How to Remove LinkWithin from Blogger

How to remove LinkWithin from my blogger?

It is true that LinkWithin could be useful in helping you showing more of your post. However, I don’t know, since I use LinkWithin in my blog is hardly for me to get job from Sponsored Review, perhaps because LinkWithin will provide additional link in your post which none of advertise will like that. So, I decided to remove it, so I googled to find a way to remove LinkWithin from my blog.

There are a lot of suggestions like:

“Expand your widget template and find var linkwithin_site_id = xxxxxx in your css and bla bla bla”


“Find #lws_0 { and order your css to display: none”

Which I don’t understand at all.

Actually, the only think I’ve done to remove LinkWithin from my blog is:
- Login to my blog
- Choose Layout
- Remove the gadget I’ve used for LinkWithin HTML
- Save arrangement
And it’s gone, completely.


Travelling escape: I'm thinking about Jogja

April is about to end and the last time I wrote in this blog was in January. Well, I think it is the time to post something.

What do you think about travelling?

I always dream to post something like:

“Gosh, Copenhagen is freezing this day and I forgot my coat”

Or something like:

“Not everyday sun is shining this bright in Oxford”

Well, right now the only think I could write is only something like:

“Fog is thick in Borneo land this morning; I barely could see the layers of mountain from my office window”

Some of you might be wondering, what’s wrong with that? There must be a lot of people out there who might feel jealous because I live far from traffic jam and I could breathe freely with fresh air every day.

However, the big problem I face now is: BOREDOM.

That’s why I desperately need something new and travelling sounds great to me this time and I am thinking about Yogyakarta right now.

How about you?