Meg Cabot: The Mediator Series

One of the things that every nerd loves to write is about books. Well, if you ask me about my favourite writer and then I have a very long list to show to you until you'll regret that you ever asked that question. However, I won't wait until you ask me that question because no matter what, I'll tell you. Well, I'm just kidding, even nerd knows how to kid, well, probably, knows a bit.

Okaaayyy... I admit, I'm bad in making a joke. However, still, I want to tell you who is my favourite writer; she is Meg Cabot. I know, I know, you have prepared to close this page if I mentioned name like Fredrich Nietzsche or Aristotle, that is why I mentioned Meg Cabot to attract your attention. (I'm trying to make a joke and I think I'm failed -again-).

Well, however please don't expect that I will write about Princess Diaries because though I love reading them but the series are so yesterday. Furthermore, there are a lot of series that you should read written by Meg Cabot and The Mediator Series is one that I really love.

The Mediator Series are consisting of six books and I've read the Indonesian version and I don't know why the  Indonesian publisher didn't put the number of the series. However, later I know that even there is no series number in the original version. So, if you are interested to read this book, here is the list of books:

#1. Shadowland #2. Ninth Key #3.Reunion #4.Darkest Hour #5.Haunted #6.Twilight

The Mediator Series are series that tell about the life of Susannah Simon who is falling in love with the ghost who stays in her bedroom in her step father's house in Carmel, California. So, it is a ghost story? Well, I can't say that because for me ghost story is supposed to be creepy and hair-raising but this one is not. So, I think it is not a ghost story though most of the characters in the books are ghost. The meaning of mediator is actually a person who is gifted with a kind of supernatural power so he/she could interact with the ghosts. Interact here is not only seeing but also talking, touching, poking, punching, kicking the ghost and in Susannah Simon's case, a mediator is also able to fall in love with the ghost. 


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