Goodreads: Ella Fox - The Hart Family Series

Broken Hart (The Hart Family, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, I'm currently reading Stephen King's as the part of challenge I create for myself. But I'm not a kind of person who could stuck only in one genre when it comes to reading, especially horror, that is why Ella Fox's Broken Hart is like a fresh variation for my reading habbit.

This book is HOT. That's obvious Dante and Sabrina are just stunning for each others. Gosh, Ella Fox really knows how to write hot stuff.

This book is really recommended for you who love fast and fascinating book to read, not to mention sexy and lovely at the same time. Belive it or not I've read Broken Hart and Shattered Hart in the same day. LOL... yes, that is as crazy as that of me when it comes to reading.

Gonna back to read Stephen King's Salem's Lot before continue reading Ella's third book, Loving Hart.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I'm a bit familiar with Ella Fox's writing style; which is using two main characters of the book as the first person point of view to tell the story. It is the different from the first book, when she used Sabrina as the first person to tell the story, in Shattered Hart, she used Damien and Brook at the same time. This kind of writing style is a bit tricky; when one event is described in two different ways based on two characters' point of view, the writer should be really careful in describing it while focusing to detail is prominent matter. There are some lacks in this book but never mind the story is still enjoyable.

Shattered Hart; the second book of The Hart Family series. It is also the plus point of the series because each character in the book is prominent. Each of them has their own story and their own characters though surely, this series is not a kind of book where I could write critical stuff since this book is written for 'fun reading' reason.

So, don't push yourself too hard when it comes to romantic novel. Reading the book and having some fun.


Goodreads: Jerusalem's Lot

Jerusalem's LotJerusalem's Lot by Stephen King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the real horror story; thought it is short. I remember when I was a kid listening to my father telling about ghost stories. For the matter of fact, I’ve been living in the small town, practically my whole life, even when I finished college, I came back to the same old town. There are a lot of urban legends and ghost stories here that I still believe they are really exist until now. No jokes.  And reading Jerusalem’s Lot just reminds me how horror story could be really fascinating and scary at the same time.

What do you do if you know there is a ghost town not far from where you’re currently living? Some of you might be thinking that it is better to flee as far as possible but it is not possible for those who have been living in that town their whole lives, the only thing they could do is learning to accept the fact and ignoring anything that should be ignored.  Blood calls to Blood. It is actually a common knowledge that no matter how far you go, you will come back to the place where you came from.

I’m moving on now to start reading Salem’s Lot.


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Goodreads: Carrie by Stephen King (first published 1974)

CarrieCarrie by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I saw a picture of some celebrities wearing bloody prom gown to Halloween. I never understand that, while you have the real terrifying Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, why you should dressed in prom gown to Halloween. Well, after I read Carrie, now I understand why.

The whole impression of the book that I got is, IRONIC. Yes, it is ironic though in the beginning, we know that there is something wrong with Carrie because of her religious-maniac mother, and because of that her peers saw her as different kind and that’s why they bully her. The setting of time is from the late of 1970s and bullying already existed even at that time. So, even back then, high school is still the same, not change much. Moreover, with her telekinetic ability, which has effect like local earthquake that caused some stuffs falls or bulbs explode every time she get upset or under pressure, make impression that bad luck always follows her, when the fact is, Carrie even didn’t realize that she caused all the mess. In the middle of the book we know that she is getting better and better and the fact that there some people around her who are actually care about her, shows that if everything is going right, Carrie finally could fit in and be a better person. Sue finally realized how bad she and her friends have treated Carrie even Miss Desjardin dares to face trouble by confronting Chris Hargensen for Carrie’s sake, but just because of one horrible thing done by someone who didn’t even know Carrie, Biily who did that only to impress Chris so he could take her to his bed, everything became a disaster, a horrifying disaster. Carrie thought the Prom Night has been set up to humiliate her when the fact is, no one on the gym knows about the pig blood and because of that all people in Chamberlain should face their own hell. That’s why I call it as ironic.

The unique thing about the book is the plot. You don’t need to turn the last page to know how the story ended but it doesn’t mean that you just could put the book down. I entered Prom Night chapter last night and since then I couldn’t stop reading and finished it around 2 AM. You know that Tommy Ross will dead, but how? That kept me stuck my nose to book, or you know that the Prom Night will be a disaster, but how big disaster a Carrie could cause with her TK ability, to find out that, surely you need to read the book, that is why I said the plot is unique. Some writers will hide how the book will be ended but not Stephen King in his Carrie. Besides, Stephen King is using some articles, books and researches to make the story seems really genuine and you will believe that there is such TK ability exists in the world because some people have done researches and find some proofs.  Just, simply genius for a book published on 1974.


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Goodreads: The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies, #4)The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adventure; YES, that is exactly what I'm looking for now which I only obviously found through books, and The Lorien Legacies is just one of the books on my MUST READ SERIES list.

I could say that I'm not a big fans of science fiction, not to mention there are a lot of books about supernatural and magical worlds being published recently, science fiction is not on my top list but Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore is the exception.

This series is just getting better and better. The Legacies are just like some kinds of elite soldiers from different planet (which means literally in the book). But the best part of this book is the characters.

Now we could sure that Four is totally a leader, he is like a backbone of the group but without big head type of leader, even he is not sure whether he could lead his friends or not, powerful and humble at the same time.

While Nine is a strategist, I really like the chapter where he trained with Eight and Marina (Seven), he seems really know what best for the battle and totally well trained, with his wicked humor and moody personality, Nine is just like a time bomb that could explode anytime but with Four on his side, he will be alright, besides he could easily get along with Ella while the others don't have any idea what to do with that little girl.

Six, gosh, this girl is just the hottest girl from the group, not to mention being well-trained and battle-experienced, but at the same time, she is also the lonelinest person among them.

Marina (Seven) and Eight. Among them, Seven and Eight could be considered new in the battle but not someone could be underestimated either. That is why they have Nine to train them while Four busy to lead them. Marina's power is the opposite of Four, Six or Nine which fast and deadly. Marina's main power like healing, ability to see in the dark and breath underwater is not fast and deadly but useful and irreplacable, something that even Four, Six and Nine would depend on. Eight's main ability is teleportation which is really usefull for battle, but he is not as well-trained as Four or Nine or Six that's why his death in the book is a big lost; especially for Marina, which is ironic because she has healing power but she is the one who should witness his death. However, the death of Eight also save Four, Sarah and Sam's lives because the scar finally woke Four up from his nightmare where he saw Setrakus Ra defeated them with the help of Ella.

Ella which we earlier considered to be the tenth legacy is the youngest from them all. Though in the book we found that initially she is not meant to be transported to earth but I'm sure she is the key of the whole series which is not mentioned much in The Fall of Five but as the climax she is kidnapped by Setrakus Ra, and also there is Four's weird dream about her.

Now, here comes the Five. Well, that is what I like and I don't like about good book. Good book will resemble reality very much and in reality there is no such a perfect world and The Fall of Five is one of the example of imperfection of world. We have been waiting for Five to appear, we expected too much from him but in the end he disappointed all of us.


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Addicted to Arctic Monkeys' Why'd You Only Called Me When You're High

I feel lonely now...

Why? Because it seems like I'm the only fans of Arctic Monkeys in the 200 km radius. Yeah... of course if you are living surrounded by tropical forest and oil palm plantation.

However, thanks a lot to Internet technology where I could enjoy free music without the need to do the crime and recently I got really addicted to one of Arctic Monkeys' song Why'd You Only Called Me When You're High.

Gosh, they are just getting better and better. Here I share the song for you guys to enjoy...

or lets sing together... the lyric is simple and somehow funny but the music is just brilliant, as always.


Challenge Myself: Reading All Stephen King's Novels

You know what, living in the middle of nowhere will give you a lot of choices of challenge.

For you who are living in the big city, what are you doing to spend time? Well, perhaps you don’t even have time to spend. So when you have time, you will prefer to spend it with your family or hang out with friends; in other words you prefer to spend your spare time having fun and relax like watching movie, getting drunk in a pub, crashing to a party and such thing like that.

How about me?

As I said, I’m living in the middle of nowhere. I almost believe that Gandalf is living not far from where I’m living now and every morning I could hear the pack of werewolves chase away some vampires while sometimes I saw something big flying above my house looks like a Pegasus.

So, no party, no cinema or pub but I have a lot of time to spend. That’s why like I said, living in the middle of nowhere giving you a lot of choices to challenge yourself. And right now I’m about to challenge myself.

Last week, I got complete list of all Stephen King’s novel. My first Stephen King’s novel is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon that I read when I was still in high school and then Pet Sematary which I read after I watched the movie. I could say that I’m a not big fan of Stephen King, well perhaps not yet a fan. That’s why I challenge myself to read all Stephen King’s novels like at least one novel a week and I will do the review once I finish reading each novel.

Let’s start the challenge by reading Carrie.

According to the tagline of the book, Carry is a novel of a girl with a frightening power. Well, let’s found out how frightening the power of Carry White is.


Recommended Book: The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Weekend again… !!!! Well… I mean almost weekend again. I’m getting used to posting on weekend, so it is just weird when I write something not on the weekend.

Last week I’ve finished reading The House of Hades which gave me a little idea in my head to build time machine so I could jump to the future and read The Blood of Olympus or somehow I could find Daedalus’ Labyrinth and enter the maze of time until I reach future. I’ll take which one comes first and in the meantime I’m reading The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl  to spend times and it turned into worth spending and at the same time also interesting.

Initially, I thought Beautiful Creatures is a single novel and I kept thinking that way until I reach the last page. You know what, at that time I felt like wanna jump from the window because once I read the book is almost impossible for me to stop and that time I didn’t wanna stop but I didn’t have the book to continue reading. So, I watched Pacific Rim and hated the movie just because of the facial expression of the girl, yeah blame the girl or I was just having a bad mood.


Well, I’m currently reading the second series of Caster Chronicles, Beautiful Darkness now so I don’t have a lot of thing to talk yet about the whole series but at least I could calm down a bit.

As I said, this book is interesting. Yes, Beautiful Creatures is the first book of the series but my tips is before you read the book is better for you to read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird first and then you will find more pleasure than if you read the book without reading the Harper Lee’s.

Why? Simple example, in the book Ethan Wate kept talking about how Macon Ravenwood appeared to be like Boo Radley and then he changed his mind that he is wrong, Mr. Ravenwood is nothing alike Boo Radley but much more like Atticus Finch when it comes to the style. Moreover, Mr. Ravenwood named his dog as Boo Radley. If you don’t read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird you would never know what is the different of Boo Radley and Atticus Finch and how their characters are.

Another example, if you have read Beautiful Creatures you will find that Gatlin is almost the same like Maycomb in To Kill A Mockingbird from the people up to the city landscape but of course in the different generation and era but still whoever successfully adapt the writing style of Harper Lee is supposed to be someone who has extraordinary stock of ingredient called ‘patience’. I’m totally impressed by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s detail explanations. I could projection how the look of Ethan Wate’s house or Ravenwood’s manor or even the kitchen where Amma always cooks breakfast for Ethan.

I totally envy them. I called myself a writer but ‘patience’ is not in my dictionary  - yet -  (perhaps because my half-blood stuff, not to mention as Apollo’s daughter and those ADHD symptoms) but still I have to master this ‘patience science’, no matter what it takes.

Anyway, speaking about mastering ‘patience science’, I think I will start it now by learning to wait patiently until The Blood of Olympus published next year besides there are millions of worth reading books out there and also some worth stories for me to write to spend time.

Happy almost weekend…!!!