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It is just nice to see the world clearly again. I used to wear contacts but since I moved to a very dusty city, so I decided to wear glasses again. You must have known that someone who wears glasses usually judged to be nerd, geek or dork. Well, what’s wrong of being a nerd, geek or dork? I’m so proud that even Christina Aguilera has a song written especially for nerd, “What A Nerd Wants”:

What a nerd wants
What a nerd needs
Whatever makes nerd happy
Sets nerd free…

So, you should proud to be a nerd.

Well, I admit that wearing contacts is much more comfortable but wearing glasses will simplify everything.

Herewith the list of benefits of wearing glasses than wearing contacts:
  • Very practical. I don’t need to bring cleaner anywhere I go or wash my hand regularly to keep it clean while touching contacts like an automysophobia.
  • Very cheap. Based on my experience, I just need to change my glasses every 2 years, while using contacts I need to change it, the latest every 6 months. Besides, if you apply to health insurance it also provides coverage for the need of glasses not contacts. So, you could get new glasses every year for free.
  • Very fashionable. It is true that today, glasses is already becoming one of the fashion accessories. You could mix and match your current fashion style with the choice of eye glasses, while the only thing contacts could do is changing the color of your eyes, which is somehow fake and lame.
  • Very easy. I don’t need to wake up blurry or make another bruise in my head to reach bathroom just to wash my hand and face before I could use contacts. With glasses I could go to anywhere I want to go once I woke up, like crossing the street in my pajamas to buy a cup of coffee.
  • Very attractive. Oh yeah, perhaps you don’t know that men today started to think straight and right. Though they appeared to be a jerk who dated sexy chick but still in the end they will look for someone smart to live with and kicked the sexy chick out. It is true that wearing glasses will make you look like a frog somehow but a smart girl will choose and wear glasses like she is a smart one.
That’s why once I left my contacts behind; I decided to enter my new life which is already designed to be my faith which is wearing glasses until the end. Once again, I really proud to be a nerd, because so far the word ‘Nerd’ is my identifier. You could see it from the title of my blog, which is inspired from my BFF, Christina Aguilera. Sorry, to be such a name dropper but it is true.




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