Poem: Travelling to the Past

Yeah, after the long time I didn't post anything to this blog. Today, I wrote one post and now I'm writing a second post.

Actually, I remember I wrote a short poem but then I don't remember that I developed the poem into a lyric. That's the beauty of having a lot of things in your head, sometimes you just forget what you have written but then suddenly you're stumbled to it and found it interesting, like it's not you who wrote it but you know it is really you who wrote it.

Well, perhaps you call me weird. Whatever, I don't care, people call me worse than that. So, perhaps it's not a crime for me to post the lyric. After that, I will do some experiments with my guitar and turn it into a song. Besides, been a long time I didn't wrote any song.

Travelling to the Past

Look at you
And see what you’ve been through
Learn how to care
Or what you have shared

Look around me
Sour taste of ocean breeze
Fresh smell of the fallen leaves
And cold rain in the morning brief

Look around us
People complain of their yard grass
While others beg for chain
You fight for the higher class
And me still learn how to bear the pain

Live your life now
While you still can
Don’t bother begging for the last
Or you will just brag about the past

Traveling to the past…
Is either like happy seeing an old friend
And happy dragging him to his end
Traveling to the past…
Will bring you a good story to tell
And will give you the memory to expel
Traveling to the past…
Kind of dim to light on
Or film to burn on
Traveling to the past…
Likes the two-sided coin

Undivided until the last

I just thought that perhaps, this lyric fits with me the best. This year (2013) is about to end and we have to prepare ourself to welcome the new year, so no point at all for us to brag about the past because future is coming and waiting for us to welcome it.

And a New Year Eve Party to attend. Gosh... Percy Jackson just texted me to go with him, his father will throw a party since Annabeth is busy with her labyrinth project . Hmm... well, his father is Poseidon, Underwater New Year Eve Party sounds like a bad idea. Should I text back and say NO???!!!


Countdown Time! Say Hello to 2014...!!!

Countdown timeee…!!!!

2013 is almost end, do you have any resolutions you made early this year that you haven’t achieved yet?
For me, a lot… LOL… it is because I’m not a kind of person who like to make resolutions and force myself to achieve it. Call me lame, whatever, I don’t care, I just want to live my life and that’s the way I enjoy my life; which is going with the flow.

I wrote a song once,
Sometimes you should listen to your heart
Sometimes you should just follow the flow
Sometimes you should deal with your thought
Sometimes you should just enjoy the glow

Well, I don’t know but that fits myself best. Don’t get me wrong, though I prefer to going with the flow instead of follow the schedule or resolution I made, I still have purpose. Yes, that’s what you should have, PURPOSE, a big shot.

2013 is the year when I reached 27 years old. Since I met my first boyfriend, I said “Don’t ask me to marry you until I reach 27”. Three guys asked me and I said three NOs, my fourth boyfriend didn’t ask me anything, so it didn’t count. And my fifth boyfriend asked me to marry him this January and I said yes.  I don’t know whether it is a coincident or what but I believe that once you have set your mind into something then you will achieve it one way or another; that’s natural law.

I don’t bother to make a list because I’m no good at it; besides have you watched A Bucket List? It just gave me a chill like I’m going to die tomorrow if I make such a list though as a Muslim, I’ve been taught to live to the fullest like I’m going to die tomorrow, but still no list.

So, I’ve achieved one of my purposes I made for life; get married and what’s next? Another big purpose I made since I was young is I publish my own book. Well, I’m working on it and I have finished one novel and like ten more ideas of novel hovering in my head but I think I need to collect my confidence first before I send the novel to a publisher. So, wish me luck.

Meanwhile, let’s start counting down to say goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014. May this new year will bring you cherish of life.


Goodreads: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Call me weird? I don’t care. Call me nerd? I’m actually the one. So, that’s why I found The Maze Runner is fascinating; it’s like a giant unsolved puzzle but we all know that unsolved puzzle doesn’t exist. Though if the puzzle is designed of being unsolved, then just like in video game there is always ‘cheat’ to use as long as you want to think in “Outside the Box” way. That is the point of The Maze Runner that I can sum.

A bunch of genius kids trapped in a giant maze and forced to look for the way out. For Hunger Games fans this book must be the best choice to fulfill their hunger after the trilogy has ended; the different is if Hunger Games are designed for the sake of entertainment, The Maze is designed for the sake of humanity.

I started reading the book after I got a recommendation from a friend and then from Good Reads and I found this book intriguing and at the same time fascinating. I’m not going to talk about the plot or the story because you can read it yourself if you are really interested but I’m going to talk about the ending of the book. Gosh, I finished reading it last night and then I have to make a difficult decision, whether I chose continue to read or got some sleep because I have to wake up early in the morning; fortunately my common sense won, I chose to sleep and start reading the books this morning.

Creators, who are there? Creators here are those who put them on the maze and then decided to kill them one by one until they find the best among them and they did that for the sake of humanity. I cannot get the idea at all but the words that Teresa wrote on his arm before she lost his memory was “WICKED is good” and it successfully divides my opinion. That’s why I need to continue reading the second book of The Maze Runner trilogy, The Scorch Trial like RIGHT NOW, this review can wait.

See ya…


Goodreads: Ella Fox - The Hart Family Series

Broken Hart (The Hart Family, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, I'm currently reading Stephen King's as the part of challenge I create for myself. But I'm not a kind of person who could stuck only in one genre when it comes to reading, especially horror, that is why Ella Fox's Broken Hart is like a fresh variation for my reading habbit.

This book is HOT. That's obvious Dante and Sabrina are just stunning for each others. Gosh, Ella Fox really knows how to write hot stuff.

This book is really recommended for you who love fast and fascinating book to read, not to mention sexy and lovely at the same time. Belive it or not I've read Broken Hart and Shattered Hart in the same day. LOL... yes, that is as crazy as that of me when it comes to reading.

Gonna back to read Stephen King's Salem's Lot before continue reading Ella's third book, Loving Hart.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I'm a bit familiar with Ella Fox's writing style; which is using two main characters of the book as the first person point of view to tell the story. It is the different from the first book, when she used Sabrina as the first person to tell the story, in Shattered Hart, she used Damien and Brook at the same time. This kind of writing style is a bit tricky; when one event is described in two different ways based on two characters' point of view, the writer should be really careful in describing it while focusing to detail is prominent matter. There are some lacks in this book but never mind the story is still enjoyable.

Shattered Hart; the second book of The Hart Family series. It is also the plus point of the series because each character in the book is prominent. Each of them has their own story and their own characters though surely, this series is not a kind of book where I could write critical stuff since this book is written for 'fun reading' reason.

So, don't push yourself too hard when it comes to romantic novel. Reading the book and having some fun.


Goodreads: Jerusalem's Lot

Jerusalem's LotJerusalem's Lot by Stephen King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the real horror story; thought it is short. I remember when I was a kid listening to my father telling about ghost stories. For the matter of fact, I’ve been living in the small town, practically my whole life, even when I finished college, I came back to the same old town. There are a lot of urban legends and ghost stories here that I still believe they are really exist until now. No jokes.  And reading Jerusalem’s Lot just reminds me how horror story could be really fascinating and scary at the same time.

What do you do if you know there is a ghost town not far from where you’re currently living? Some of you might be thinking that it is better to flee as far as possible but it is not possible for those who have been living in that town their whole lives, the only thing they could do is learning to accept the fact and ignoring anything that should be ignored.  Blood calls to Blood. It is actually a common knowledge that no matter how far you go, you will come back to the place where you came from.

I’m moving on now to start reading Salem’s Lot.


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Goodreads: Carrie by Stephen King (first published 1974)

CarrieCarrie by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I saw a picture of some celebrities wearing bloody prom gown to Halloween. I never understand that, while you have the real terrifying Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, why you should dressed in prom gown to Halloween. Well, after I read Carrie, now I understand why.

The whole impression of the book that I got is, IRONIC. Yes, it is ironic though in the beginning, we know that there is something wrong with Carrie because of her religious-maniac mother, and because of that her peers saw her as different kind and that’s why they bully her. The setting of time is from the late of 1970s and bullying already existed even at that time. So, even back then, high school is still the same, not change much. Moreover, with her telekinetic ability, which has effect like local earthquake that caused some stuffs falls or bulbs explode every time she get upset or under pressure, make impression that bad luck always follows her, when the fact is, Carrie even didn’t realize that she caused all the mess. In the middle of the book we know that she is getting better and better and the fact that there some people around her who are actually care about her, shows that if everything is going right, Carrie finally could fit in and be a better person. Sue finally realized how bad she and her friends have treated Carrie even Miss Desjardin dares to face trouble by confronting Chris Hargensen for Carrie’s sake, but just because of one horrible thing done by someone who didn’t even know Carrie, Biily who did that only to impress Chris so he could take her to his bed, everything became a disaster, a horrifying disaster. Carrie thought the Prom Night has been set up to humiliate her when the fact is, no one on the gym knows about the pig blood and because of that all people in Chamberlain should face their own hell. That’s why I call it as ironic.

The unique thing about the book is the plot. You don’t need to turn the last page to know how the story ended but it doesn’t mean that you just could put the book down. I entered Prom Night chapter last night and since then I couldn’t stop reading and finished it around 2 AM. You know that Tommy Ross will dead, but how? That kept me stuck my nose to book, or you know that the Prom Night will be a disaster, but how big disaster a Carrie could cause with her TK ability, to find out that, surely you need to read the book, that is why I said the plot is unique. Some writers will hide how the book will be ended but not Stephen King in his Carrie. Besides, Stephen King is using some articles, books and researches to make the story seems really genuine and you will believe that there is such TK ability exists in the world because some people have done researches and find some proofs.  Just, simply genius for a book published on 1974.


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Goodreads: The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies, #4)The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adventure; YES, that is exactly what I'm looking for now which I only obviously found through books, and The Lorien Legacies is just one of the books on my MUST READ SERIES list.

I could say that I'm not a big fans of science fiction, not to mention there are a lot of books about supernatural and magical worlds being published recently, science fiction is not on my top list but Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore is the exception.

This series is just getting better and better. The Legacies are just like some kinds of elite soldiers from different planet (which means literally in the book). But the best part of this book is the characters.

Now we could sure that Four is totally a leader, he is like a backbone of the group but without big head type of leader, even he is not sure whether he could lead his friends or not, powerful and humble at the same time.

While Nine is a strategist, I really like the chapter where he trained with Eight and Marina (Seven), he seems really know what best for the battle and totally well trained, with his wicked humor and moody personality, Nine is just like a time bomb that could explode anytime but with Four on his side, he will be alright, besides he could easily get along with Ella while the others don't have any idea what to do with that little girl.

Six, gosh, this girl is just the hottest girl from the group, not to mention being well-trained and battle-experienced, but at the same time, she is also the lonelinest person among them.

Marina (Seven) and Eight. Among them, Seven and Eight could be considered new in the battle but not someone could be underestimated either. That is why they have Nine to train them while Four busy to lead them. Marina's power is the opposite of Four, Six or Nine which fast and deadly. Marina's main power like healing, ability to see in the dark and breath underwater is not fast and deadly but useful and irreplacable, something that even Four, Six and Nine would depend on. Eight's main ability is teleportation which is really usefull for battle, but he is not as well-trained as Four or Nine or Six that's why his death in the book is a big lost; especially for Marina, which is ironic because she has healing power but she is the one who should witness his death. However, the death of Eight also save Four, Sarah and Sam's lives because the scar finally woke Four up from his nightmare where he saw Setrakus Ra defeated them with the help of Ella.

Ella which we earlier considered to be the tenth legacy is the youngest from them all. Though in the book we found that initially she is not meant to be transported to earth but I'm sure she is the key of the whole series which is not mentioned much in The Fall of Five but as the climax she is kidnapped by Setrakus Ra, and also there is Four's weird dream about her.

Now, here comes the Five. Well, that is what I like and I don't like about good book. Good book will resemble reality very much and in reality there is no such a perfect world and The Fall of Five is one of the example of imperfection of world. We have been waiting for Five to appear, we expected too much from him but in the end he disappointed all of us.


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Addicted to Arctic Monkeys' Why'd You Only Called Me When You're High

I feel lonely now...

Why? Because it seems like I'm the only fans of Arctic Monkeys in the 200 km radius. Yeah... of course if you are living surrounded by tropical forest and oil palm plantation.

However, thanks a lot to Internet technology where I could enjoy free music without the need to do the crime and recently I got really addicted to one of Arctic Monkeys' song Why'd You Only Called Me When You're High.

Gosh, they are just getting better and better. Here I share the song for you guys to enjoy...

or lets sing together... the lyric is simple and somehow funny but the music is just brilliant, as always.


Challenge Myself: Reading All Stephen King's Novels

You know what, living in the middle of nowhere will give you a lot of choices of challenge.

For you who are living in the big city, what are you doing to spend time? Well, perhaps you don’t even have time to spend. So when you have time, you will prefer to spend it with your family or hang out with friends; in other words you prefer to spend your spare time having fun and relax like watching movie, getting drunk in a pub, crashing to a party and such thing like that.

How about me?

As I said, I’m living in the middle of nowhere. I almost believe that Gandalf is living not far from where I’m living now and every morning I could hear the pack of werewolves chase away some vampires while sometimes I saw something big flying above my house looks like a Pegasus.

So, no party, no cinema or pub but I have a lot of time to spend. That’s why like I said, living in the middle of nowhere giving you a lot of choices to challenge yourself. And right now I’m about to challenge myself.

Last week, I got complete list of all Stephen King’s novel. My first Stephen King’s novel is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon that I read when I was still in high school and then Pet Sematary which I read after I watched the movie. I could say that I’m a not big fan of Stephen King, well perhaps not yet a fan. That’s why I challenge myself to read all Stephen King’s novels like at least one novel a week and I will do the review once I finish reading each novel.

Let’s start the challenge by reading Carrie.

According to the tagline of the book, Carry is a novel of a girl with a frightening power. Well, let’s found out how frightening the power of Carry White is.


Recommended Book: The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Weekend again… !!!! Well… I mean almost weekend again. I’m getting used to posting on weekend, so it is just weird when I write something not on the weekend.

Last week I’ve finished reading The House of Hades which gave me a little idea in my head to build time machine so I could jump to the future and read The Blood of Olympus or somehow I could find Daedalus’ Labyrinth and enter the maze of time until I reach future. I’ll take which one comes first and in the meantime I’m reading The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl  to spend times and it turned into worth spending and at the same time also interesting.

Initially, I thought Beautiful Creatures is a single novel and I kept thinking that way until I reach the last page. You know what, at that time I felt like wanna jump from the window because once I read the book is almost impossible for me to stop and that time I didn’t wanna stop but I didn’t have the book to continue reading. So, I watched Pacific Rim and hated the movie just because of the facial expression of the girl, yeah blame the girl or I was just having a bad mood.


Well, I’m currently reading the second series of Caster Chronicles, Beautiful Darkness now so I don’t have a lot of thing to talk yet about the whole series but at least I could calm down a bit.

As I said, this book is interesting. Yes, Beautiful Creatures is the first book of the series but my tips is before you read the book is better for you to read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird first and then you will find more pleasure than if you read the book without reading the Harper Lee’s.

Why? Simple example, in the book Ethan Wate kept talking about how Macon Ravenwood appeared to be like Boo Radley and then he changed his mind that he is wrong, Mr. Ravenwood is nothing alike Boo Radley but much more like Atticus Finch when it comes to the style. Moreover, Mr. Ravenwood named his dog as Boo Radley. If you don’t read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird you would never know what is the different of Boo Radley and Atticus Finch and how their characters are.

Another example, if you have read Beautiful Creatures you will find that Gatlin is almost the same like Maycomb in To Kill A Mockingbird from the people up to the city landscape but of course in the different generation and era but still whoever successfully adapt the writing style of Harper Lee is supposed to be someone who has extraordinary stock of ingredient called ‘patience’. I’m totally impressed by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s detail explanations. I could projection how the look of Ethan Wate’s house or Ravenwood’s manor or even the kitchen where Amma always cooks breakfast for Ethan.

I totally envy them. I called myself a writer but ‘patience’ is not in my dictionary  - yet -  (perhaps because my half-blood stuff, not to mention as Apollo’s daughter and those ADHD symptoms) but still I have to master this ‘patience science’, no matter what it takes.

Anyway, speaking about mastering ‘patience science’, I think I will start it now by learning to wait patiently until The Blood of Olympus published next year besides there are millions of worth reading books out there and also some worth stories for me to write to spend time.

Happy almost weekend…!!!


Effective Today: isoHunt Shut Down "Just Another Stupid Move Against Piracy"

I woke up on 12 June 2012 and found out that Pirate Bay was blockaded and this morning I visited Facebook and found that isoHunt is shut down, and this time for good.
I used to be a netter and really depending on those kinds of site, thought I’m no more spending my 24 hours in front of laptop and surfing the internet, I know some of you might be mad about this shut down since isoHunt is one of the most popular BitTorrent sites.

Speaking of piracy especially from internet; sometimes I feel hopeless even the mighty Google found it is really difficult to fight against it because the only possible solution for piracy to be extinct is by eliminating the pirate or all contents to be pirated; which is impossible.

Somehow, piracy culture reminds me of Monsters you found in all Rick Riordan’s books. No matter how hard heroes has tried to kill them and send them back to Tartarus, they always be able to regenerate and coming back to the world. The theory is the same; however does it mean that you should give up on piracy? Well, the same question then, should heroes give up on monsters and let them lurking in the world? I don’t think so. Monsters might be able to regenerate but also heroes, there will always heroes to fight monsters and in some circumstances heroes become friend of monsters.

Here we are as the heroes or as monsters? I know it’s a trick question because I’m not a hero but I don’t want to be a monster either, but I could live with half hero and half monster. Yeah, since there is always two sides in every person’s soul, well at least I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Indonesia is not a country where you could find cheap movie, music and books and I do piracy like downloading ebooks and epubs but at the same time I also the member of some major online bookstores in Indonesia and purchased bunch of books for my collection every month, but my needs of books is not once a month but like every day or even every minute, so I need solution to get book fast and cheap. That’s why I call myself half hero and half monster.

Interesting thing about isoHunt is, well like the others similar websites, they are fighting for “Freedom of Information”, could anybody explain to me regarding this matter? What kind of freedom they really want and what kind of information that supposed to be freed? Difficult question isn’t it? But in my wildest dream I also want a world where all information you want to get is free, well at least until now there is no charge against dream, so dream anyway.

Should we blame IsoHunt for all the piracy practice? Interesting fact, MPAA which represents some major studios you ever know like Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, Sony Picture Entertainment, Universal Studio, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox might launched the legal challenge to IsoHunt and forced Gary Fung to pay $110 million settlement, however do you know that perhaps half of people who work for those studios also depend on IsoHunt for some home entertainment? Who is the hypocrite here?

Besides, would those studios collapse because of this piracy? I don’t think so, they do it because they just lost like, well 5% from their income, yeah they still could make billion Dollars with or without isoHunt even the $110 million from Gary Fung could not compete with billions they make with their high quality movies. If they lost because some idiots just making some stupid movies and people prefer to download and watch it in bad quality format instead of paying bunch of money to go to cinema and watching it in 3D, then no one should be blame but themselves.

I personally don’t mind to pay extra money for the best experience of 3D movie in big cinema as long as the movie is good but I will feel like punching someone in the face if I pay extra money for low quality movies.

Furthermore, just stated by Gary Fung, though he should pay the settlements and forced to shut down IsoHunt, the truth is the 95% of torrent files could be easily found in Google and indexed in several BitTorrent websites. So, what’s the point? Should we shut Google down too?

No answer for that. As I said, it's just another stupid move against piracy.

Yeah, at least we still could get farewell statement from Gary Fung.
Just visit IsoHunt.com and you will find this statement:

Initiating Self Destruct
This is it. We are shutting down isoHunt services a little early. I'm told there was this Internet archival team that wants to make historical copy of our .torrent files, I'm honoured that people think our site is worthy of historical preservation. But the truth is about 95% of those .torrent files can be found off Google regardless and mostly have been indexed from other BitTorrent sites in the first place. So I might as well do a proper send-off to you dear isoHunt users, before final shutdown sequence on Tuesday. It's been an adventure in the last 10.5 years working on isoHunt, a privilege working with some of the smartest guys I've worked with, and my life won't be the same without this journey. For what I'm working on next, please look up my blog on Google and follow me there. Because as the Terminator would say with a German accent,
I'll be backkk.
- Gary Fung

At least we know, he will be back.



The House of Hades Sneak Peek : Leo Valdez

Raining here and I stuck in my office cannot go home. So, here I am writing something though the fact is I cannot concentrate on anything because I have unfinished The House of Hades to read but unfortunately I left the book in my cozy room.

Well, another sneak peak from The House of Hades is not a crime I guess. It is your choice whether you want to read this post or not.

Do you remember Calypso? No no, don’t ever think about Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean. What I’m talking about right now is Calypso; the daughter of Atlas. Yes, the one who was cursed to never leave Ogygia Island. Actually, it’s kind of ironic you know and I feel pity about her. Since I was born, I’ve been thought to always respect and follow what your parents’ said or asked and the irony is Calypso was cursed by the Olympians because she supported her father, Atlas, on the war. Unfortunately, the war won by the Olympians and all Titan are punished or cursed. Well, Calypso is just unlucky because her father is Atlas.

Calypso is not only cursed so she cannot leave Ogygia but also cursed so she will fall in love with every hero who somehow drifted to her island’s shore but in the end the hero would leave her. One of the heroes who ever landed in Ogygia is Percy Jackson. Yes, though surely, who doesn’t fall in love with Percy Jackson? But yeah, no one would ever defeat Annabeth Chase in every way, she is good and well trained with sword and like it is not enough, her brain is also as sharp as her sword, even the beautiful three hundred years old Goddess like Calypso cannot compete Annabeth; the daughter of Athena.

I never think about her before until I read The House of Hades. Last night I just stumbled to the chapter when Leo Valdez is drifted to Ogygia. The son of Hephaestus landed in Ogygia? Sounds like something that would never happen but since then I cannot stop smiling. I always like Leo, he is like the cool kid with super acute ADHD. He seems never stay still, his hand always works on something, creates something or if he doesn't work or create something, he thinks like he works and creates something. He always has a big crush on Hazel but that girl has Frank Zhang in her side, though according to Leo he is worth like two or three Frank, still Hazel chose Frank instead of him. And this time, his trip to Ogygia just changed everything.

Do you want to know what has been changed?

Well, I want to know too but right now I’m stuck in my office with no idea how to go home. Gosh… why I didn’t bring the book to the office with me today???


The House of Hades Sneak Peek: Hazel Levesque

Remember the last time I posted review of The Mark of Athena? Gosh, I just can’t believe that was a year ago, really, time flies very very fast recently, perhaps it’s because world is getting older and earth starts feeling tired of its rotation and the best way to end it is by rotating faster and faster.  

Well, never mind about how old our earth is because I have something in my hand that will help me forgetting how fast this world will end; it is the House of Hades.

If you afraid where you will go after this world end, whether you will go to hell or heaven, well Percy and Annabeth have faced their own hell even before the end of the world; a hell called Tartarus, the place where Titan are thrown and sliced into pieces by his own son, the mighty Zeus.  If you have read The Mark of Athena you must know how finally Percy and Annabeth are ended in Tartarus. Do you think it is really Leo Valdez’s fault? I don’t think so. Leo might have cracked the fortune cookie given by Nemesis and as the Goddess said, there will be the price for that. And according to Leo, losing the team backbone and brain a.k.a Percy and Annabeth is the price he should pay. Well, perhaps it is really the price he should pay but once again, do you think it is Leo Valdez’s fault?

Hazel Lévesque is right. It is not Leo’s fault; it is Gaea’s fault. The Earth Mother has set the date of August 1st to rise because August 1st is the day of hope. Well, I think this Goddess of earth is such a drama queen, she really expects a dramatic entrance by choosing the day of hope to destroy this world. Let me tell you something, drama queen would never live long. That’s why, there is “Long Live the Queen” but nothing like “Long Live the Drama Queen”. Yeah, perhaps I am a bit disorientated here but seriously I don’t really care, I just hate Gaea and all drama queens perhaps, while her is a, well Gaea and at the same time is also a drama queen, it just makes me hate her more.

I haven’t finished reading the House of Hades because the book just arrived yesterday, so this post is not going like a review but much more like a teaser or a sneak peak.

What do you think about Hazel Lévesque?

Unlike her half-different generation-brother  Nico Di Angelo, Hazel is nothing look likes Nico. According to Leo, as the daughter of God of Underworld, Hades, (World’s Worst Absent Father according to Hazel), Hazel is too cute, well aside from when she rides Arion and her ability to summon nugget gold from ground, Hazel is just like a normal girl from remote area because she comes from different generation, not to mention has died once back in 1942, so she is a bit old-fashioned. While Nico, according to Leo is creepy, well I disagree with Leo, because perhaps Nico looks creepy but a guy could summon a thousand dead armies from thin air is supposed to be considered as cool and totally eligible for a date. Yeah, don’t mind about my opinion by the way. So, Nico might be creepy but Hazel is not because Hazel is unlike Nico who resembles his father, Hazel is much more like her mother, or perhaps better (as said by Hecate, The Goddess of Mist). One thing we all know about Hazel’s mother is she was well known as a witch and she could do magic. 

In Greek Mythology, nothing like magic is ever mentioned because if you have read The Son of Sobek, where Percy Jackson and Carter Kane met, Percy doesn’t have any idea that what Carter Kane does is ancient magic. So, what do you think about this ‘magic business’ run by Hazel’s mother? 

Do you think Hazel Lévesque really could do magic?

Well, there is only one way to answer that question; let’s follow the adventure of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase in Tartarus and keep the track of the rest of the team in Leo Valdez’s ship Agro II in The House of Hades. 

Happy Reading


Next Post: I really really want to write about Leo Valdez; this guy is just simply funny.

Book Review: Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger - Seriously, Where's the Revenge?

Oh My Gosh! I just finished reading Lauren Weisberger’s Revenge Wears Prada last night and I just
don’t know whether I like it or not. The ending is kind of sweet but the whole story is weak; sorry to say that.

The first time I read the first novel of Weisberger is a kind of funny story. I was still in high school and I know it is soooo long ago, about 10 years ago I guess. At that time I was wandering in the only one bookstore you could find in Pontianak, my plan was looking for some Sherlock Holmes but before that I stood around new novel section, a section you must visit when you are in a book store, and there it is The Devil Wears Prada (Indonesia version) is laying untouchable. Naturally, when you are interested in a book but you have no idea what is it about you will read the blurb. As a Harry Potter freak (I’m really a freak when it comes to Harry Potter, as freak as using the 7 books of Harry Potter for my Undergraduate Thesis discussing about Dark Humor significance from Fred and George Weasley characters), I found the blurb interesting. I have no idea whether the blurb in Indonesia version is the same or not with the original version but in Indonesia version, the blurb is talking about how crazy the job Andrea Sachs has in Runway, of course ‘crazy’ here is not defined as the job that ‘a million girls would die for’ but ‘crazy’ in literal meaning and one of her ‘crazy’ job list is getting the unpublished Harry Potter’s book for Miranda Priestly’s twin daughters. So, without a doubt I bought the book.

And some years after that (2006), when I was already in college and moved to Jogja, the movie with the same title released with Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly and Anna Hathaway as Andrea Sachs and it seems like everyone talked about it, and I just like “Well, I’ve read the book” though I remember that I didn’t really enjoy reading the book. The story is fresh and Miranda is really evil and who doesn’t like glamorous job, and Andrea Sachs access to all branded and beautiful fashion outfits and accessories is totally like a dream job for every girl; it so obvious the job is a kind of job that a thousand girl will die for but honestly, reading the book is kinda boring. I thought perhaps because I read the Indonesian version, and sometimes you could just blame the translator why the book is not as interested as the original version, but since I never read the original English version of The Devil Wears Prada so I cannot comment much. However, since people talk about it a lot; it was kinda cool if you admit that you have read the novel before you watch the movie.

And 10 years later, just like in the book, I read Revenge Wears Prada, the original English version this time and I still don’t know whether I like it or not. I’ve been starting reading the book last Sunday and I need 5 days to finish it. Well, it is quite unusual for me because normally I read novel in maximum 2 days even in my busiest day. But heck, since I have bought the book then lets reading it anyway.

The first impression I got from reading the early chapters of the book is “Where is Alex? And who the hell is this Max guy?” though and then I learn that Max is actually a sweet, handsome and rich guy type and I start to like him, because he seems really love Andy aside from his mother’s bad taste of appropriate wife for her precious son. Thought it is cliché but having a handsome, rich and sweet boyfriend is every girl’s dream; that is why I decided to learn liking Max.

And then the story begins when Andy got married and gave birth to Clementine and The Devil Wears Prada a.k.a Miranda Priestly is back with Big Revenge in her head. Well, at least that what I thought when for the first time Elias-Clark is contacting them in the middle of Andy and Emily’s successful magazine, The Plunge. Though and then I am a bit disappointed that Miranda’s role is less than what I expected because the title of the book is Revenge Wears Prada, but serioulsy where's the revenge? When the first time I read the title and the short blurb, somehow Miranda is really trying really hard to make Andy and Emily life miserable. Well, in the end I just got impression that it is purely business that Miranda concerns. As an editor in chief of the biggest publisher company in New York and aside from her evil nature, Miranda is purely a business woman, the smartest and the trickiest one though. And how The Plunge finally in her palm is because she is an experienced business woman and Emily is not and while Andy is too paranoid.

Yes, I think Andy is paranoid, well she always is paranoid, even after ten years the ‘f’ word is said and she was fired in spot by Miranda. And  somehow there is a big lack of this book; Andy’s paranoia and Emily’s obsession to prove herself to Miranda and the fact that Miranda doesn’t give a damn with the ‘f’ word Andy said or Emily’s obsession, makes me think like there is something missing in the story plot.

Although then , I cannot blame Emily of being too obsessed, her hard work with Andy is finally got appraisal from the devil herself, unlike the old days, this time The Plunge becomes Miranda’s obsession, and everyone will feel like flying to the nine clouds in this kind of situation. Not to mention, Miranda is naturally born as a charmer, and Emily is easily charmed by her because her dream is always working for Miranda, she is the only one who could stand with however crazy and impossible Miranda’s demands are and I think she is the best assistant Miranda ever had, that’s why the fact that she was fired by Miranda without any significant reason is totally unfair for her and makes her obsession to prove herself to her becomes out of control. That is why when finally Elias-Clarke contacted them to buy The Plunge, Emily thought that it is the time for her to prove herself to Miranda. However, what Emily doesn’t count is that her obsession with Miranda has blinded her, that Miranda is the same person, as evil as always, or perhaps more evil than she used to know. She thought that she would always be able to handle Miranda like the old days and forget the fact that to do that she needs Andy. It is supposed to be the big role for Andy to assist Emily and drag her to reality.

But once again, Andy is too mess with herself to think about assisting Emily. Andy’s reason not to sell the magazine is because of her trauma of working with Miranda and although she knows exactly what will happen with her magazine if Miranda has control on it, she didn’t do anything but keep postponing it until it is too late. If Andy has a bit courage to stand before Miranda, she could be as powerful as Miranda herself. Well, at least it is a kind of character I expected from Andrea Sachs. There is a moment I like from the novel, when her training during in Runway saves Emily’s life during their holiday and could arrange a helicopter and doctor easily.  I wish that finally Andy could find how brilliant she is and it happens because she once work for Runway; I thought Runway trained her too well until she could defeat the devil herself. But I think it is something a reader too much to ask.

Okay, let’s move the topic of “Married Andy”. I’m not married so honestly I don’t know what is exactly happening in Andy head when she decided to get divorce. But even as a single woman I couldn’t get the big picture of how could she left her husband who loves her and obviously she loves too and let her daughter grows up with divorced parents just after the betrayal of her husband who sold the magazine to Elias-Clark. Once again, let’s talk about business, as a businessman, the only thing Max could see is surely the interest he would get if Elias-Clark buy The Plunge; that is why he invested his money to The Plunge in the first place, besides that his biggest goal is for the sake of the name of his family, Harrison clan, and of course his daughter. Though of course, the problem is, Max never understands the trauma Andy had by working with Miranda Priestly 10 years ago, because Max didn’t work for Miranda, he doesn’t know how evil Miranda could be. But they are married couple, they should figure it out how to understand each other. It’s not like Max betrayed Andy for another woman and sell his business roughly. The offer is clear and totally profitable and they could sell the magazine legally no matter Andy has agreed or not because of the combined shares of Max and Emily have. Well, perhaps it is a big warning to not ever combine personal life and business because if Max is not her husband and Emily is not her friend, Andy has no right to complain if the magazine is sold to the third party.

Lets’ get a flash back a bit to the first book, when Alex finally decided to leave Andy because at that time the humble and simple Alex who is only teaching elementary school through Teach for America couldn’t understand Andy’s obsession of being a successful woman and sell her soul to a devil called Miranda Priestly. Well, at that time, Andy chose her job over her boyfriend and friends. Shouldn’t she learn from her past and think of the sake of her family this time? She lost Alex because of her job. And now she is totally in Alex’s position, chose to leave her husband because she thought that her husband thinks more about business than their relationship. She should be the one who know pretty well what happened to Max after she left him, because Max is in her position 10 years ago when Alex dumped her.

Fine then, the magazine probably already sold and all the nightmares Andy had foreseen is actually happened. Miranda is as evil as always, she fired all people who have been working hard with Andy and Emily for The Plunge all this time just because they are not in Runway’s style and class. Is “I told you so” not enough for her to tell her husband and Emily? God, Max is her husband and Emily is her friend, Emily also shares the same hell with Andy because of Miranda. Can she just forgive them?

It is true that I always like the humble and simple Alex, the elementary teacher of Teach for America, and their reunite in the end of the book is kinda sweet because both of them seem could not get over of each other. Still, why don’t Alex stay as humble as he used to be and not some kind of School Principal of the third most expensive school in the world? Well, once again, I guess as a reader it is too much too ask, isn’t it?


Recommended Book: Ally Carter’s All Spies and Thieves Story

It’s weekend again and one more week before I’m going on leave for two weeks. Yay, let’s count down.

However, before that what you are going to read this weekend? Hmm… my suggestion is Ally Carter’s.

I always love reading books about espionage, world-class criminal and thief, detective and similar to that. I fall in love to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes since Study in Scarlet and then all Robert Ludlum’s Bourne, Dan Brown’s though my favorite is Digital Fortress instead of The Da Vinci Code, and recently I’ve been reading Stieg Larson’s and I love it because it combines the power of a journalist and a genius hacker since hacking always becomes my interest.

So why Ally Carter’s? I know, you will think that Carter is much more like Cabot instead of Brown. It’s true but sometimes you need to relax your head. Reading Larson’s is thrilling and you really need good brain to read Brown and good memory to read Ludlum and specific interest to basic sleuthing to read Sherlock Holmes because the setting of time taken when DNA is still out of reach. That’s why if you want to refresh your head after a busy week; well at least here (Indonesia) is busy week because next week is holiday season for Idul Fitri. That’s why instead of reading heavy and thicky book, I suggest Ally Carter’s is the best.

Funny story; when the first time I know about Ally Carter I was in a bookstore in Jogja looking for M.G.Harris’ Ice Shock (The Second book of Joshua’s File series after Invisible City), and the book is there with the word “Spy” attracted my attention. So, I pull out Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy from the shelf and in instant I was charmed with the cover; I think the cover is cute even the Indonesia version without knowing that it is actually the second book. Honestly, I haven’t read the first book  until now (I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You) but I will soon because I’ve ordered the book from Periplus.com yesterday. However, I’ve read the rest of the series except for United We Spy, which hasn’t been published yet.

Gallagher Girls Series

Why I suggest her book is because the plot is very interesting. Let’s start with one of her series The Gallagher Girls; so far there are six books for this series though the last book, United We Spy, hasn’t come out yet.
Here the list of the series:
I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (2006)
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (2007)
Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover (2009)
Only the Good Spy Young(2010)
Out of Sight, Out of Time (2012)
United We Spy (2013)

So, what Gallagher Girl series is about? It is about a school for girls. Well, from outside, you will see Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Woman as a regular private school for girl but if you enter the school you will see that they are not like any regular girls (read: normal girl); because they are not learning about knitting or table manner but they are trained as spies. In other words, once you leave that school your career choice is not working in Google or being the apprentice of Donald Trump but whether you prefer being the part of CIA or MI6 (if you’re British of course).

The main character in Gallagher Girls is Cameron “Cammie” Ann Morgan; Cammie is a fifteen years old teenager and the only daughter of Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Woman’s headmistress. Her codename is “Chameleon” because she is really good in being invisible and disappear is her specialty. Cammie has three best friends; they are Rebecca “Bex” Baxter; a daughter of MI6’s active agents and her codename is The Duchess, and then Elizabeth “Liz” Sutton; she’s clumsy for a spy but her brain is unbelievable that’s why her codename is Bookworm, the last but not least is Macey McHenry; she is the newest member with codename Peacock; beside being a descendent of the founder, Macey is also a daughter of famous senator and her mother owns a cosmetic company.

Well, unlike the others serious espionage novels, Gallagher Girls offers you a fresh story about a group of young spies who is not only care about their mission but also about how their hair look for the next class and which boy they should date this weekend. Definitely recommended to read.

Heist Society Series
The second series from Ally Carter you should read is Heist Society series.

This series has three books, though I’m not sure whether Ally Carter will continue the series or not, but there is one mysterious character in that series ‘Visily Romani’ is still mysterious up to the last series, so I guess there is more for the series; fingers crossed.

Here the list of the series:
Heist Society (2010)
Uncommon Criminals (2011)
Perfect Scoundrels (2013)

I just finished reading Perfect Scoundrels last night that’s why I’m really exciting to write about Ally Carter and her books.

So, what is the different of Heist Society series and Gallagher Girls series? Well, if fifteen years old Cameron “Cammie” Ann Morgan is a professional spy, fifteen years old Katarina Bishop is a professional thief. Her interest is in artistic stuff from famous painting up to valuable artifact. She becomes a thief is simply because it is family business. Her father is Bobby Bishop is the number one Interpol’s most wanted guy and her uncle Eddie is the thief master who ever live. Just like Cammie and her best friends, Kat has some people who always work with her; like her stunning cousin Gabrielle who always takes role as distractor because of her stunning look, the Bagshaw brothers Angus and Hamish who really good in explosive stuff, Simon the computer guy and his advance hacking ability, and the last but not least, the sixteen year old billionaire W.W.Hale the fifth who has private jet and private butler who always ready to transport them as long as they are still on earth. So, what is the role of Katarina Bishop? Well, she is the brain and the planner of the operation.

Actually there is one more character who occasionally helps Kat because he has connection in Interpol since his mother is an Interpol Liaison to the EU; he is Nick Bennett. One more thing, I don’t know, it’s actually just a thought you know, when it comes to Nick’s mother who always eager to catch Bobby Bishop, I guess one day there will be something between them. Well, once again, I just don’t know, it’s just a thought.

Moreover, according to Wikipedia (though I still need do more research) Heist Society will be brought to motion picture with Drew Barrymore will takes place as a producer along with Warner Bros. Well, my life is getting better and better.

A Spies and Thieves Story
Well, those are two series you should read from Ally Carter but there is one more a must read book from Ally Carter you should know; it is a book entitled Double-Crossed which also well known as A Spies and Thieves Story. Why this book is special? Because this book combines two characters from Gallagher Girls and Heist Society; Macey McHenry and W.W.Hale the fifth. Yeah, I also finished reading the book last night, so it is true that I read two books in a row yesterday. Both Macey and W.W.Hale the fifth are two teenagers who occasionally attend boring party hosted by Upper East Side family type (read: ultra-rich family). Unluckily for them or perhaps for the party crashers because both of them are in that party, there is a person who intended to steal Calloway Canary. So, there they are to stop the robbery,  with the help of Special Agent Abby Cameron; Macey’s private bodyguard and Cammie’s favorite aunt and of course Katarina Bishop; W.W.Hale the fifth’s reason why he’s not flirting with Macey McHenry. I personally cannot wait for the next Spies and Thieves Story, if any.

So, now you have a very long list of book to read this weekend.

Happy Reading


Read and Don’t Watch: Hades and Sons

Speaking of Greek Mythology since Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson, I don’t know where you could learn about the mythology better than reading his book. Well, I know the stories are fiction but still some points are written based on the mythology which twisted in amusing way; like Apollo is actually a hot God and Dionysus is the most obnoxious God.

Never mind, because right now I’m not going to talk about Apollo or Dionysus but Hades; not actually Hades but some characters inspired by him. You know, I love reading Percy Jackson but I hate watching the movie. If you know about Greek Mythology and then you must have known that Persephone is kidnapped by Hades to underworld. In my imagination, Persephone will look like a slender beauty of princess in the gloomy place like underworld; at least she will wear silk yellow dress with wild flowers in her shiny sand blond hair and bracelets with real leaves in one of her hand; though bracelet here is not really necessary but, hey, I can’t blame what my imagination wants. So, you know, Persephone will look like the gentle part of Hades because Hades’ character described to be wicked and cruel at the same time; we cannot blame him either, he run the gloomiest place you could find in Greek Mythology, except Tartarus perhaps; but still it needs hard work to stay in that kind of place. I don’t even be able to stay longer than one hour in hospital or cemetery but he’s not only stay but manage that place as well. However, the movie has ruined everything, Persephone was defined to be a woman who likes to yell and worse, she dresses in black. That’s not right; that’s why I told my friend who said she prefers watching the movie than reading is a bad decision because you better read the book and don’t watch the movie if possible because by reading you could let your imagination takes control; you could see whatever you want in your imagination, that’s why we have brain, so use it.

So, aside from that, the Hades’ character itself is very interesting. Compared to his mighty brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, he is the unluckiest one but I think the coolest one though I think Apollo still the hottest one. Okay, perhaps Hades has his own characters you could read in any Greek Mythology books you could find in National Library, that’s why now I prefer to talk about Hades’ offspring. In Rick Riordan’s series, we have Nico di Angelo. Gosh, I like this kid, if Percy Jackson is the worst version of ADHD and then Nico is the coolest version of ADHD; though I’m not sure any people with ADHD could be considered to be cool because of their hyperactive behavior, but never mind. He is alone in the world after his sister died; though later he has Hazel as his half-sister but still he is alone, young, stubborn and the son of the God of the Underworld. Any girls will line up to date with him. And it seems not enough, he could summon the dead army as easy as you press enter in your Blackberry to send BBM. And again, my imagination takes control, in my imagination is he will always wear black; like black jeans, black T-shirt and black boot, typical outfit you could see in The Mortal Instruments worn by the Shadowhunters, but Nico will look much way cooler than Jace Wayland. Furthermore, Nico should be dark hair.

Another cool character similar to Nico di Angelo is John Hayden from Abandon Trilogy of Meg Cabot; though in the series, John Hayden is somehow be there because he did something bad before in his life and punished to live eternally in underworld and handle Hades’ job and also follow Hades’ step; it is kidnapping a girl, Pierce Oliviera, who he has been in love with to underworld and ask her to stay with him. Nothing more romantic than that, isn’t it?

Well, I know, nothing is going to happen in my real life right now, there is no Nico di Angelo and John Hayden but it doesn’t matter because whenever I want to hear about them, I just need to read about them and the next thing I know, my imagination will take control.

Remember, read and don’t watch or movie will ruin everything.


What's Wrong with Amanda Bynes?

Okay… my first question today is “What’s wrong with Amanda Bynes?”

Do you know that I’m her big fans since The Big Fat Liar? The cute Bynes got adventure with Frankie Muniz in Los Angeles, who can resist watching that movie? Well, I could say that since then I watch all of her movies and my favorite is She’s the Man, me and my friend used to watch the movie and shout all the dialogue, especially when Sebastian Hasting personated by Viola Hasting dump Monique in Cessario, furthermore even What A Girl Wants inspired me to give my blog title as What A Nerd Wants.

I’ve been hearing about her ugly list in Twitter and her TwitWar with Rihanna but since I didn’t follow her twitter so I’m not sure what exactly is happening until news about she got kicked from Ritz Carlton after smoking weed and insulted the hotel staff were everywhere.  

I don’t understand people. I don’t know how people could mess up with their own thought when everything they got and need is all in their head. I feel a bit sad with Bynes, well it is true that she’s not my friend, my sister or anyone I know but I watched all of her movies and have been following her career since she was just a kid. I watch Big Fat Liar and the last is Easy A in 2010 before she said that she does not love acting anymore, so she has stopped doing it.

What do you feel when the nice person you know suddenly act weird? It is perhaps the best thing to describe the feeling of Bynes’ neighbor in New York after sometimes she moved in. Who don’t think that way if Bynes several times walking in her building lobby at 2 a.m in the morning just to laugh hysterically for four minutes or let her apartment’s door always open and change all the light bulb with red bulb, as stated by Gawker.com, like a parlor room in hell?

Call her acting weird, she also inserted microdermal anchor into both her cheeks and twit about her nose being broken and need plastic surgery immediately. Not to mention all of the legal problems that frequently occurs since 2012 until now like talking on cell phone while driving, driving under influence, hit and run accidents that caused her license being suspended and seems it is still not enough, she also charged for driving using suspended license.

So, seriously What Is Wrong with Amanda Bynes? God, wish she get well soon from whatever mental breakdown she’s suffering now.