Tips to Read Free EPUB e-book

Well, since I’m living in the middle of nowhere with limited access to bookstore, I found free e-book is the solution for my reading hobby. It is true that you cannot depend on online bookstore to send the book on time where the only address you could provide is latitude and longitude to determine where you are currently living.

However, I know what piracy means is, so stop educating me. I have my own library back home so I promise to you guys that for each free e-book I have downloaded, I will buy the original one, the problem is I just cannot wait until I get the book in my hand to read it. That is why free e-book is the solution available here. So, how about buying original e-book? Well, I’m not rich, I have to save money and do diet to buy books, so be nice to me okay. I don’t want to buy the book twice.

The problem is with Google Panda is hovering around; I found it becomes difficult to find free e-book recently. I used to read e-book in PDF format which is much more comfortable. However you cannot just Googling ‘book title’ PDF download and find the e-book right away. You should do a lot of tricks and enter several websites until you find the e-book. So far, I never failed to find the e-book I want to read but yeah some e-books required a lot of time to find, especially e-book in PDF format.

However, I have a solution here. Rather than looking for e-book in PDF format, which is becoming more difficult, it is better for you to find e-book with EPUB extension. Yes, it is much easier now to find e-book in EPUB extension since people right now prefer to read e-book than printed book.

The question is how to read EPUB files? Well, there are a lot of devices that provide application to open EPUB files. However, for you who don’t know where you should go for the application and you just need to simply read the e-book from your computer, you don’t need to worry, you could use your Mozilla Firefox to read EPUB file by getting ads-on EPUBreader. Once the ads-on fully installed, just dragging the file you have downloaded to your Firefox and voila you could start reading.

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