you have any resolutions you made early this year that you haven’t achieved yet?
For me, a lot… LOL… it is because I’m not a kind of person who like to make resolutions and force myself to achieve it. Call me lame, whatever, I don’t care, I just want to live my life and that’s the way I enjoy my life; which is going with the flow.

I wrote a song once,
Sometimes you should listen to your heart
Sometimes you should just follow the flow
Sometimes you should deal with your thought
Sometimes you should just enjoy the glow

Well, I don’t know but that fits myself best. Don’t get me wrong, though I prefer to going with the flow instead of follow the schedule or resolution I made, I still have purpose. Yes, that’s what you should have, PURPOSE, a big shot.

2013 is the year when I reached 27 years old. Since I met my first boyfriend, I said “Don’t ask me to marry you until I reach 27”. Three guys asked me and I said three NOs, my fourth boyfriend didn’t ask me anything, so it didn’t count. And my fifth boyfriend asked me to marry him this January and I said yes.  I don’t know whether it is a coincident or what but I believe that once you have set your mind into something then you will achieve it one way or another; that’s natural law.

I don’t bother to make a list because I’m no good at it; besides have you watched A Bucket List? It just gave me a chill like I’m going to die tomorrow if I make such a list though as a Muslim, I’ve been taught to live to the fullest like I’m going to die tomorrow, but still no list.

So, I’ve achieved one of my purposes I made for life; get married and what’s next? Another big purpose I made since I was young is I publish my own book. Well, I’m working on it and I have finished one novel and like ten more ideas of novel hovering in my head but I think I need to collect my confidence first before I send the novel to a publisher. So, wish me luck.

Meanwhile, let’s start counting down to say goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014. May this new year will bring you cherish of life.



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