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Some days ago I watched Abduction; a movie about a kid who is protected by a kind of secret agency because of his father has big secret to protect. Well, I’m not talking about the movie in this post because what I’m about to talk here is actually an actress that became the co-star of Taylor Lautner in the movie; she is Lily Collins. Yes, some of you might have heard about her since her father is Phil Collins, however when I watched Abduction, it was the first time I know about this girl and the first impression I got “wow, she is beautiful”.

Lily Collins is a British-American actress because her father, Phil Collins is a British and her mother, Jill Tavelman is an American. Well, I’m a movie freak and one of the reasons why I don’t know about Lily Collins is because I never watch any movies or tv series where she’s starring at because so far her filmography are only two episodes of the new 90210, The Blind Side, Priest and then Abduction. However, I could see that she would have bright future in Hollywood because after her appearance in Abduction with Lautner, she is currently casting as Snow White for Mirror Mirror; the new tale of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs which will be released this March.

Well, I think Mirror Mirror is one of the movies I’ll put on my watch-list in 2012.

More about Lily Collins, the buzz said that she dated Taylor Lautner after Abduction, right now new buzz is just spreading out that she is actually dating Zac Efron. Well, she's cute so she deserves cute boys as well... ^^


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November 1, 2013 at 5:41 PM

mortal instruments!!!!

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