Holiday Inn Shanghai : Swimming and Flying Sensation above Pudong

China could be said as one of the busiest city in the world. Well, just imagine you are in a house full of people and then use your imagination to replace the house with China but with a thousand times crowded. That is why people prefer to go to Exotic Island in Korea or somewhere in South East Asia like Indonesia and Thailand instead of China. However, it doesn’t mean that China is not worth visiting. For you who don’t have time to swim in Exotic Island, Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao offers you something far beyond exotic. You are swimming and flying at the same time above Pudong city.

The purpose of designing the swimming pool in the above Pudong city is quite simple, the spokesman from InterContinental Hotel Group said “we want them to always feel like in a holiday even in the middle of busy city”.

It is quite experience for those who have swam in that swimming pool which for some people might be really scary, especially for those who have hyperphobia. If you have no problem with hyperphobia, take flight to China right away and enjoy your flying while swimming above Pudong city. 



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