What's Wrong with Amanda Bynes?

Okay… my first question today is “What’s wrong with Amanda Bynes?”

Do you know that I’m her big fans since The Big Fat Liar? The cute Bynes got adventure with Frankie Muniz in Los Angeles, who can resist watching that movie? Well, I could say that since then I watch all of her movies and my favorite is She’s the Man, me and my friend used to watch the movie and shout all the dialogue, especially when Sebastian Hasting personated by Viola Hasting dump Monique in Cessario, furthermore even What A Girl Wants inspired me to give my blog title as What A Nerd Wants.

I’ve been hearing about her ugly list in Twitter and her TwitWar with Rihanna but since I didn’t follow her twitter so I’m not sure what exactly is happening until news about she got kicked from Ritz Carlton after smoking weed and insulted the hotel staff were everywhere.  

I don’t understand people. I don’t know how people could mess up with their own thought when everything they got and need is all in their head. I feel a bit sad with Bynes, well it is true that she’s not my friend, my sister or anyone I know but I watched all of her movies and have been following her career since she was just a kid. I watch Big Fat Liar and the last is Easy A in 2010 before she said that she does not love acting anymore, so she has stopped doing it.

What do you feel when the nice person you know suddenly act weird? It is perhaps the best thing to describe the feeling of Bynes’ neighbor in New York after sometimes she moved in. Who don’t think that way if Bynes several times walking in her building lobby at 2 a.m in the morning just to laugh hysterically for four minutes or let her apartment’s door always open and change all the light bulb with red bulb, as stated by Gawker.com, like a parlor room in hell?

Call her acting weird, she also inserted microdermal anchor into both her cheeks and twit about her nose being broken and need plastic surgery immediately. Not to mention all of the legal problems that frequently occurs since 2012 until now like talking on cell phone while driving, driving under influence, hit and run accidents that caused her license being suspended and seems it is still not enough, she also charged for driving using suspended license.

So, seriously What Is Wrong with Amanda Bynes? God, wish she get well soon from whatever mental breakdown she’s suffering now.



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