#1 SEO How to Monetize Your Blog: The Role of Blog Writer in SEO

Is writing your hobby? Or you prefer to say that you really love writing? Well, and then you are a lucky person. Not everyone could write and you could do with love is surely better. I chose English Language and Literature for my major in college and at that time I just knew that I love writing. Well, now I know that I could turn my love of writing into money. 

Some of you might be thinking about writing a novel and then enter publishers you know one by one to offer your novel only to know that they don’t like it. With me, you don’t need publisher because what you only need is a blog, you don’t even need to pay for the blog, free blog is enough. There are several free blogs available but I suggest blogspot is the best because it is easy to use and easy to modify. Now the question is what you should do to turn your blog into a money maker? Before you find the answer for that question, you should know that making money through your blog is not easy; though the theory sounds easy. Theoretically, blog could be used as a media for advertisers to advertise their products. With the fast grow of the number of internet users, advertisers see internet as an amazing solution to meet potential customers.

I’ll give you an example. There is an owner of a small bakery shop who wants to advertise the shop. In the city where the owner of the bakery shops currently living is there are a lot of big bakery shops and it is obviously difficult for the small and new bakery shop to compete though the offer is better. What most people don’t know is that internet is also influencing people’s lifestyle recently. Five years ago, people might spare some time for shopping because they need it though they don’t have much time, so with small time they have they don’t have enough time to do selection for the products. That is why people prefer to go to the big bakery shops on their way home though they don’t really satisfy with the products because they don’t have choice. Here is the role of internet; internet technology gives them choices. They probably don’t have time to enter bakery shop one by one but surely they have a lot of time to jump from one bakery shop website to another one. They could do it from their office computer while updating some reports, they could do it from their tablet while sitting in the bus on the way to office or they could do it in their Blackberry when they enter a boring meeting. That is why is recommended for the bakery shop to advertise through internet marketing.

So, what is your role as a blog writer? 

The owner of the bakery shop though they already have a website they still need traffic to reach rank for the website in major search engines; for example is Google. Simple example, the niche of the website is bakery shop and when you type ‘bakery shop’ in search engine, there are 103.000.000 results. Well, people don’t care about bakery shop which is listed in the next page the question is how to make the bakery shop website listed in top ten Google ranking? The system is well known as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are several systems offered by SEO for the bakery shop owner, such as:

  • Specific keyword or tag. A website, in order to be searchable by search engine should have contents which emphasize specific keyword to lead internet users to the website. The more specific the keyword is the better; ‘bakery shop’ is too general perhaps ‘bakery shop in Wichita’ or ‘free delivery bakery shop Phoenix’ is much more recommended.
  • Pay per click. There are a lot of websites that are using this system to drive more traffic. Internet users will be asked to click a link that leads to a specific website and wait several seconds.
  • Backlink. It is the most effective and recommended solution for advertiser and through this solution a blog writer takes important role. Logically, the number of backlink is the indication of the popularity of a website. Advertisers will pay bloggers to write articles about products offered by their website with link included in the articles. Besides, the more backlinks spread in blogs the more opportunities for internet users to find the link, click and visit the website. 

Well, those are general definitions about SEO world and the role of the writer.  The next question is what you should do to attract advertisers to pay you for writing articles for them?

Actually, I want to write about it now but my boss is coming and I have to focus on my role as a personal assistant for what I’m being paid here. So, for success; no matter what you do be a professional and stay honest in every way.


Number One Loan Consulting for Bad Credit Loan

Bad credit loan could be a nightmare once it is noted in credit history. Theoretically, someone with bad credit history will be difficult to propose loan. With all of your credit issues and Christmas is coming and your expenses are somehow becoming higher than usual; you find it very difficult to see the bright sight of this situation. Actually, there is always solution in every problem; do you know that there is loan that is especially designed for people with bad credit? If you never heard such things; it is the time for you to learn a bit.

Most people see loan matter as a tip of the iceberg. The problem you see in the first place is actually only the decoy of the bigger problem hidden. Now ask yourself? What do you think about loan; as a problem or as a solution? If you see it as a solution and then you should start learning about how to control your loan and how to take advantage from the installment loan system. If you do it rightly, even people with bad credit history could improve their credit and even repair their credit.

You don’t need to be a genius to learn about this system because loan system is very easy to understand. As the start, you could visit First Amerigo for further information about anything loans. It is actually the number one choice of loan consulting in United State. They are emphasizing their service to be easy, fast, customer-oriented and available in online system that provide you 24/7 services. So, you could relax from now and enjoy your Christmas holiday with a big relief.

Recycle Idea: Reuse Waste after Christmas

Christmas is coming. What you have been prepared? Well, the first thing you will do to answer that question is looking at your shopping list and then your personal bank account. You do it every year and you do saving all year so you have enough money to buy everything listed in your shopping list; every year you will find that stuffs become more expensive and your saving is never enough.

Well, since you have been busy shopping everything you need for Christmas and you don’t have enough time to think about any ideas to reduce your shopping list this year, you don’t need to worry, because you still have enough time to start finding some ideas to reduce waste after Christmas. Why after Christmas? There is always the first time and this year is going to be your first time so next year you could save more money for something useful than just to buy Christmas decoration.

Here the lists of top tips you could do to help you reducing your Christmas shopping expense:

  • Don’t throw wrapping paper away. Making sure that you open the wrapping paper carefully, so you could reuse it again later. Kids would not notice that they actually get presents with the same wrapping paper every year. If the wrapping paper is not big enough because sometimes kids just tear it out for the present inside, you could combine several torn out wrapping papers and made them into paper gift bag.
  • Don’t buy Christmas decoration every year. Once Christmas has passed, you could store all of your Christmas decoration stuffs you have so you could use them again next year. 

  • Don’t throw Christmas cards away and don’t keep them as well. You could keep your favorite Christmas cards only but you could reuse the rest of the Christmas cards. There are a lot of ways to reuse Christmas cards; such as using the paper as gift tags, Christmas decorations or next year Christmas cards.

  • Don’t just throw your Christmas foods in the bin. Surely you cannot save foods until next year but instead of throwing them to the bin is better for you to give them away. There are a lot of people out there who would be glad for free food and you could spread the spirit of Christmas though it has passed. 

Those are just several ideas you could do to reuse waste after Christmas. There are a lot of more ideas out there, you could share some if you want to and make it useful for others, so the spirit of Christmas will be around all year long.


Deus ex Machina - Only God Could Solve

Gosh, time flies by so fast. I don’t even have time to write every day. What I remember is I wrote a post for this blog last weekend and now I write a new post at weekend again.

I’m currently working on a writing project and last night I just created an idea for the ending. Well, it is weird because whenever I have a new idea to write a story or a novel, the first thing that is coming to my mind is how the story will be ended though the story is not even written yet.

Do you familiar with the term deus ex machina?  Well, I do because I studied about humor and tragedy in literature class when I was in college and deus ex machina was in the syllables. From what I remember, deus ex machina is one of the plot devices, usually used in tragedy for settlement. The plot is considered using deus ex machina is when an unsolved plot is unexpectedly solved by ‘God’ and I prefer to use “Only God could solve it” as the rough definition of deus ex machina . Well, ‘God’ here is not literary God but could be anyone or anything. The most famous tragedy that is using deus ex machina device in the plot is Tartuffe the play written by Moliere; in this play the King takes role as the ‘God’ who finally safe the fate of the heroes.

Most critics said that deus ex machina could be used by any writer who is currently block; writer who cannot create a plot to solve the current problem experienced by the characters in the story. Well, it is not really true because deus ex machina could be used as a dramatic way to surprise reader as well. One interesting example I quoted from Wikipedia is The War of the Worlds; well surely you know the movie but I’m not sure that you have read the novel, I haven’t read the novel as well and I just found out that the movie is actually adapted from the novel some minutes ago. The story about earth is invaded by aliens that even the most modern weapons that human ever made cannot kill the invaders; that is why the invaders are defined to be unconquerable. However, in the end some kinds of terrestrial microorganism could solve the problem succinctly; because there are no bacteria in the planet where the invaders came from so they don’t have any immunity.  The terrestrial microorganism here is taking role as the 'God' just like the role of the King in Tartuffe.

Well, I’m going to try using this plot device to end the story that I haven’t written yet, currently the idea is only hovering in my head and disturbing my sleep. I even cannot focus on my work; it is a good thing for a writer, isn’t it? But totally not for my boss and my social life. So, I've got to finish this project as soon as possible.


Recommended Books to Read from Rick Riordan

Weekend is approaching and reading time is coming. Well, it is true that sometimes spending weekend in your library reading books could be a heaven. However, you have nothing to read this weekend? What kind of book you like? If you like fantasy book and then I have good news for you. Rick Riordan just launched the latest series of Heroes of Olympus last October entitled The Mark of Athena and perhaps it is the time for you to check the nearest bookstore or click to several online bookstores for the book.

However, before you decided to buy the book is better for you to make sure that you have read the previous books. It is true that The Mark of Athena is the third book of Heroes of Olympus but you should know that Heroes of Olympus is the second series from Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
Herewith the complete list of the series for your references:
Series One – Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • The Lightning Thief (2005)
  • The Sea of Monsters (2006)
  • The Titan’s Curse (2007)
  • The Battle of the Labyrinth (2008)
  • The Last Olympian (2009)

Series Two – The Heroes of Olympus
  • The Lost Hero (2010)
  • The Son of Neptune (2011)
  • The Mark of Athena (2012)
  • The House of Hades (coming on Autumn 2013)

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the series right away or you could click “The Mark of Athena” for the complete review.


Nerd Inside Glasses Outside

It is just nice to see the world clearly again. I used to wear contacts but since I moved to a very dusty city, so I decided to wear glasses again. You must have known that someone who wears glasses usually judged to be nerd, geek or dork. Well, what’s wrong of being a nerd, geek or dork? I’m so proud that even Christina Aguilera has a song written especially for nerd, “What A Nerd Wants”:

What a nerd wants
What a nerd needs
Whatever makes nerd happy
Sets nerd free…

So, you should proud to be a nerd.

Well, I admit that wearing contacts is much more comfortable but wearing glasses will simplify everything.

Herewith the list of benefits of wearing glasses than wearing contacts:
  • Very practical. I don’t need to bring cleaner anywhere I go or wash my hand regularly to keep it clean while touching contacts like an automysophobia.
  • Very cheap. Based on my experience, I just need to change my glasses every 2 years, while using contacts I need to change it, the latest every 6 months. Besides, if you apply to health insurance it also provides coverage for the need of glasses not contacts. So, you could get new glasses every year for free.
  • Very fashionable. It is true that today, glasses is already becoming one of the fashion accessories. You could mix and match your current fashion style with the choice of eye glasses, while the only thing contacts could do is changing the color of your eyes, which is somehow fake and lame.
  • Very easy. I don’t need to wake up blurry or make another bruise in my head to reach bathroom just to wash my hand and face before I could use contacts. With glasses I could go to anywhere I want to go once I woke up, like crossing the street in my pajamas to buy a cup of coffee.
  • Very attractive. Oh yeah, perhaps you don’t know that men today started to think straight and right. Though they appeared to be a jerk who dated sexy chick but still in the end they will look for someone smart to live with and kicked the sexy chick out. It is true that wearing glasses will make you look like a frog somehow but a smart girl will choose and wear glasses like she is a smart one.
That’s why once I left my contacts behind; I decided to enter my new life which is already designed to be my faith which is wearing glasses until the end. Once again, I really proud to be a nerd, because so far the word ‘Nerd’ is my identifier. You could see it from the title of my blog, which is inspired from my BFF, Christina Aguilera. Sorry, to be such a name dropper but it is true.



RePost: Interview with Rick Riordan by Lyn Belisle

Rick Riordan is the author of the #1 New York Times best selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for children and the multi-award-winning Tres Navarre mystery series for adults. His Percy Jackson series features a twelve-year-old dyslexic boy who discovers he is the modern-day son of a Greek god. The Lightning Thief was a New York Times Notable Book for 2005. Film rights have been purchased by Twentieth Century Fox and a feature film is in development. For fifteen years, Rick taught English and history at public and private middle schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Texas. In 2002, Saint Mary’s Hall honored him with the school’s first Master Teacher Award. In 2003, he was inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters. He lives in San Antonio with his family.

Lyn Belisle is an award-winning teacher, artist, designer and writer who has taught a range of fine arts, humanities, English, and graphic design throughout her career. She was the recipient of the 2002 Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching for her outstanding performance in public education. Currently, she is on the faculty of the computer Science Department at Trinity University. One of her proudest accomplishment is being the mother of author Rick Riordan, whom she interviews for this article.

Rick Riordan Interview

Rick, your weblog (http://rickriordan.blogspot.com/) is called Myth and Mystery. Both your Tres Navarre mysteries and the Percy Jackson mythologically-based YA series have a central “hero” who follows a quest of sorts. How are the two concepts of myth and mystery treated as literary devices in your writing in general?

Mythology is as relevant today as it ever has been. Mythology is the symbolism of civilization. It contains our most deeply embedded archetypes. Once you know mythology, you see it everywhere – from the names of our days of the week to our art and architecture. You would be hard-pressed to find any work of English literature that does not draw to some extent on Classical mythology, whether it be the hero’s quest or simply allusions to the Olympians.

Knowing mythology certainly makes one a more informed member of society, but it’s not simply important to understand and appreciate Western Civilization. Mythology is a way of understanding the human condition. Myths have always been man’s attempt to explain phenomena – and not just why the sun travels across the sky. Myths also explain love, fear, hate, revenge, and the whole range of human feelings.

When I speak to school groups, I often ask children what Greek god they would like for a parent. My favorite answer was from a schoolgirl in Texas who said, “Batman.” Actually, the girl’s comment about Batman being a Greek god is not too far off, because it’s the same idea at work: creating a superhuman version of humanity so that we can explore our problems, strengths and weaknesses writ large. If the novel puts life under the microscope, mythology blows it up to billboard size.

Myths aren’t something that happened in the past, something that we left behind with the Bronze Age. We are still creating myths all the time. My young adult hero Percy Jackson allows me a wonderful opportunity to explore the myth of America as the beacon of civilization, the myth of New York, and the myth of the American teenager.

As for Tres Navarre, the protagonist of my mysteries, he is also very much in the Classical tradition. I would argue that the American private eye is a direct descendant of Odysseus – the capable crafty hero who must battle the forces of nature, the will of the gods, and the schemes of evil men to forge his own version of justice.

I remember that one of your favorite books when you were a child was Fletcher and Zenobia by Victoria Chess and Edward Gorey. Any comments on those characters and situations as a very early influence? Any other memorable childhood books that shaped your work?

Edward Gorey has a wonderful sense of the macabre, and I think children are drawn to darkness and danger much more than adults sometimes realize. You need look no further than the Brothers Grimm, or more recently the popularity of Lemony Snicket. Fletcher and Zenobia was not
overtly dark (though I did wonder about Zenobia’s fear of axes). Still, it had subtle and subversive humor, and it created a space for me, as a reader, to imagine myself in the story. A good book is not just about narrative. It’s about creating a geography wide enough to accommodate the reader. I could imagine myself stuck in Fletcher’s tree, or sailing away to great adventures on the back of a giant moth. As a child, I was also drawn to the work of Roald Dahl. I was particularly delighted when James’ giant peach squashed his horrible aunts.

When you moved away from home in Texas to live in San Francisco, how did your memories (good or not-so) of growing up in San Antonio lead to the subject and setting of your first mystery, Big Red Tequila?

Growing up, I often asked teachers what I should write about, only to be given that old axiom, “Write about what you know.” I hated that, since I didn’t know anything. It was only after moving away from San Antonio that I realized what a unique place it was. I needed distance to write effectively about my hometown, so along with “write about what you know,” I usually tell aspiring writers that they must appreciate what they know. My first novel was driven largely by homesickness.

Growing up in San Antonio also affected my writing style. The Southern storytelling tradition and the tall tales of the Wild West are still very much alive in San Antonio. A good yarn must be colorful and exaggerated. As a child, I remember sitting around campfires at the Frio River, listening to the ways stories were told – sometimes the same stories year after year, but each time they would change and get grander, funnier, stranger. I imagine things weren’t too different with tales of the Trojan War in the time of Homer.

Your Tres Navarre books have a strong sense of locale; in fact, the city of San Antonio has been described as a major character in the books. The Percy Jackson books, by contrast, take young readers all over the country as well as to richly-detailed mythological locations. In general, what are your thoughts on the importance of locale in your own work? Has that changed?

In my Tres Navarre novels, setting is a character. I try to design each story so that it could not possibly happen anywhere except South Texas – at least not without losing its essence. A quote attributed to O’Henry, perhaps apocryphally, listed four cities in the United States with a completely unique, unmistakable character: New Orleans, San Francisco, Boston and San Antonio. I think it’s no accident the first three locales have long histories as literary settings, but when I began writing I had San Antonio pretty much to myself. It is indeed a rich location with its mix of cultures and its long colorful history.

The Percy Jackson books cover a lot more geographic territory. I basically picked locations our family had visited so my sons could picture the action as I told them the story. If there is a similarity in the way the two series treat setting, it is the idea of writing as travel. Readers like to be transported to exotic and interesting places. The physical journey of the hero also reflects his
spiritual journey. This is an ancient theme. Like so many literary protagonists from Theseus to Huckleberry Finn, Percy Jackson and Tres Navarre must leave home to discover home. The return is an essential element of the hero.s quest.

I’m incredibly proud of your achievements as a classroom teacher. How has that experience influenced your books for young readers? How do you balance the instructive with the entertaining? You’ve obviously found a good mix of both if one reads comments from both educators and young fans.

When I write one of my children’s books, I always imagine myself telling the story in front of my own classroom. I try to fashion a story that works well read aloud, that will keep the attention of a young audience. The more instructive a book is, the more entertainment value it needs. I am interested first and foremost in telling a good story, but it is always my hope to teach in a subversive manner, so that students don’t even realize they are learning something. Judging from the comments of librarians, who tell me their mythology sections are getting a heavy workout these days, I’d say my plan is working!

Referensi: Belisle, Lyn. "Interview with Rick Riordan". Trinity University. Retrieved 19 November 2012.

Apple: We've Got A Little More to Show You

“We’ve got a little more to show you”
It is going to be a headline for all gadget magazines around the world; it seems Apple, the trend setter, is starting to follow the trend in order to compete with others tablets that are offered in much more affordable price.
Apple invitation for press conference 23 October 2012 in United States

Well, the invitation emphasized that the rumor about mini iPad perhaps is not a bad rumor at all; there is a little thing they want to show us. It is true that ‘Little more’ here could be anything but you could expect the best thing you want that Apple finally decided offering their new product in friendly price because this third generation iPad will compete with Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 which is offered only around $199, and not to mention Surface from Microsoft which will be launched almost at the same time.

Even I got dizzy to decide which tablet I will buy before this year is ended. How about you?

Surface from Microsoft VS Mini iPad from Apple

Have you checked your mailbox today? Perhaps there is invitation from Apple to attend an event which will be held on 23rd October 2012. I did check my mailbox and nothing but bills to pay this month, but never mind, still it is a good news I heard from Reuters that Apple will hold an event to launch, according to the rumor, is the new Mini iPad.

Well, rumor has it; this new Mini iPad will become a problem for Microsoft which will introduce its new Surface Tablet as well as Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, on 26th October 2012. Why does it become a problem? Still, according to the rumor, all potential buyers for Surface Tablet will reconsider their choice of purchasing this gadget if Mini iPad is released at the same time.

So, what you are going to choose this October? Surface Tablet or Mini iPad?

Surface Tablet
This gadget, as mentioned above, is produced by Microsoft. This gadget will be available in two versions, the first is Surface which is using Windows RT as the operating system and the second version is Surface Pro which is using Windows 8 as the operating system. Both tablets have 16:9 aspect ratios with screens of 10.6 inches or around 27 cm and coming with Clear Type HD display technology from Microsoft that could support auto-adjusting screen intensity as well as ultra-wide viewing angle. Surface will be available this October while Surface Pro will be available three months later.

Mini iPad
As usual, Apple is always very secretive when it comes to their new product. Unless you attend the event next Tuesday, you would never know what mini iPad will look like until the date their launch it. The rumor said that this new mini iPad will have screen size around 7 – 8 inches, and that’s it. Since it is a mini iPad, that news is not really surprising. I’ve been searching and as usual, zero updates for hardware, applications and so on.

It is true that it will be very difficult whether you are going to choose Surface or mini iPad because you should compare them first. The problem is you should wait until mini iPad launched before you could compare them. It is actually what Microsoft fears the most, whoever who wants to buy Surface will delay their decision until mini iPad is fully released in the market.

Tips to Read Free EPUB e-book

Well, since I’m living in the middle of nowhere with limited access to bookstore, I found free e-book is the solution for my reading hobby. It is true that you cannot depend on online bookstore to send the book on time where the only address you could provide is latitude and longitude to determine where you are currently living.

However, I know what piracy means is, so stop educating me. I have my own library back home so I promise to you guys that for each free e-book I have downloaded, I will buy the original one, the problem is I just cannot wait until I get the book in my hand to read it. That is why free e-book is the solution available here. So, how about buying original e-book? Well, I’m not rich, I have to save money and do diet to buy books, so be nice to me okay. I don’t want to buy the book twice.

The problem is with Google Panda is hovering around; I found it becomes difficult to find free e-book recently. I used to read e-book in PDF format which is much more comfortable. However you cannot just Googling ‘book title’ PDF download and find the e-book right away. You should do a lot of tricks and enter several websites until you find the e-book. So far, I never failed to find the e-book I want to read but yeah some e-books required a lot of time to find, especially e-book in PDF format.

However, I have a solution here. Rather than looking for e-book in PDF format, which is becoming more difficult, it is better for you to find e-book with EPUB extension. Yes, it is much easier now to find e-book in EPUB extension since people right now prefer to read e-book than printed book.

The question is how to read EPUB files? Well, there are a lot of devices that provide application to open EPUB files. However, for you who don’t know where you should go for the application and you just need to simply read the e-book from your computer, you don’t need to worry, you could use your Mozilla Firefox to read EPUB file by getting ads-on EPUBreader. Once the ads-on fully installed, just dragging the file you have downloaded to your Firefox and voila you could start reading.

Happy Reading

The Money Converter: Quick Answer for Rates Exchange

What you’re going to do when your boss asked you a question about currency and you should answer it quickly? The first thing that might snap your head is finding the current exchange rate of the currency and then grabbing a calculator. Well, it is actually a wrong answer.

So, what is the right answer?

Just simply entering TheMoneyConverter.com you could simplify everything. Herewith the list of advantages you could get from the website:
-          The exchange rates are always updated.
-          All currencies are available.
-          Conversion rate (buy/sell) available in complete decimal.
-          Description of currencies.
-          By clicking ‘Exchange Rates’ you will be provided with the specific exchange rate of each currency.
-          Exchange rate history for converting is also available.
-          Easy to use.

How to use:
- Choose the currencies to be converted (e.g. from USD to IDR)
- Type the amount you want (e.g. USD 250) in ‘enter amount’ column.
- Enter

Once you have pressed ENTER in your keyboard you will be provided with the result of USD 250 converted into IDR which is 2,378,655.77 IDR.

So, whenever your boss asks you about the current currency, you know where you should go and what you should do for a quick answer.

Eka Arifin - Saturday Night

Suddenly just suddenly I want to share one of the song I've written when I was single. Well, I'm still single now but not available any more.

So, wish you guys like the lyric as well as the horrible sound of my guitar... ^^

Saturday Night
by ekarifin

C#m             B                   A              E
nothing that is wrong to spend your Saturday night alone
C#m      B                      A                   E
reading novels and listening to your favourite love song
C#m        B                          A                   E
there is nobody you should share your favourite ice cream cone
C#m            B                     A               E
and you could wear your warm ugly pijamas all night long

C#m               B                     A              E
you may hear your friends talking about their amazing dates
C#m             B                     A             E
while the only phone call you got is only from your sad dad
C#m             B                   A               E
who was crying on the death of his ugly furry cat named Red
C#m               B                A          E
and you should go home to take him away from its grave

F#m                  G#m
sometimes you should listen to your heart
F#m                  G#m
sometimes you should just follow the flow
F#m                  G#m
sometimes you should deal with your thought
F#m                  G#m                E
sometimes you should just enjoy the glow

F#m              G#m
don't even bother with your lost
F#m              G#m
or jealous to your friends' toasts
F#m              G#m
coz you will always have the toys
F#m              G#m                       E
so you know how to live happyly without the boys

C#m             B                   A              E
nothing that is wrong to spend your Saturday night alone
C#m      B                      A                   E
reading novels and listening to your favourite love song
C#m        B                          A                   E
there is nobody you should share your favourite ice cream cone
C#m            B                     A               E
and you could wear your warm ugly pijamas all night long

F#m              G#m
don't even bother with your lost
F#m              G#m
or jealous to your friends' toasts
F#m              G#m
coz you will always have the toys
F#m              G#m                       E
so you know how to be happy without the boys


Holiday Inn Shanghai : Swimming and Flying Sensation above Pudong

China could be said as one of the busiest city in the world. Well, just imagine you are in a house full of people and then use your imagination to replace the house with China but with a thousand times crowded. That is why people prefer to go to Exotic Island in Korea or somewhere in South East Asia like Indonesia and Thailand instead of China. However, it doesn’t mean that China is not worth visiting. For you who don’t have time to swim in Exotic Island, Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao offers you something far beyond exotic. You are swimming and flying at the same time above Pudong city.

The purpose of designing the swimming pool in the above Pudong city is quite simple, the spokesman from InterContinental Hotel Group said “we want them to always feel like in a holiday even in the middle of busy city”.

It is quite experience for those who have swam in that swimming pool which for some people might be really scary, especially for those who have hyperphobia. If you have no problem with hyperphobia, take flight to China right away and enjoy your flying while swimming above Pudong city. 


What You Want in Life

What you want in life is not something you could mention one by one. Human has natural habit to always want everything. Sometime what people want is so simple but sometime is also beyond imagination.

Well, the picture below is just for fun, there are some desires contained in the picture and the first three words you find are what you want in life. Once again, it is just for fun so just try it at home and have fun.

My first three words are Happiness, Friends and Freedom. How about you?

Be the Smart Auto Insurance Buyer

For some people car is their pride, for others car is their basic needs, how about you? No matter what car is for you there is one important thing you should consider once you have bought a car; it is insurance. Driving a car without insurance is almost the same like driving a car without a seat belt. That is why applying to car insurance is prominent matter.

The problem is there a lot of auto insurance companies you could find out there. You cannot depend on the first broker you meet. You need to know about what this insurance is about and what kind of advantages you could get from applying. Well, what you need here is Car Insurance Rates where you could learn about types of insurance and packages. With this site you are also able to learn about how to manage your budget for the best insurance package and compare the rates.

In the same site you could save a lot of time for insurance broker research because they have partnered with the best insurance brokers only for years. There is a list you could take a look for recommendation or you could use the insurance quote system available in the website for free to find insurance broker that meets your need and budget.

Free Life Insurance Quotes

Do you know what is going to happen to you in a minute from now? Surely you don’t know. So, how could you assure that your life is just going to be fine in the future if you don’t even know what will happen to you in the next minute? Some people take their life too easy but you know it really well that life is never easy. Furthermore, you have a lot of people you love that you should protect as well.

Speaking of how to assure your life in the future there is only one solution available; it is life insurance. Insurance system provides you all the things you need to secure your life in the future as well as the lives of everyone you love. The problem is there are a lot of types of insurance and you should make sure that you choose the one that suitable most to your need. In Life Insurance Rates you could get anything you want from selector tool that will help you choosing the best insurance you need up to life insurance quotes system that is offered for free.

Anything you need to know about insurance is also available in this site. Just a simply clicking to the official website you will change yourself into a smart buyer who knows exactly what kind of insurance you need to protect your life and all people you love.

Get Payday Loans As Fast As Today

The best thing from being the part of 21st century is you could do anything you want and need rightly from your home conveniently through online system. In other words, you could do anything you want and need fast in efficient and effective way. Where you will go whenever you need fast cash? The answer is easy; that internet provides you the solution right away.

The question is where you should go for fast cash? The answer is a lot. However, there is only one place you could go for fast payday loans with minimum requirements, easy procedures and instant process; it is Easy Online Payday Loan. The best thing about this site is you are not only able to get the cash in the same day you propose the loan but you could choose whether the money is deposited or written in a check; everything is depending on your personal needs.

Have you reached 18 years old? Do you have monthly income? Do you have bank account? If you answer yes for those questions and then you are eligible to propose the loan today and get the cash right away. Millions of people have proven how trustworthy and fast this website is in providing fast cash and it is the time for you to prove it yourself and share the good news to your friends. So please don’t hesitate to visit the site and make sure you have read all terms and conditions required.

Big Question: Does The Pirate Bay Blockade Bring 'Something' to BPI?

Major ISPs in Europe blocked The Pirate Bay is the major news you should know today. Virgin Media, Sky Broadband, BE, Everything Everywhere and O2 have blocked The Pirate Bay due to the court issues new blocking against The Pirate Bay and recently TalkTalk is also following the trend.

This matter is closely related to the most practices carried out by The Pirate Bay that in some ways supporting piracy action. The number of netters that are accessing this website everyday is progressively increasing day by day and makes The Pirate Bay enjoys around 12 millions Traffic Boost.

For netters around the world The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site where they always be able to access free contents, however for BPI or CIAPC (Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Center), The Pirate Bay is not more than just an infamous torrent site which access should be limited or blocked from subscribers. It is almost impossible to tell subscribers to stop accessing the website that is why through legal action, all major ISPs, like it or not, should follow the order. Simple example, Elisia, the local ISP intially refused to follow the order but in the end they are forced through court order to follow the action and then the same order also forced TeliaSonera and DNA to follow Elisia.

Perhaps the main purpose of blocking The Pirate Bay is positive; it is to stop piracy practices and give back the right of rightsholders. However, in short term the effect is totally the opposite, besides, as said by Peter Sunde "The Pirate Bay has been one of the most important movements in Sweden for freedom of speech, working against corruption and cencorship".

The next question is, how effective the blockage mentioned above is? The fact is there are some ways that netters could use to access the website from changing the proxy so netters could access the website from the third party up to using several plugin and software that are avaialble for free in the internet. In the end, netters just see that how high traffic will be lead to BPI website because of the blockade because billions netters will start looking for information about this and some major ISPs are automatically leading their subscribers to BPI website everytime their subscribers are trying to access The Pirate Bay. Just a fortune for BPI to have a very high traffic and everyone knows that high traffic means bigger money to earn.


Do you know what www stands for?

Actually I have nothing to write tonight though I have been desperately looking for some ideas. Well, it is not a kind of my style to have no idea to write but I think there is always the first time for everything and I’m just hoping it is not going to be a habit.

So, though I have nothing to write but it doesn’t mean I have nothing to post. I have new computer with new mouse so since they are new, both computer and mouse work smoothly and well until I can draw something just through Paint without any additional software. I just want to share the picture I drew with you guys and hope you like it.

Well, I think drawing is my new hobby besides music. A friend of mine said that ‘we have to be creative to entertain ourselves if you want to survive living in a plantation’, so here I am spending my time drawing anything I can draw, yes, I cannot draw anything I want to draw because actually I have no idea how to draw.

The translation of sentences in the picture in English:

One Day…
-       Do you know what www stands for?
-       Of course I know, Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu is what Moslems will say to answer Assalamualaikum. It is actually how Moslems say ‘hi’.

Actually, I don’t have any intention why I added that conversation in the picture. I just found the connection funny and there is enough space to put the conversation because I have no idea what else to draw in the available space.

Furthermore, I added GoodHope logo just for fun as well because GoodHope is where I’m currently working now and I think it will be nice if I put the logo so I can display the picture as desktop background of my computer.

WikiLeaks Blockade Leads to 95% Income Lost

WikiLeaks’ door is knocked by bankruptcy because of the blockade established by US Government that stopped all fund sources for WikiLeaks like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union. Wikileaks could always open the door and declare their own bankruptcy anytime but so far Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, along with Daniel Ellsberg and John Perry Barlow are striving to find a way for Wikileaks to survive. So far WikiLeaks have lost 95% of their income because of the blockade and foundation to raise funds is about to form to cover the situation.

The existence of WikiLeaks itself is still controversial among readers. As a reader, I always eager to read all documents that are kept as secrets by governments but in the end I think some documents are supposed to be in a safe box. Simple example, I am not an important person; I am just an ordinary blogger who are working in a palm oil plantation company in the deep of West Kalimantan. In short, I am not significant if compared to Mr. Lynch (ref: The A Team movie, all CIA agents are named/called as Mr. Lynch). However, I have some documents that I don’t want to share to anyone, not because it is important or contained dangerous formula of biology weapon but because it is just simply too personal.

However, I have no idea what kind of business that US Government tried to hide from the world. So far, some documents are just worth reading but I think WikiLeaks should be more selective in sharing documents that they have obtained from sources that should-not-be-named. See, even WikiLeaks have secrets they don’t want to share.

Just a thought…


Mesmerized by Six - The Power of Six of Pittacus Lore

The Power of Six is actually the book I’ve been reading right now. Well, as a fantasy story freak, some of you might be wondering why I could be this late of reading the book. The answer is simple because in a remote area I’m currently living right now is actually impossible for me to have access to new printed book, which I love to read. That is why in the end I have to give up looking for a chance to have the access, instead I’m ended up reading the e-book version I could find for free in the internet. 

Here I am reading the Power of Six while the other office friends are busy working. Well, not all of them I guess, my PA friend is also having nothing to do this time, she’s just reading the Percy Jackson series e-book I’ve given to her a couple days ago.  Surely you have known that The Power of Six is the next series of I Am Number Four, the book that made me love John Smith but I think I’m going to change my mind after I read The Power of Six.

So, what do you think about The Power of Six? However, so far I could say that Six is really cool with her invisibility power, speed and everything while Four is a kind of unstable broken-hearted teenager. Well, I think I’m gonna love the Seven’s characteristic because she could paint and could see in the dark and also could breath underwater. Gosh, just can’t wait until The Power of Six are gathering together to break the Megadore down.

The next book entitled “The Rise of Nine” will be published on August 2012. So for those who are currently mesmerized by Six’s powers, like me, you should wait for a while.

Nb: I’m still wondering how Pittacus Lore looks like and what kind of power he has?????!!!!! So, Mr. Lore if you are somewhere out there, don’t worry you have me as your ally.

How to Download Movie through uTorrent

It has been a long time I didn’t write, post and update my blog. I am a writer who is currently working in a palm oil plantation which office has very limited internet connection. Furthermore, I don’t have my own desk yet and I have no idea at all what I should do if the senior PA is not available around and my boss has a meeting in Pontianak. So, here I am writing something offline from my own old laptop.

However, hopefully my post this time is useful enough for some people. I know it would not useful for everyone because all professional internet users must know how to use uTorrent. Well, you must be surprised that some people I met here don’t know how to use uTorrent. That is why I said that this information is only useful for some people who don’t know how to use uTorrent.

Well, what uTorrent is actually? If you open Wikipedia you will find a very long story and history of uTorrent but if you ask me, I’ll define uTorrent as one of the media I use to download files faster. Some of you might have been familiar with some website download directories like Megaupload, 4Shared, Rapidshare, Mediafire and so on. The problem with those websites is you cannot make sure that the files uploaded by users are safe and spyware-free. Some files even fake because uploaded by unknown users. However, you should know some tips to download file from uTorrent because if you don’t know how to download it and then you would never be able to download the file from uTorrent.

In this post, I’ll give you an example how to download a movie from uTorrent. What movie you want to download? Well, I’m currently interested to download Monte Carlo, a movie with Selena Gomez as the star.

Things You Should Do before You Start Downloading from uTorrent 
  • The first thing you should do is download the uTorrent software. It is very easy to find uTorrent software, you could Google it or visit uTorrent official web to download the software for free. Once you have downloaded the software, you should install the software to your computer PC. 
  • The second thing you should do is deciding which movie you want to download, you should know when the movie is released to avoid ambiguity from the title (if any). To check this information you could visit Imdb.com for complete movie database information. Based on Imdb.com Monte Carlo is released in 2011.

How to Download Movie from uTorrent
Well, in this post I’ll share how I download the movie step by step, so you know how to download it exactly like the steps I take to download the movie.
  • Visit Torrenz.eu. Well, visiting this website is a bit tricky. You cannot just type the URL in your web browser, I don’t know why but if I do it in my Chrome and then I will be lead to a completely different website. So, you should type Torrenz as keyword in Google and then you will be provided with the list of websites related to that keyword; choose the top one with Torrenz.eu as the main URL.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Once you have entered the site you will be provided with a search column where you could type any file you want to download.

Step 3

  • As an example, you could type Monte Carlo and then choose files that has characteristics to be a movie file like Monte Carlo (2011) DVDRip nl subs Nlt-Release(Divx). Most of movie files have additional information.

Step 4

  • DVDRip, BDRip, BRRip – Most of movies with DVDRip in the title are considered to be in good quality because the movie is ripped from DVD. For the size is about 700 MB up to 1.4GB.  SiC or CAM is movie you should avoid because most of the quality is poor because the movie is manually recorded from camera video. Shortly, if you cannot find the DVDRip version means you should wait a bit longer until someone posting the DVDRip version. Some reliable uploaders for DVDRip movies is like aXXo, AMIABLE, SnOrF, FXG, FURIA, Mr. KickAss and so on. You will find some more familiar name for DVDRip uploaders.

Step 5

  • Once you have been provided with the list, there are more things that you should take into account. There are some things you should make sure first:  You should make sure whether the file is already verified or not. The green check indicates that the file is already verified by users to be good.

Step 6

  • The file size. Well, I personally prefer DVDRip movie file that has smaller file. If there is verified file which size is only around 700MB, what is the point of choosing file with bigger size like more than 1 GB? 
  • If you have chosen the file you want to download, just a simply clicking to the link and then you will be provided with the list of websites where you could get the uTorrent file for the movie file. If you ask me what are they? Well, I don’t have the answer, I know the practice but I am really bad in the theory. If you want to know, you could read Wikipedia.com for complete and detail information, so don’t ask me.

Step 7

  • There is my favorite website where I usually get the uTorrent file; it is ThePirateBay.se. Actually, you could just visit the website right away and skip all the tutorials I mentioned above but there is one limitation you should face that you cannot make sure whether the uTorrent is the file you really need or not. You cannot see whether the file is already verified unless you do all the tutorials I mentioned above.

Step 8

  • Once you have entered the website, in this matter is ThePirateBay.se. Don’t get tricked because the DOWNLOAD button is bigger than GET TORRENT button. What you should click is the GET TORRENT button and not the DOWNLOAD button.

Step 9

  • Just a simply clicking to GET TORRENT button, the download is automatically started. You could wait some minutes to check whether the seeders and leechers work really well or not. If it is not, you should delete the file and find another one with seeds and peers that work well. With a note, that you have installed the software in your computer.

How Much Time You Should Spend to Download 
Well, my internet connection is in average speed and I just need around 1 up to 2 hours to download the file with size around 700MB.

Just give it a try and you will find that downloading the movie from uTorrent is not only fun and fast but also really easy because if somehow you need to pause the download you would always be able to do that and whenever you want to continue the download you just need to open your uTorrent and continue the download.