When Marketing Meets the Internet, They Call Them SEO

Have you heard the term ‘like a kid in a candy shop’? Well, this term is applicable when finally marketing world meets the internet. It seems like everything that marketing world has been looking for is available in the internet, from prospective customers, loyal advertisers, free campaign, cheap advertising and so on. Moreover, through internet technology is possible for you to sell your products to a person who lives next door and to a person who lives in the deep of Borneo, like me.

Speaking of internet marketing then the next thing that is coming up as the topic is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Generally, SEO is an effort to improve the visibility of websites or blogs to the search result. Well, do you ever wonder about how much people who are using search engine daily? If you are a math genius, you will try to calculate the possibility of those people who are using search engine and typing specific keyword that will lead them to your blog or website. However, with the right SEO technique, you don’t need to be a math genius to find out.

What is the meaning of the right SEO techniques, there are some broad classifications of SEO, but generally there are three types of SEO techniques; they are white hat, grey hat and black hat. What kind of techniques those are. Well, those classifications made based on the legality of the methods used in SEO for the need of marketing. SEO marketing methods that are considered to be white hat are those that are following the guidelines. The contents made are for readers and users. In other words, all the ranks reached in natural ways. However, methods that are considered to be black hat are those that are using methods that are totally disapproved by search engine. For example is, using auto ads click system, hidden text, and so on. Now, you have known which methods that are classified to be white hat and black hat and grey hat is the SEO technique that is combining those two methods.

So, what are the consequences if a website or blog that is discovered to use the black hat SEO technique? The consequences can be varying but in most cases, the blog or website will be banned, either for temporary or for good.

Actually, living in virtual world and living in real world is quite the same. You can work hard in real world to earn money and you have to work hard as well if you want to earn money from the internet. If you think that money is coming easy to you if you are working in the internet, then you should throw that thought away. Well, it is probably easier, but it is definitely not as easy as you think.


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