Goodreads: Carrie by Stephen King (first published 1974)

CarrieCarrie by Stephen King
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I saw a picture of some celebrities wearing bloody prom gown to Halloween. I never understand that, while you have the real terrifying Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, why you should dressed in prom gown to Halloween. Well, after I read Carrie, now I understand why.

The whole impression of the book that I got is, IRONIC. Yes, it is ironic though in the beginning, we know that there is something wrong with Carrie because of her religious-maniac mother, and because of that her peers saw her as different kind and that’s why they bully her. The setting of time is from the late of 1970s and bullying already existed even at that time. So, even back then, high school is still the same, not change much. Moreover, with her telekinetic ability, which has effect like local earthquake that caused some stuffs falls or bulbs explode every time she get upset or under pressure, make impression that bad luck always follows her, when the fact is, Carrie even didn’t realize that she caused all the mess. In the middle of the book we know that she is getting better and better and the fact that there some people around her who are actually care about her, shows that if everything is going right, Carrie finally could fit in and be a better person. Sue finally realized how bad she and her friends have treated Carrie even Miss Desjardin dares to face trouble by confronting Chris Hargensen for Carrie’s sake, but just because of one horrible thing done by someone who didn’t even know Carrie, Biily who did that only to impress Chris so he could take her to his bed, everything became a disaster, a horrifying disaster. Carrie thought the Prom Night has been set up to humiliate her when the fact is, no one on the gym knows about the pig blood and because of that all people in Chamberlain should face their own hell. That’s why I call it as ironic.

The unique thing about the book is the plot. You don’t need to turn the last page to know how the story ended but it doesn’t mean that you just could put the book down. I entered Prom Night chapter last night and since then I couldn’t stop reading and finished it around 2 AM. You know that Tommy Ross will dead, but how? That kept me stuck my nose to book, or you know that the Prom Night will be a disaster, but how big disaster a Carrie could cause with her TK ability, to find out that, surely you need to read the book, that is why I said the plot is unique. Some writers will hide how the book will be ended but not Stephen King in his Carrie. Besides, Stephen King is using some articles, books and researches to make the story seems really genuine and you will believe that there is such TK ability exists in the world because some people have done researches and find some proofs.  Just, simply genius for a book published on 1974.


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