New Job in Oil Palm Plantation

It’s blogging time. Yes, my blog is like an escape place for me, the place where I could feel free with my thought. It is true that I’m a kind of person with a lot of imaginations and thoughts. Sometime I don’t even be able to control my thoughts. There is always new ideas hovering my head and looking for a way out. Well, the problem is once the idea is hovering out is possible for me to lose them for good. That is why I love writing; it is a solution for me to record all the ideas I have though sometimes it is just too late.

Well, I have no idea what I am about to write right now but I think it will be nice if I share my new experience in a new place where I currently living right now. There is a small city in the deep of Borneo named Sandai which is located about 4 hours from Ketapang, my hometown. The chance to live in Sandai is something that I cannot resist, so I accepted the chance and took is a challenge. There is a project called Ketapang Project in Sandai belongs to GoodHope, a company that is currently working in plantation business.

The unique thing I got from this company after I accepted to work as Personal Assistant of the Plantation Manager is I found that most of palm oil area is taken over from PT. Alas Kusuma. It is a company that is working in logging business. It is a company where my father worked for more than 20 years since the company was opened in the early 80s. Since PT. Alas Kusuma is no longer re-planting the area, they sold the area to Agro Harapan Lestari, the sub-company of GoodHope that runs the project in Indonesia which specifically has several projects in Indonesia and Ketapang Project is one of them. Agro, where I’m currently working right now, is a new company as well and the project is started around 2010. So, it is just funny, once my father retired from PT. Alas Kusuma, I got accepted by a company that continues planting the area that once belonged to the company where he was working.

Is it coincidental? Well, I think so. ^^


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