Poem: Travelling to the Past

Yeah, after the long time I didn't post anything to this blog. Today, I wrote one post and now I'm writing a second post.

Actually, I remember I wrote a short poem but then I don't remember that I developed the poem into a lyric. That's the beauty of having a lot of things in your head, sometimes you just forget what you have written but then suddenly you're stumbled to it and found it interesting, like it's not you who wrote it but you know it is really you who wrote it.

Well, perhaps you call me weird. Whatever, I don't care, people call me worse than that. So, perhaps it's not a crime for me to post the lyric. After that, I will do some experiments with my guitar and turn it into a song. Besides, been a long time I didn't wrote any song.

Travelling to the Past

Look at you
And see what you’ve been through
Learn how to care
Or what you have shared

Look around me
Sour taste of ocean breeze
Fresh smell of the fallen leaves
And cold rain in the morning brief

Look around us
People complain of their yard grass
While others beg for chain
You fight for the higher class
And me still learn how to bear the pain

Live your life now
While you still can
Don’t bother begging for the last
Or you will just brag about the past

Traveling to the past…
Is either like happy seeing an old friend
And happy dragging him to his end
Traveling to the past…
Will bring you a good story to tell
And will give you the memory to expel
Traveling to the past…
Kind of dim to light on
Or film to burn on
Traveling to the past…
Likes the two-sided coin

Undivided until the last

I just thought that perhaps, this lyric fits with me the best. This year (2013) is about to end and we have to prepare ourself to welcome the new year, so no point at all for us to brag about the past because future is coming and waiting for us to welcome it.

And a New Year Eve Party to attend. Gosh... Percy Jackson just texted me to go with him, his father will throw a party since Annabeth is busy with her labyrinth project . Hmm... well, his father is Poseidon, Underwater New Year Eve Party sounds like a bad idea. Should I text back and say NO???!!!


Countdown Time! Say Hello to 2014...!!!

Countdown timeee…!!!!

2013 is almost end, do you have any resolutions you made early this year that you haven’t achieved yet?
For me, a lot… LOL… it is because I’m not a kind of person who like to make resolutions and force myself to achieve it. Call me lame, whatever, I don’t care, I just want to live my life and that’s the way I enjoy my life; which is going with the flow.

I wrote a song once,
Sometimes you should listen to your heart
Sometimes you should just follow the flow
Sometimes you should deal with your thought
Sometimes you should just enjoy the glow

Well, I don’t know but that fits myself best. Don’t get me wrong, though I prefer to going with the flow instead of follow the schedule or resolution I made, I still have purpose. Yes, that’s what you should have, PURPOSE, a big shot.

2013 is the year when I reached 27 years old. Since I met my first boyfriend, I said “Don’t ask me to marry you until I reach 27”. Three guys asked me and I said three NOs, my fourth boyfriend didn’t ask me anything, so it didn’t count. And my fifth boyfriend asked me to marry him this January and I said yes.  I don’t know whether it is a coincident or what but I believe that once you have set your mind into something then you will achieve it one way or another; that’s natural law.

I don’t bother to make a list because I’m no good at it; besides have you watched A Bucket List? It just gave me a chill like I’m going to die tomorrow if I make such a list though as a Muslim, I’ve been taught to live to the fullest like I’m going to die tomorrow, but still no list.

So, I’ve achieved one of my purposes I made for life; get married and what’s next? Another big purpose I made since I was young is I publish my own book. Well, I’m working on it and I have finished one novel and like ten more ideas of novel hovering in my head but I think I need to collect my confidence first before I send the novel to a publisher. So, wish me luck.

Meanwhile, let’s start counting down to say goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014. May this new year will bring you cherish of life.


Goodreads: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Call me weird? I don’t care. Call me nerd? I’m actually the one. So, that’s why I found The Maze Runner is fascinating; it’s like a giant unsolved puzzle but we all know that unsolved puzzle doesn’t exist. Though if the puzzle is designed of being unsolved, then just like in video game there is always ‘cheat’ to use as long as you want to think in “Outside the Box” way. That is the point of The Maze Runner that I can sum.

A bunch of genius kids trapped in a giant maze and forced to look for the way out. For Hunger Games fans this book must be the best choice to fulfill their hunger after the trilogy has ended; the different is if Hunger Games are designed for the sake of entertainment, The Maze is designed for the sake of humanity.

I started reading the book after I got a recommendation from a friend and then from Good Reads and I found this book intriguing and at the same time fascinating. I’m not going to talk about the plot or the story because you can read it yourself if you are really interested but I’m going to talk about the ending of the book. Gosh, I finished reading it last night and then I have to make a difficult decision, whether I chose continue to read or got some sleep because I have to wake up early in the morning; fortunately my common sense won, I chose to sleep and start reading the books this morning.

Creators, who are there? Creators here are those who put them on the maze and then decided to kill them one by one until they find the best among them and they did that for the sake of humanity. I cannot get the idea at all but the words that Teresa wrote on his arm before she lost his memory was “WICKED is good” and it successfully divides my opinion. That’s why I need to continue reading the second book of The Maze Runner trilogy, The Scorch Trial like RIGHT NOW, this review can wait.

See ya…