Apple: We've Got A Little More to Show You

“We’ve got a little more to show you”
It is going to be a headline for all gadget magazines around the world; it seems Apple, the trend setter, is starting to follow the trend in order to compete with others tablets that are offered in much more affordable price.
Apple invitation for press conference 23 October 2012 in United States

Well, the invitation emphasized that the rumor about mini iPad perhaps is not a bad rumor at all; there is a little thing they want to show us. It is true that ‘Little more’ here could be anything but you could expect the best thing you want that Apple finally decided offering their new product in friendly price because this third generation iPad will compete with Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 which is offered only around $199, and not to mention Surface from Microsoft which will be launched almost at the same time.

Even I got dizzy to decide which tablet I will buy before this year is ended. How about you?

Surface from Microsoft VS Mini iPad from Apple

Have you checked your mailbox today? Perhaps there is invitation from Apple to attend an event which will be held on 23rd October 2012. I did check my mailbox and nothing but bills to pay this month, but never mind, still it is a good news I heard from Reuters that Apple will hold an event to launch, according to the rumor, is the new Mini iPad.

Well, rumor has it; this new Mini iPad will become a problem for Microsoft which will introduce its new Surface Tablet as well as Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, on 26th October 2012. Why does it become a problem? Still, according to the rumor, all potential buyers for Surface Tablet will reconsider their choice of purchasing this gadget if Mini iPad is released at the same time.

So, what you are going to choose this October? Surface Tablet or Mini iPad?

Surface Tablet
This gadget, as mentioned above, is produced by Microsoft. This gadget will be available in two versions, the first is Surface which is using Windows RT as the operating system and the second version is Surface Pro which is using Windows 8 as the operating system. Both tablets have 16:9 aspect ratios with screens of 10.6 inches or around 27 cm and coming with Clear Type HD display technology from Microsoft that could support auto-adjusting screen intensity as well as ultra-wide viewing angle. Surface will be available this October while Surface Pro will be available three months later.

Mini iPad
As usual, Apple is always very secretive when it comes to their new product. Unless you attend the event next Tuesday, you would never know what mini iPad will look like until the date their launch it. The rumor said that this new mini iPad will have screen size around 7 – 8 inches, and that’s it. Since it is a mini iPad, that news is not really surprising. I’ve been searching and as usual, zero updates for hardware, applications and so on.

It is true that it will be very difficult whether you are going to choose Surface or mini iPad because you should compare them first. The problem is you should wait until mini iPad launched before you could compare them. It is actually what Microsoft fears the most, whoever who wants to buy Surface will delay their decision until mini iPad is fully released in the market.

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