Tips to Tell What You Feel About A Guy

I call myself a writer though I love music so much but I don't deserve the title as musician yet. However, I love writing music though I don't know how to read note.

Today, I'm going to post something a bit personal; it is about the very first song I wrote when I was in high school. This song means a lot to me because it is the first song I wrote though I don't remember the reason why I wrote this song from the first place.

However, some month ago I played this song in front of a guy I like as my expression that he and I (perhaps) were destined to be together. I was trying to tell him what I feel about him without reveal my true feeling. Since I'm the girl and I'm a kind of old-fashioned girl so I would never ask for a guy to be my boyfriend. It is very tricky but it works, well he's my boyfriend right now.

So, perhaps this song could help you girls to tell the guy you really like that he should ask you out immediately.

This song is available in Indonesia and English version. The title is Bila (Indonesian Version) and That You Love Me As Well (English Version)

(for clearer view just hover your mouse and then click the picture)


That You Love Me As Well

When I’m staring at the moon light
In the dark night along with the pole stars
I feel like whole of my life is longing
To meet the half part of my lovely soul and heart
Now I’m just getting it into my head
That’s you are all that I’ve had
But all that I could get
It’s hard for you to say
The three magic spells
That you love me as well

Here is the Song I Play, I'm sorry for the quality but it will help you about how to play the song ^^



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