#1 SEO How to Monetize Your Blog: The Role of Blog Writer in SEO

Is writing your hobby? Or you prefer to say that you really love writing? Well, and then you are a lucky person. Not everyone could write and you could do with love is surely better. I chose English Language and Literature for my major in college and at that time I just knew that I love writing. Well, now I know that I could turn my love of writing into money. 

Some of you might be thinking about writing a novel and then enter publishers you know one by one to offer your novel only to know that they don’t like it. With me, you don’t need publisher because what you only need is a blog, you don’t even need to pay for the blog, free blog is enough. There are several free blogs available but I suggest blogspot is the best because it is easy to use and easy to modify. Now the question is what you should do to turn your blog into a money maker? Before you find the answer for that question, you should know that making money through your blog is not easy; though the theory sounds easy. Theoretically, blog could be used as a media for advertisers to advertise their products. With the fast grow of the number of internet users, advertisers see internet as an amazing solution to meet potential customers.

I’ll give you an example. There is an owner of a small bakery shop who wants to advertise the shop. In the city where the owner of the bakery shops currently living is there are a lot of big bakery shops and it is obviously difficult for the small and new bakery shop to compete though the offer is better. What most people don’t know is that internet is also influencing people’s lifestyle recently. Five years ago, people might spare some time for shopping because they need it though they don’t have much time, so with small time they have they don’t have enough time to do selection for the products. That is why people prefer to go to the big bakery shops on their way home though they don’t really satisfy with the products because they don’t have choice. Here is the role of internet; internet technology gives them choices. They probably don’t have time to enter bakery shop one by one but surely they have a lot of time to jump from one bakery shop website to another one. They could do it from their office computer while updating some reports, they could do it from their tablet while sitting in the bus on the way to office or they could do it in their Blackberry when they enter a boring meeting. That is why is recommended for the bakery shop to advertise through internet marketing.

So, what is your role as a blog writer? 

The owner of the bakery shop though they already have a website they still need traffic to reach rank for the website in major search engines; for example is Google. Simple example, the niche of the website is bakery shop and when you type ‘bakery shop’ in search engine, there are 103.000.000 results. Well, people don’t care about bakery shop which is listed in the next page the question is how to make the bakery shop website listed in top ten Google ranking? The system is well known as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are several systems offered by SEO for the bakery shop owner, such as:

  • Specific keyword or tag. A website, in order to be searchable by search engine should have contents which emphasize specific keyword to lead internet users to the website. The more specific the keyword is the better; ‘bakery shop’ is too general perhaps ‘bakery shop in Wichita’ or ‘free delivery bakery shop Phoenix’ is much more recommended.
  • Pay per click. There are a lot of websites that are using this system to drive more traffic. Internet users will be asked to click a link that leads to a specific website and wait several seconds.
  • Backlink. It is the most effective and recommended solution for advertiser and through this solution a blog writer takes important role. Logically, the number of backlink is the indication of the popularity of a website. Advertisers will pay bloggers to write articles about products offered by their website with link included in the articles. Besides, the more backlinks spread in blogs the more opportunities for internet users to find the link, click and visit the website. 

Well, those are general definitions about SEO world and the role of the writer.  The next question is what you should do to attract advertisers to pay you for writing articles for them?

Actually, I want to write about it now but my boss is coming and I have to focus on my role as a personal assistant for what I’m being paid here. So, for success; no matter what you do be a professional and stay honest in every way.


Number One Loan Consulting for Bad Credit Loan

Bad credit loan could be a nightmare once it is noted in credit history. Theoretically, someone with bad credit history will be difficult to propose loan. With all of your credit issues and Christmas is coming and your expenses are somehow becoming higher than usual; you find it very difficult to see the bright sight of this situation. Actually, there is always solution in every problem; do you know that there is loan that is especially designed for people with bad credit? If you never heard such things; it is the time for you to learn a bit.

Most people see loan matter as a tip of the iceberg. The problem you see in the first place is actually only the decoy of the bigger problem hidden. Now ask yourself? What do you think about loan; as a problem or as a solution? If you see it as a solution and then you should start learning about how to control your loan and how to take advantage from the installment loan system. If you do it rightly, even people with bad credit history could improve their credit and even repair their credit.

You don’t need to be a genius to learn about this system because loan system is very easy to understand. As the start, you could visit First Amerigo for further information about anything loans. It is actually the number one choice of loan consulting in United State. They are emphasizing their service to be easy, fast, customer-oriented and available in online system that provide you 24/7 services. So, you could relax from now and enjoy your Christmas holiday with a big relief.

Recycle Idea: Reuse Waste after Christmas

Christmas is coming. What you have been prepared? Well, the first thing you will do to answer that question is looking at your shopping list and then your personal bank account. You do it every year and you do saving all year so you have enough money to buy everything listed in your shopping list; every year you will find that stuffs become more expensive and your saving is never enough.

Well, since you have been busy shopping everything you need for Christmas and you don’t have enough time to think about any ideas to reduce your shopping list this year, you don’t need to worry, because you still have enough time to start finding some ideas to reduce waste after Christmas. Why after Christmas? There is always the first time and this year is going to be your first time so next year you could save more money for something useful than just to buy Christmas decoration.

Here the lists of top tips you could do to help you reducing your Christmas shopping expense:

  • Don’t throw wrapping paper away. Making sure that you open the wrapping paper carefully, so you could reuse it again later. Kids would not notice that they actually get presents with the same wrapping paper every year. If the wrapping paper is not big enough because sometimes kids just tear it out for the present inside, you could combine several torn out wrapping papers and made them into paper gift bag.
  • Don’t buy Christmas decoration every year. Once Christmas has passed, you could store all of your Christmas decoration stuffs you have so you could use them again next year. 

  • Don’t throw Christmas cards away and don’t keep them as well. You could keep your favorite Christmas cards only but you could reuse the rest of the Christmas cards. There are a lot of ways to reuse Christmas cards; such as using the paper as gift tags, Christmas decorations or next year Christmas cards.

  • Don’t just throw your Christmas foods in the bin. Surely you cannot save foods until next year but instead of throwing them to the bin is better for you to give them away. There are a lot of people out there who would be glad for free food and you could spread the spirit of Christmas though it has passed. 

Those are just several ideas you could do to reuse waste after Christmas. There are a lot of more ideas out there, you could share some if you want to and make it useful for others, so the spirit of Christmas will be around all year long.


Deus ex Machina - Only God Could Solve

Gosh, time flies by so fast. I don’t even have time to write every day. What I remember is I wrote a post for this blog last weekend and now I write a new post at weekend again.

I’m currently working on a writing project and last night I just created an idea for the ending. Well, it is weird because whenever I have a new idea to write a story or a novel, the first thing that is coming to my mind is how the story will be ended though the story is not even written yet.

Do you familiar with the term deus ex machina?  Well, I do because I studied about humor and tragedy in literature class when I was in college and deus ex machina was in the syllables. From what I remember, deus ex machina is one of the plot devices, usually used in tragedy for settlement. The plot is considered using deus ex machina is when an unsolved plot is unexpectedly solved by ‘God’ and I prefer to use “Only God could solve it” as the rough definition of deus ex machina . Well, ‘God’ here is not literary God but could be anyone or anything. The most famous tragedy that is using deus ex machina device in the plot is Tartuffe the play written by Moliere; in this play the King takes role as the ‘God’ who finally safe the fate of the heroes.

Most critics said that deus ex machina could be used by any writer who is currently block; writer who cannot create a plot to solve the current problem experienced by the characters in the story. Well, it is not really true because deus ex machina could be used as a dramatic way to surprise reader as well. One interesting example I quoted from Wikipedia is The War of the Worlds; well surely you know the movie but I’m not sure that you have read the novel, I haven’t read the novel as well and I just found out that the movie is actually adapted from the novel some minutes ago. The story about earth is invaded by aliens that even the most modern weapons that human ever made cannot kill the invaders; that is why the invaders are defined to be unconquerable. However, in the end some kinds of terrestrial microorganism could solve the problem succinctly; because there are no bacteria in the planet where the invaders came from so they don’t have any immunity.  The terrestrial microorganism here is taking role as the 'God' just like the role of the King in Tartuffe.

Well, I’m going to try using this plot device to end the story that I haven’t written yet, currently the idea is only hovering in my head and disturbing my sleep. I even cannot focus on my work; it is a good thing for a writer, isn’t it? But totally not for my boss and my social life. So, I've got to finish this project as soon as possible.