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In order to help my best friend promoting her photography business, I made a very cool blog for MIDORI PHOTOGRAPHY. People prefer to focus on purchasing domain and paying premium template or hiring someone professional to help them designing the look of the blog when the fact is there are a lot of cool templates for blog,especially blog from blogspot that are offered for free.

I have written about one of my favourite blog templates named Camino some months ago and right now I am not about to discuss how to manage the look of the blog if you are using Camino but in this post I want to discuss how perfect this template for photography blog.

Here are some benefits you could get by using Camino for your photography blog:
As the start you could visit the blog by clicking this link MIDORI PHOTOGRAPHY. You would find that the Slider feature in the header page which could be filled with photos you want to display. Furthermore, each photo can be linked to any page you want.
Photo Display
If you open one of the post and you will see that there are several photos displayed in the post. However, it is very annoying when you want to see a photo but the size is not big enough for you to see. Well, if you are using Camino as your blog template, you could display the photo in bigger view just by clicking one of the photos and all photos in one post will be displayed automatically.

So, if you are currently looking for a template for your photography blog, perhaps choosing Camino is not a bad choice at all. You would always be able to edit the HTML so it fits to your personal desires or your individual needs but you should keep the credit to the designer by keeping the attribution in the footer page.


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