Change Domain Could Affect Your PageRank

Maintaining blog is not as easy as you think. Well, I used to think that I could write everything I want but in the end I will type something meaningless with a start but no end or with an end but I don’t know how to start it. And now I tried to write something meaningful with an end obviously.

Some weeks ago I just changed my free domain from into paid domain, and because of that my pagerank is going down. Well, it is actually something I didn’t know before that if you change a domain could affect your current pagerank.

That is why there are some things you should consider before you decided to change your domain:

  • I feel a bit regret about losing my PR 1 blog but I decided not to mind about it because there is always a possibility for a blog with new domain to get back to the normal PR once Google have updated all posts in its database. It is because new domain will be considered as new domain by Google.
  • However, for you who have high page rank and decided to buy a new domain, please consider it really carefully. Though it is true that having a domain for yourself could increase the prestige of your blog but sometimes stay with the free hosting you have and sub domain like blogspot, wordpress and etc is not a sin at all and totally recommended because it is very possible for a pagerank to go down once you change your domain, unless you have someone professional to assist you. Yes, it is possible for you to move your free domain to the new paid domain without affecting your pagerank; it is by using frame system and direct url. I have no idea what it is; that is why I suggest you to find someone professional to assist you.
  • Moreover, it is true that having domain for yourself is not only increasing the prestige but also able to gain trust from advertisers; especially for you who use your blog for paid review. 

Well, I think in the end it doesn’t matter for me to lose my pagerank, though it is totally regrettable because it will motivate me to keep writing high quality content and updating my blog frequently. It is not only good for my blog but also good for my writing ability.

I feel generous today so I think I will share my writing tips:
Writing tips:
1. Keep writing.
2. Keep point number 1 in your head.



Anonymous said...
May 20, 2013 at 6:26 PM

oo cewek,,, bende ape ni t???? kelapak e? (Aris Ganteng)

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