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Broken Hart (The Hart Family, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, I'm currently reading Stephen King's as the part of challenge I create for myself. But I'm not a kind of person who could stuck only in one genre when it comes to reading, especially horror, that is why Ella Fox's Broken Hart is like a fresh variation for my reading habbit.

This book is HOT. That's obvious Dante and Sabrina are just stunning for each others. Gosh, Ella Fox really knows how to write hot stuff.

This book is really recommended for you who love fast and fascinating book to read, not to mention sexy and lovely at the same time. Belive it or not I've read Broken Hart and Shattered Hart in the same day. LOL... yes, that is as crazy as that of me when it comes to reading.

Gonna back to read Stephen King's Salem's Lot before continue reading Ella's third book, Loving Hart.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I'm a bit familiar with Ella Fox's writing style; which is using two main characters of the book as the first person point of view to tell the story. It is the different from the first book, when she used Sabrina as the first person to tell the story, in Shattered Hart, she used Damien and Brook at the same time. This kind of writing style is a bit tricky; when one event is described in two different ways based on two characters' point of view, the writer should be really careful in describing it while focusing to detail is prominent matter. There are some lacks in this book but never mind the story is still enjoyable.

Shattered Hart; the second book of The Hart Family series. It is also the plus point of the series because each character in the book is prominent. Each of them has their own story and their own characters though surely, this series is not a kind of book where I could write critical stuff since this book is written for 'fun reading' reason.

So, don't push yourself too hard when it comes to romantic novel. Reading the book and having some fun.



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