JDEdwards; The Jack D You Couldn't Drink but Could Make You Drunk

I consider my habit to write and post something in my blog on weekend as a bad habit. As a blogger I should write at least daily but since I got JDE training this week so yeah I don’t have time to make some stuffs to post in my blog though still it sounds like an excuse.

As I mentioned earlier in one of my posts that as English Language and Literature student JDE system sounds like a disease I never heard before. What is JDE anyway? No class at university that thought me about this system. Some of my university friends might think that JDE which stands from Jack Dan Edward is a kind of new version of Jack Daniels, something that you can drink and get drunk.

Haha… I really wish that JDE is the same but JDE is not the same; it is something that you cannot drink but definitely could make you get drunk.

Well, I think it is interesting to start posting about what I have learnt from the JDE training but until now I still got confused with how the system works. However, I will try my best to start relearning about materials that I have learnt from the two days training.

When talking about something, I prefer to start the story from the history or past instead of from the present. So before I share what I’ve learnt from the training perhaps it is also important to know about the history. I've been considering to use something like 'Once upon a time in a far far away as Denver, Colorado' to start the story but I think it is too fairytale and JDE is not a fairytale.

For you who doesn’t know yet about JDE or JDEdwards; JDEdwards is a software. Initially, the company was found in Denver on March 1977 by Jack Thompson, Chuck Hintze, Dan Gregory and Ed McVaney. However, then in 2003 the company bought by PeopleSoft and then in 2005 PeopleSoft bought by Oracle Corporation. So, that is why now, JDE is also well known as the Oracle’s little bro.

From I’ve learnt in as short as two days JDE training, JDE system is a kind of solution a company should have because it provides comprehensive solutions in low cost, while all activities are integrated into one system from management, finance, branch departments up to branch companies in different places even country; all are integrated into one system. Furthermore, all processes required in each activity are also able to be carried out in the system, from proposing up to approval process; in other words all process from the beginning to end are carried out in one integrate networking system. It's amazing, isn't it?



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