The Sixth Mission of New NASA Rover "Curiosity" to The Red Planet

Speaking of curiosity about the possibility of the Red Planet or Mars to ever ‘breath’ in the past, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is ready to launch a new Rover called “Curiosity” in order to continue the mission to find more information about the Red Planet.

This mission is actually the sixth mission. In this sixth mission, the new NASA Rover is completed with on board technology that enables the space ship to dig the hard core in order to collect samples to be analyzed whether Mars was ever beneficial for the life of microbe or not. There is always question when it comes to Red Planet because there are some evidences that lead to the fact that this planet was ever ‘breath’ but those evidences just not enough and for years NASA scientists have been striving to find the exact evidence.

The next question is what will happen if this new NASA Rover “Curiosity” is finally bringing the evidences that have been looking for? Well, no one will know the answer yet because it needs about 687 days or one year of Mars for this new Rover to reach the Red Planet. In other words, if the launching is based on the schedule, this new NASA Rover will be launched tomorrow, 24 November 2011 and will reach Mars around August 2012. So, if you want to know what “Curiosity” will get from the mission, you still have about nine months of curiosity.


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