Challenge Myself: Reading All Stephen King's Novels

You know what, living in the middle of nowhere will give you a lot of choices of challenge.

For you who are living in the big city, what are you doing to spend time? Well, perhaps you don’t even have time to spend. So when you have time, you will prefer to spend it with your family or hang out with friends; in other words you prefer to spend your spare time having fun and relax like watching movie, getting drunk in a pub, crashing to a party and such thing like that.

How about me?

As I said, I’m living in the middle of nowhere. I almost believe that Gandalf is living not far from where I’m living now and every morning I could hear the pack of werewolves chase away some vampires while sometimes I saw something big flying above my house looks like a Pegasus.

So, no party, no cinema or pub but I have a lot of time to spend. That’s why like I said, living in the middle of nowhere giving you a lot of choices to challenge yourself. And right now I’m about to challenge myself.

Last week, I got complete list of all Stephen King’s novel. My first Stephen King’s novel is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon that I read when I was still in high school and then Pet Sematary which I read after I watched the movie. I could say that I’m a not big fan of Stephen King, well perhaps not yet a fan. That’s why I challenge myself to read all Stephen King’s novels like at least one novel a week and I will do the review once I finish reading each novel.

Let’s start the challenge by reading Carrie.

According to the tagline of the book, Carry is a novel of a girl with a frightening power. Well, let’s found out how frightening the power of Carry White is.



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