The Concept of Belief about Truth and Lie

There are three things that I want to discuss from the essay of Zarathustra and the essay written by Friedrich Nietzsche about Truth and Lie related to the concept of the language. I cannot say that I'm good in philosophy, I have been learning on it, and still it is completely new for me. However, sometime I just find something that is familiar by reading the essay written by the philosophers, I found it familiar because sometimes I also experience it, because the basic root of philosophy is about the concept and how we understand life. That is why I found it so familiar, because I think I'm alive now.

Just like I have written above, there are three things that I want to discuss, or I want to ask. The first one is from the essay of Zarathustra, it is about the concept of God. From the conversation that Zarathustra did to the old saint in the forest, I guess that Zarathustra is a kind of man who does not believe in God

Zarathustra said: “Could it be possible? This old saint in the forest has not yet heard anything of this, that God is dead!”.

The second thing is about the belief about evil and hell or life after death. Just like what Zarathustra has told to the man that almost die, that there is no life after death, and soul is just part of the body that also died just before the body itself died and also about God that is human made.

“all that of which you speak does not exist: there is no devil and no hell. Your soul will be dead even before your body: fear nothing further.”

I relate it to the concept of truth and lie written by Nietzsche. It is closely related to the concept of language as media to communicate. Language also determines the quality of the world, is it a truth or a lie. Where as if someone tells something, the quality of what he tells will be questioned, whether it is true or not. To answer it we will refer to the reality, and ask, wheter it is exist or not. Relating to the concept of God and the life after death from the essay of Zarathustra, I see that why he thought that God is human made, because according to Zarathustra, God is just like a concept. We do not know exactly whether it is exist or not because there is no proof from our senses to say that God is exist, or about life after death. Logically, we should dead first to know about it, but the problem is we are alive now, we do not have any idea yet about the life after death.

However, it is just in the matter of belief. Sometimes, the lie could be a truth if they believe it is a truth. So if we believe in God, it could be true, because we believe that God is exist. Or about the life after death, of course it cannot be separated from the concept of religion, if we believe that there is the life after death that determined by the quality of our life in this world, it could be true too. Once again I just can say that it is just in the matter of belief. And that is based on the human choice, weather they prefer to believe it or not.

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