Mesmerized by Six - The Power of Six of Pittacus Lore

The Power of Six is actually the book I’ve been reading right now. Well, as a fantasy story freak, some of you might be wondering why I could be this late of reading the book. The answer is simple because in a remote area I’m currently living right now is actually impossible for me to have access to new printed book, which I love to read. That is why in the end I have to give up looking for a chance to have the access, instead I’m ended up reading the e-book version I could find for free in the internet. 

Here I am reading the Power of Six while the other office friends are busy working. Well, not all of them I guess, my PA friend is also having nothing to do this time, she’s just reading the Percy Jackson series e-book I’ve given to her a couple days ago.  Surely you have known that The Power of Six is the next series of I Am Number Four, the book that made me love John Smith but I think I’m going to change my mind after I read The Power of Six.

So, what do you think about The Power of Six? However, so far I could say that Six is really cool with her invisibility power, speed and everything while Four is a kind of unstable broken-hearted teenager. Well, I think I’m gonna love the Seven’s characteristic because she could paint and could see in the dark and also could breath underwater. Gosh, just can’t wait until The Power of Six are gathering together to break the Megadore down.

The next book entitled “The Rise of Nine” will be published on August 2012. So for those who are currently mesmerized by Six’s powers, like me, you should wait for a while.

Nb: I’m still wondering how Pittacus Lore looks like and what kind of power he has?????!!!!! So, Mr. Lore if you are somewhere out there, don’t worry you have me as your ally.


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