Travelling escape: I'm thinking about Jogja

April is about to end and the last time I wrote in this blog was in January. Well, I think it is the time to post something.

What do you think about travelling?

I always dream to post something like:

“Gosh, Copenhagen is freezing this day and I forgot my coat”

Or something like:

“Not everyday sun is shining this bright in Oxford”

Well, right now the only think I could write is only something like:

“Fog is thick in Borneo land this morning; I barely could see the layers of mountain from my office window”

Some of you might be wondering, what’s wrong with that? There must be a lot of people out there who might feel jealous because I live far from traffic jam and I could breathe freely with fresh air every day.

However, the big problem I face now is: BOREDOM.

That’s why I desperately need something new and travelling sounds great to me this time and I am thinking about Yogyakarta right now.

How about you?



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