WikiLeaks Blockade Leads to 95% Income Lost

WikiLeaks’ door is knocked by bankruptcy because of the blockade established by US Government that stopped all fund sources for WikiLeaks like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union. Wikileaks could always open the door and declare their own bankruptcy anytime but so far Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, along with Daniel Ellsberg and John Perry Barlow are striving to find a way for Wikileaks to survive. So far WikiLeaks have lost 95% of their income because of the blockade and foundation to raise funds is about to form to cover the situation.

The existence of WikiLeaks itself is still controversial among readers. As a reader, I always eager to read all documents that are kept as secrets by governments but in the end I think some documents are supposed to be in a safe box. Simple example, I am not an important person; I am just an ordinary blogger who are working in a palm oil plantation company in the deep of West Kalimantan. In short, I am not significant if compared to Mr. Lynch (ref: The A Team movie, all CIA agents are named/called as Mr. Lynch). However, I have some documents that I don’t want to share to anyone, not because it is important or contained dangerous formula of biology weapon but because it is just simply too personal.

However, I have no idea what kind of business that US Government tried to hide from the world. So far, some documents are just worth reading but I think WikiLeaks should be more selective in sharing documents that they have obtained from sources that should-not-be-named. See, even WikiLeaks have secrets they don’t want to share.

Just a thought…



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