The House of Hades Sneak Peek: Hazel Levesque

Remember the last time I posted review of The Mark of Athena? Gosh, I just can’t believe that was a year ago, really, time flies very very fast recently, perhaps it’s because world is getting older and earth starts feeling tired of its rotation and the best way to end it is by rotating faster and faster.  

Well, never mind about how old our earth is because I have something in my hand that will help me forgetting how fast this world will end; it is the House of Hades.

If you afraid where you will go after this world end, whether you will go to hell or heaven, well Percy and Annabeth have faced their own hell even before the end of the world; a hell called Tartarus, the place where Titan are thrown and sliced into pieces by his own son, the mighty Zeus.  If you have read The Mark of Athena you must know how finally Percy and Annabeth are ended in Tartarus. Do you think it is really Leo Valdez’s fault? I don’t think so. Leo might have cracked the fortune cookie given by Nemesis and as the Goddess said, there will be the price for that. And according to Leo, losing the team backbone and brain a.k.a Percy and Annabeth is the price he should pay. Well, perhaps it is really the price he should pay but once again, do you think it is Leo Valdez’s fault?

Hazel Lévesque is right. It is not Leo’s fault; it is Gaea’s fault. The Earth Mother has set the date of August 1st to rise because August 1st is the day of hope. Well, I think this Goddess of earth is such a drama queen, she really expects a dramatic entrance by choosing the day of hope to destroy this world. Let me tell you something, drama queen would never live long. That’s why, there is “Long Live the Queen” but nothing like “Long Live the Drama Queen”. Yeah, perhaps I am a bit disorientated here but seriously I don’t really care, I just hate Gaea and all drama queens perhaps, while her is a, well Gaea and at the same time is also a drama queen, it just makes me hate her more.

I haven’t finished reading the House of Hades because the book just arrived yesterday, so this post is not going like a review but much more like a teaser or a sneak peak.

What do you think about Hazel Lévesque?

Unlike her half-different generation-brother  Nico Di Angelo, Hazel is nothing look likes Nico. According to Leo, as the daughter of God of Underworld, Hades, (World’s Worst Absent Father according to Hazel), Hazel is too cute, well aside from when she rides Arion and her ability to summon nugget gold from ground, Hazel is just like a normal girl from remote area because she comes from different generation, not to mention has died once back in 1942, so she is a bit old-fashioned. While Nico, according to Leo is creepy, well I disagree with Leo, because perhaps Nico looks creepy but a guy could summon a thousand dead armies from thin air is supposed to be considered as cool and totally eligible for a date. Yeah, don’t mind about my opinion by the way. So, Nico might be creepy but Hazel is not because Hazel is unlike Nico who resembles his father, Hazel is much more like her mother, or perhaps better (as said by Hecate, The Goddess of Mist). One thing we all know about Hazel’s mother is she was well known as a witch and she could do magic. 

In Greek Mythology, nothing like magic is ever mentioned because if you have read The Son of Sobek, where Percy Jackson and Carter Kane met, Percy doesn’t have any idea that what Carter Kane does is ancient magic. So, what do you think about this ‘magic business’ run by Hazel’s mother? 

Do you think Hazel Lévesque really could do magic?

Well, there is only one way to answer that question; let’s follow the adventure of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase in Tartarus and keep the track of the rest of the team in Leo Valdez’s ship Agro II in The House of Hades. 

Happy Reading


Next Post: I really really want to write about Leo Valdez; this guy is just simply funny.


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