The House of Hades Sneak Peek : Leo Valdez

Raining here and I stuck in my office cannot go home. So, here I am writing something though the fact is I cannot concentrate on anything because I have unfinished The House of Hades to read but unfortunately I left the book in my cozy room.

Well, another sneak peak from The House of Hades is not a crime I guess. It is your choice whether you want to read this post or not.

Do you remember Calypso? No no, don’t ever think about Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean. What I’m talking about right now is Calypso; the daughter of Atlas. Yes, the one who was cursed to never leave Ogygia Island. Actually, it’s kind of ironic you know and I feel pity about her. Since I was born, I’ve been thought to always respect and follow what your parents’ said or asked and the irony is Calypso was cursed by the Olympians because she supported her father, Atlas, on the war. Unfortunately, the war won by the Olympians and all Titan are punished or cursed. Well, Calypso is just unlucky because her father is Atlas.

Calypso is not only cursed so she cannot leave Ogygia but also cursed so she will fall in love with every hero who somehow drifted to her island’s shore but in the end the hero would leave her. One of the heroes who ever landed in Ogygia is Percy Jackson. Yes, though surely, who doesn’t fall in love with Percy Jackson? But yeah, no one would ever defeat Annabeth Chase in every way, she is good and well trained with sword and like it is not enough, her brain is also as sharp as her sword, even the beautiful three hundred years old Goddess like Calypso cannot compete Annabeth; the daughter of Athena.

I never think about her before until I read The House of Hades. Last night I just stumbled to the chapter when Leo Valdez is drifted to Ogygia. The son of Hephaestus landed in Ogygia? Sounds like something that would never happen but since then I cannot stop smiling. I always like Leo, he is like the cool kid with super acute ADHD. He seems never stay still, his hand always works on something, creates something or if he doesn't work or create something, he thinks like he works and creates something. He always has a big crush on Hazel but that girl has Frank Zhang in her side, though according to Leo he is worth like two or three Frank, still Hazel chose Frank instead of him. And this time, his trip to Ogygia just changed everything.

Do you want to know what has been changed?

Well, I want to know too but right now I’m stuck in my office with no idea how to go home. Gosh… why I didn’t bring the book to the office with me today???



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