Do you know what www stands for?

Actually I have nothing to write tonight though I have been desperately looking for some ideas. Well, it is not a kind of my style to have no idea to write but I think there is always the first time for everything and I’m just hoping it is not going to be a habit.

So, though I have nothing to write but it doesn’t mean I have nothing to post. I have new computer with new mouse so since they are new, both computer and mouse work smoothly and well until I can draw something just through Paint without any additional software. I just want to share the picture I drew with you guys and hope you like it.

Well, I think drawing is my new hobby besides music. A friend of mine said that ‘we have to be creative to entertain ourselves if you want to survive living in a plantation’, so here I am spending my time drawing anything I can draw, yes, I cannot draw anything I want to draw because actually I have no idea how to draw.

The translation of sentences in the picture in English:

One Day…
-       Do you know what www stands for?
-       Of course I know, Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu is what Moslems will say to answer Assalamualaikum. It is actually how Moslems say ‘hi’.

Actually, I don’t have any intention why I added that conversation in the picture. I just found the connection funny and there is enough space to put the conversation because I have no idea what else to draw in the available space.

Furthermore, I added GoodHope logo just for fun as well because GoodHope is where I’m currently working now and I think it will be nice if I put the logo so I can display the picture as desktop background of my computer.


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