Recycle Idea: Reuse Waste after Christmas

Christmas is coming. What you have been prepared? Well, the first thing you will do to answer that question is looking at your shopping list and then your personal bank account. You do it every year and you do saving all year so you have enough money to buy everything listed in your shopping list; every year you will find that stuffs become more expensive and your saving is never enough.

Well, since you have been busy shopping everything you need for Christmas and you don’t have enough time to think about any ideas to reduce your shopping list this year, you don’t need to worry, because you still have enough time to start finding some ideas to reduce waste after Christmas. Why after Christmas? There is always the first time and this year is going to be your first time so next year you could save more money for something useful than just to buy Christmas decoration.

Here the lists of top tips you could do to help you reducing your Christmas shopping expense:

  • Don’t throw wrapping paper away. Making sure that you open the wrapping paper carefully, so you could reuse it again later. Kids would not notice that they actually get presents with the same wrapping paper every year. If the wrapping paper is not big enough because sometimes kids just tear it out for the present inside, you could combine several torn out wrapping papers and made them into paper gift bag.
  • Don’t buy Christmas decoration every year. Once Christmas has passed, you could store all of your Christmas decoration stuffs you have so you could use them again next year. 

  • Don’t throw Christmas cards away and don’t keep them as well. You could keep your favorite Christmas cards only but you could reuse the rest of the Christmas cards. There are a lot of ways to reuse Christmas cards; such as using the paper as gift tags, Christmas decorations or next year Christmas cards.

  • Don’t just throw your Christmas foods in the bin. Surely you cannot save foods until next year but instead of throwing them to the bin is better for you to give them away. There are a lot of people out there who would be glad for free food and you could spread the spirit of Christmas though it has passed. 

Those are just several ideas you could do to reuse waste after Christmas. There are a lot of more ideas out there, you could share some if you want to and make it useful for others, so the spirit of Christmas will be around all year long.



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