Read and Don’t Watch: Hades and Sons

Speaking of Greek Mythology since Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson, I don’t know where you could learn about the mythology better than reading his book. Well, I know the stories are fiction but still some points are written based on the mythology which twisted in amusing way; like Apollo is actually a hot God and Dionysus is the most obnoxious God.

Never mind, because right now I’m not going to talk about Apollo or Dionysus but Hades; not actually Hades but some characters inspired by him. You know, I love reading Percy Jackson but I hate watching the movie. If you know about Greek Mythology and then you must have known that Persephone is kidnapped by Hades to underworld. In my imagination, Persephone will look like a slender beauty of princess in the gloomy place like underworld; at least she will wear silk yellow dress with wild flowers in her shiny sand blond hair and bracelets with real leaves in one of her hand; though bracelet here is not really necessary but, hey, I can’t blame what my imagination wants. So, you know, Persephone will look like the gentle part of Hades because Hades’ character described to be wicked and cruel at the same time; we cannot blame him either, he run the gloomiest place you could find in Greek Mythology, except Tartarus perhaps; but still it needs hard work to stay in that kind of place. I don’t even be able to stay longer than one hour in hospital or cemetery but he’s not only stay but manage that place as well. However, the movie has ruined everything, Persephone was defined to be a woman who likes to yell and worse, she dresses in black. That’s not right; that’s why I told my friend who said she prefers watching the movie than reading is a bad decision because you better read the book and don’t watch the movie if possible because by reading you could let your imagination takes control; you could see whatever you want in your imagination, that’s why we have brain, so use it.

So, aside from that, the Hades’ character itself is very interesting. Compared to his mighty brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, he is the unluckiest one but I think the coolest one though I think Apollo still the hottest one. Okay, perhaps Hades has his own characters you could read in any Greek Mythology books you could find in National Library, that’s why now I prefer to talk about Hades’ offspring. In Rick Riordan’s series, we have Nico di Angelo. Gosh, I like this kid, if Percy Jackson is the worst version of ADHD and then Nico is the coolest version of ADHD; though I’m not sure any people with ADHD could be considered to be cool because of their hyperactive behavior, but never mind. He is alone in the world after his sister died; though later he has Hazel as his half-sister but still he is alone, young, stubborn and the son of the God of the Underworld. Any girls will line up to date with him. And it seems not enough, he could summon the dead army as easy as you press enter in your Blackberry to send BBM. And again, my imagination takes control, in my imagination is he will always wear black; like black jeans, black T-shirt and black boot, typical outfit you could see in The Mortal Instruments worn by the Shadowhunters, but Nico will look much way cooler than Jace Wayland. Furthermore, Nico should be dark hair.

Another cool character similar to Nico di Angelo is John Hayden from Abandon Trilogy of Meg Cabot; though in the series, John Hayden is somehow be there because he did something bad before in his life and punished to live eternally in underworld and handle Hades’ job and also follow Hades’ step; it is kidnapping a girl, Pierce Oliviera, who he has been in love with to underworld and ask her to stay with him. Nothing more romantic than that, isn’t it?

Well, I know, nothing is going to happen in my real life right now, there is no Nico di Angelo and John Hayden but it doesn’t matter because whenever I want to hear about them, I just need to read about them and the next thing I know, my imagination will take control.

Remember, read and don’t watch or movie will ruin everything.



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